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The Facial Mask is a cosmetic product that is used in order to complement the daily beauty ritual in a simpler way, since it generates effective results in the care and improvement of the appearance of the skin.

There are different types of mask, which generate various benefits and adapt to each type of skin since they include actives that are required to collaborate with the improvement of the health of the dermis.

These products have been formulated in order to provide many benefits from the first application and only requires a few minutes, can be used in order to purify, moisturize or illuminate the face.

It is important to know what type of skin the mask is aimed at, since there are those designed for the care of sensitive skin, dry and dehydrated skin, or mixed-fat.

What is a Face Mask?

A Face Mask is a cosmetic product that usually has a creamy or pasty texture, so it is usually used occasionally on the skin of the face in order to generate an improvement in your health.

After being applied to the skin, it is left for a few minutes so that a layer or mask is generated, managing to originate its cleansing or repairing action, and then remove it.

There are numerous components in each mask, which can vary depending on the result that will generate, so there are some that are made from minerals or that include in their composition organic plant components.

What are the benefits of using a Face Mask?

There are many facial masks, which provide different benefits and effects, among which are:

  • Hydration: There are those that generate an improvement in the hydration of the skin, resulting in an increase in firmness and tension of the face, providing an increase in the level of moisture after being removed from the complexion.
  • Cleansing: this is one of the main actions by which it is used, since it generates a better hygiene of the skin and provides an improvement to the health of the face, causing a decrease in blackheads.
  • Soothing: it provides calm and repair to the skin after being exposed to various external agents such as sun, cold, heat, wind or water that can deteriorate the appearance of the face, decreasing the irritation that can arise in these cases.
  • Luminosity: it generates a purifying and nourishing effect, while providing a dose of oxygen that makes the skin of the face look much healthier and brighter.
  • It favors the action of other cosmetics: it improves the conditions of the skin, preparing it for the application of any cosmetic product so that it generates effective results in its care.

How to select a face mask according to skin type?

It is advisable to start selecting the mask according to the type of skin you have, taking into account that:

  • Dry skin: frequent use of masks that generate moisturizing effects.
  • Acne: it is recommended to use masks with purifying and soothing effect.
  • Skin with redness: it favors the application of a moisturizing and soothing mask.
  • Photoaged skin: it is recommended to use masks that contain components with antioxidant effects that illuminate and moisturize the skin.
  • Skin with spots: require the use of active components that match the tone of the skin.

In addition, in the market there is a large number of aromas, textures and effects, among which are:

  • Stick masks: it is intended for use in the comfort of home, so it has a bar format that is easier to apply on a specific area of the face.
  • LED masks: they are usually found in aesthetic centers and generate their results thanks to the emission of LED light with wavelengths to low intensity that favors the treatment of marks and scars.
  • Peel off masks: promotes the elimination of impurities and blackheads thanks to its gel texture that forms a thin film that when removed drags impurities from the skin.
  • Mud: they are usually used in order to provide a purifying effect, while intensely cleanses the complexion and moisturizes it.
  • Velo masks: they are made with cellulose and include a large amount of active ingredients, so they are placed on the face for approximately 15 to 20 minutes and then removed without rinsing.

How to use the Face Mask?

The benefits that originate the masks in each type of skin will be determined as a result of the active ingredients that include in its composition, so they are usually considered as a product that is used with some frequency and is not included in the daily care set.

The frequency of the application will change depending on the type of skin and the time of year in which it is, but its use is usually done between 1 and 2 times a week.

Dry skin tends to deteriorate more in winter so it is recommended to apply masks frequently at this time of year, but oily skin usually have numerous problems in summer and that is the time to apply them frequently.

It is important to know what type of skin you have in order to know at what time of the year intensify the application of this type of treatments to generate an improvement in the care of our face.

The effects caused by facial masks are usually better when the pores of the face are open, making it easier for the product to enter them and remove impurities and toxins.

It is advisable to apply the Facial Mask at the end of the day, being after 9 at night the right time for this, since at that moment the skin effectively begins its daily process of cell regeneration.

It is of great importance that when using a mask for the first time it is applied initially, in some isolated area of the face to determine if it generates any type of allergic reaction or problem.

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