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Facial Routine

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The realization of a Facial Routine daily it is essential for the care and preservation of the health of the face, so it is essential to perform a detailed but gentle cleansing, while applying a moisturizing product that will favor the preservation of healthier skin.

Products that are of quality and specific for skin care should be used, being chosen according to the type of skin and aimed at specifically improving the skin problem that you have.

In addition, it is advisable to use products that provide effective care to the skin of the face against harmful external elements such as the sun, heat, cold and air pollution.

Why do a Facial routine?

It is recommended to carry out a daily facial care routine in order to discard the remains of dirt, sweat, grease and makeup without drying the skin, while taking care of skin predisposed to acne, preserving its natural balance and improving its regenerative process.

The realization of a correct facial routine favors the preparation of the skin for the application of products that take care of the face, as well as the absorption of essential ingredients that generate effective results when applied to clean skin.

How is a night facial routine performed?

The night is considered as a beneficial moment for skin care, since while we sleep the effective regeneration of cells is generated and it is advisable to follow the following steps to generate better results:

  • Make-up remover: make-up that is applied during the day should be removed, while dirt that is on the skin should be removed, since it prevents the deterioration of the complexion and the blockage of the pores.
  • Cleansing: after removing the makeup it is essential to perform a deep hygiene, originating a double cleansing, which will generate as a result a more toned skin and prepared for the next steps.
  • Exfoliate: during the night the skin is repaired, so it is recommended to exfoliate once a week to discard dead cells and remove blackheads and imperfections, leaving the skin softer.
  • Hydrates: hydration is a step that can not be missed in the facial routine, being recommended the use of a specific product according to the type of skin.
  • Caution: the night routine may take some time, so you can add some additional step, such as applying a mask that provides a boost of hydration in oil format.

How is a mixed facial routine performed?

Currently there are products made for the care of the face that can be used in the same way for the day and for the night, which are designed specifically for each type of skin originating that it is more nourished and with better appearance.

Among the skin care products that can be used in a Mixed Facial Routine:

  • Cleansers and exfoliants: it is advisable to use products with soft components, which generate benefits both in the morning and at night, generating a rather subtle exfoliation that drags away dead cells.
  • Tonics: it is a step that can not be eliminated from the routine, since it prepares the skin for hydration, being recommended that it does not include alcohol, while refreshing and toning.
  • Moisturizers: there are serums, lotions, moisturizers and eye contours that can be used in a mixed way, so it can reduce stress, fatigue and favors the rest of the skin.

How is the Daily Facial routine performed?

For the Daily Facial Routine it is important the way and order in which it is done, being advisable to follow the following steps to generate the best results:

  • Cleaning: it is advisable to remove impurities from the skin since, during the night, the skin accumulates residues that must be discarded before applying makeup.
  • Use an eye contour: after cleansing the face it is recommended to apply a specific product for specific skin care around the eyes, since it is thinner and more sensitive requiring a product specially formulated for this area.
  • Bring your skin to life: a serum with an antioxidant effect leaves the skin luminous and ready for the whole day, causing a fight against photoaging and an increase in its vitality.
  • Moisturize your skin: it is essential to apply a facial cream for the day, being recommended those that include anti-aging assets and those that retain moisture for longer, while favoring its elasticity and firmness.
  • Sun protection: there are treatment creams that include UV protection with SPF. Although, you can also use a specific protector every day that can be applied as the last step of the Facial Routine.

How is the oily skin facial routine performed?

 Oily skin requires special care, in order not to generate more bait that causes the appearance of imperfections, so it is recommended:

  • Daily hygiene: it is essential to use neutral products and preserve the pH of the skin, being recommended to clean the face in the morning to discard the fat originated during and at night to remove makeup and traces of impurities.
  • Use of tonic after cleansing: moisturizing tonics are recommended, since the tonic usually removes the remains that remain on the skin after cleansing and have not been removed, while closing the pores providing freshness to the skin.
  • Moisturize the skin: it is important to use creams with moisturizing effect and this aimed at your age range, while the eye area should be moisturized to avoid the formation of such unsightly bags.
  • Exfoliate the skin: oily skin needs an exfoliation twice a week in order to remove impurities, fat and dead cells, causing the skin to be softer and brighter.
  • Application of sunscreen: this type of skin requires greater care since the fat originated by the skin generates a magnifying effect when exposed to the sun rays generating hyperpigmentation spots, being advisable to use a minimum protection factor of 30.
  • Use a weekly mask: the use of the mask should be done twice a week, once in the middle of the week and once during the weekend for best results.

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