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Facial Oils

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The Facial Oils are a product that have earned an important place in the routine care daily of many women, since their composition yields excellent results at the moment to keep the skin more supple and luminous.

This type of oil can be used for the care of dry skin, as well as oily skin, since it has an innovative composition that makes not-so-heavy, improve their absorption and not leave so many waste.

With its use does not generate an increase in the hydration, but that it favors their preservation and increase their nutrition, at the same time that it acts as an aid for them to penetrate the other active ingredients.

What is the Facial Oil?

The Facial Oil is a new presentation of cosmetic, since there are those of plant origin that has been created in the base oils of seeds or fruits that produce beneficial effects in the care of the skin.

In addition, there are those that are made with mineral oil, natural oil, which typically do not contain the features nourishing and moisturizing qualities that have vegetable oils and non-occlusive.

What are the benefits of a Facial Oil?

One of the main benefits of the oil for the skin of the face, it is that causes their results from inner layers of the skin with the aim of retaining the moisture and avoid generating dehydration.

  • With their use will generate more effective results than with any usual moisturizer.
  • Their texture in oil makes easier the absorption of its active components.
  • Promotes the benefits of cosmetics with treatment that we employ.
  • Has a composition quite subtle and expensive.
  • It is a product that is durable as it requires a reduced amount for the beauty ritual journal, since only three drops of oil is enough to moisturize the skin on your face and neck.
  • Their results are visible in the medium term.

Why use a Facial Oil?

The Facial Oil is a treatment with intensive effect that generates a deep care of the skin and can be used in several ways:

  • As a serum before your moisturizer.
  • As a night treatment.
  • As a booster when your skin requires a dose improved hydration, or luminosity

What are the false beliefs with respect to the Facial Oil?

One of the fears when to use the Facial Oil is that they usually have a texture quite unctuous feel uncomfortable in the face.

But, one of the features of the facial oils made specifically for the care of the complexion to base of plant components is that they have an improvement in the speed of absorption, when used in the right doses.

Another belief is that the use of oil to generate the appearance of acne or excess of sebum on the face. Although, the skins that tend to have problems of excess fat also require hydration and the absence of moisture can lead to problems of imperfections.

Being recommended for oily skin using facial oil made with natural components with the purpose of generating a balance in the secretion of sebum. Although, there are oils specifically designed for mixed skin or fat.

In addition, it is often recommended for the care of combination skin and fat, the use of cosmetic products without oils, but this type of tip is directed to the use of oils of mineral origin, that is, that are derived from petroleum.

Mineral oils often are comedogenic and do not favor the balance of the skin with problems of regulation of sebum.

What are the types of Facial Oil?

The major distinction of oils for the face is carried out by means of their origin, so that there are:

Vegetable Oil

It is the one that is made-to-base oils of fruits or seeds and that generates great benefits in the care of the skin, being the most high-quality which are extracted in cold and usually have a higher price than the mineral oil.

The oils extracted in cold tend to keep the same biological properties that gives the seed or the fruit, providing the same vitamins, the nourishing properties, protective, soothing and regenerating the skin.

In addition, they go very well on the skin, although the speed of absorption will depend on the type of essential oil.

Mineral Oil

Tend to have quite a low price, as they have been made from petroleum and is used as a component with effect for filler in large number of products because of its texture, oily, at the same time that does not include nutrients that can support the skin and can clog the pore.

How to select the Facial Oil?

Within the range of oils of plant origin are compositions directed to every skin type, whether oily, combination, dry, mature, sensitive, among others, at the same time that there is formulas made for all skin types.

If you need a facial oil for the care of oily skin it is recommended to use a formula of oil in dry, as this type has a texture that is less oily and provides greater comfort to the skin problems of fat.

If what is needed is a Facial Oil for dry skin, it is recommended that an oil with a texture oleica as olive, almond or argan.

In addition, according to the treatment to include the formula of the oil can be found facial oil anti-wrinkle, illuminator, for the day, for the night, multi-function, to the outline of the eyes, etc

How do I use the facial oil?

It is recommended to use Facial Oil for both day and night as a substitute for moisturizer or mixed in with this, according to the requirements of you have the skin.

Pour 3 to 4 drops in the palm of your hand and moisten both hands, then apply it directly on the face, being recommended that the skin is slightly damp for easier application and make its most rapid absorption.

At night, it can be applied after cleaning face as the last step after skin conditioning, or the night cream selected.

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