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Facial Makeup Remover

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The use of Facial Makeup Removers is of great importance in the daily care routine, since it favors the conservation of a cleaner, brighter and more beautiful skin, so it is essential to use a product that adapts to our skin type.

This cosmetic product has a formulation that includes ingredients that can be used on the skin that is made up in order to remove makeup effectively, without attacking or deteriorating it.

It is advisable to clean the face twice a day, in the morning in order to discard the fat and toxins that accumulate on the face, which are generated at night; and at night for the elimination of makeup, creams and SPF applied in the day.

Why should Facial Makeup Removers be used before bed?

Throughout the night is done the process of natural regeneration of the skin, causing the repair and creation of new cells, so that if you retain the layers of makeup on the skin creates a barrier that prevents the regeneration of normal tissues.

At the same time that the obstruction of the pores and a higher possibility of acne arise, so that, when removing the makeup, the skin will renew the cells and the obstruction of pores is prevented, generating as a result a more luminous, hydrated and healthy skin.

What should be taken into account when choosing Facial Makeup Removers?

It is important to mention that a good cleaning product is one that can exclude from the skin all the dirt without generating deterioration in the hydrolipidic mantle, being essential that it adapts to our skin type, so it is recommended:

  • For oily skin: the application of cleansing gels and foams.
  • For dry skin: the use of a cleansing milk or a cleansing oil.
  • For sensitive skin: the use of cleaners that include Sodium Lauryl Sulfate in their composition should be prevented.

What types of Facial Makeup Removers are there?

There are different types of facial makeup removers, among the main ones are:

Cleansing milk

It is one of the most used products for facial care, as it can be used on dry or dry skin and those with superior sensitivity.

This product not only favors the elimination of makeup, but also provides a strong cleansing effect while hydrating and caring for the skin throughout the process, since it improves the nutrition of the skin while cleaning it.

In addition, it has softer components and generates less deterioration than other facial makeup removers. Although, it is not recommended for use in combination skin or oily skin, as it can generate a change in the natural production of sebum in the skin and cause unwanted shine.

Make-up remover balm

It is a balm that works as a condensed oil that dissolves upon contact with the skin, so it should be an essential product in the facial cleansing routine, since it collaborates with the hygiene and deep hydration of the skin.

It is made with oils in order to remove the remains of makeup, while discarding oily residues, sunscreens or sunscreens and everything that is of the same origin, originating excellent results in combination or oily skin.

Make-up remover wipes

The use of makeup remover wipes is recommended for those times when you want to remove makeup in a more comfortable and simple way, generating help in those times when we are tired after a busy day.

It is important to mention that this product generates a superficial cleaning, so it does not completely eliminate makeup, being advisable to wash the face with water after using them, since residues can remain that can generate irritation or dryness in the skin.

Biphasic Makeup remover

It has superior make-up removal properties to the products already mentioned, since it includes an aqueous phase that can be easily seen below and an oily phase that is located above, while differentiating by colors.

The oil phase has a lower density so it is located above the water base and floats on it. The components of its oily base favor the elimination of makeup that is waterproof, also known as waterproff.

Facial cleansing gel

It is a product that is characterized by generating a more intense cleansing, since it has components that cause an exfoliating effect that collaborates with the elimination of any type of impurities and dead skin cells.

With its use it generates a decrease in superficial fat, preventing the obstruction of the pores, moisturizes the skin and does not generate allergies, while it can be used in oily and combination skin.

In addition, it favors those skins with a tendency to suffer from acne because it uncovers the pores and prevents the multiplication of bacteria, while easily eliminating any type of makeup, even waterproff.

How are Facial Makeup Removers used?

To start it is recommended to wash the face using a mild soap that suits our skin type, in order to rule out pollution and large amount of makeup, and then follow the following steps:

  • Remove eye makeup: a specific product should be used for this area and for the lips, while you must remove water-resistant makeup to discard eye shadow, mascara and eyeliner, with the help of discs or cotton towels.
  • Remove make-up from the lips: a specific make-up remover should be used, and the same as for the eyes can be used.
  • Make-up remover face: when finishing with eyes and lips, the rest of the face should be removed using discs soaked with a gentle make-up remover, so the makeup that should remain should be superficial and will be easily removed.
  • Last step: after completing the makeup removal process it is advisable to clean the face again and apply a moisturizing treatment.

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