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Facial Care

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The realization of the Facial Care every day is central to the conservation of a good face to the long term and prevents arising out blemishes, wrinkles or dark spots, it is recommended to use products in accordance with your skin type.

The constancy in the daily care is of great importance for the conservation of a skin smooth, uniform and without imperfections, as well as the knowledge of the type of skin that we have with the purpose of knowing exactly the type of care that we have to perform.

In actuality, there are people that don't give the importance to the care of the face or it seems to them boring because they are many steps that have to be done and makes it very difficult to adapt to the hectic schedule of everyday life.

Do men also require Facial Care?

It is well known that the skin of the woman and the man are very different, but equally requires that you make a certain Facial Care Man to keep it beautiful and youthful look.

The male skin is more fat and hard, with or without a beard, so it is recommended to use facial products that have been formulated to men, but in the same way the skin requires a cleaning and preparation for the application of these products.

How should you perform the cleaning of the skin and Facial Care Man?

Before the use of any product is essential to the implementation of an effective cleaning in the area to generate an improvement in hydration and in this way generate the results for the application of specific treatments on the face.

Initially it is recommended to wash intensely the face using water and neutral soap, then rinse with plenty of cold water, originating as a result, an exfoliation that removes impurities from the face.

With this first step it is discarded from the dermis of the dead cells that are deposited every day as a result of environmental pollution.

With this cleaning is desobstruyen the pores of the skin and prevents the appearance of blackheads, at the same time that it prepares the skin for shaving.

To the men who like to shave every day and do not leave that display even a hair of the beard, it is recommended to use shaving foam to include formulas that improve the nutrition of the skin.

In addition, they should avoid components that dry the skin, generate scales and believe reddening by the friction of the blade, to prevent the hair follicle open to the air and become infected.

How will the Facial Care Man, if you have a beard?

Most of the men have beards, so that the hygiene of the face will limit the area that demarque skin and beard.

In the same way, it is recommended to perform a care specific to the area the hair with the purpose of not spoiling, using specific products for that area by separating the care of one area and another, without neglecting any of the two.

What is the importance of Facial Care Woman?

The realization of a routine for Facial Care Women is fundamental to the protection of the skin of the face before the wear and tear that causes every day as a result of their contact with the environmental pollution, UV radiation, makeup, among others.

It is important to give you the best care of the skin of the face, so it is recommended to perform a daily routine of facial beauty that will keep the skin beautiful, bright, fresh and young.

You should take into account that the face is our letter of introduction, so it is of great importance to the realization of a routine specifies that suits our skin type, using specific products that take care of it and protect it.

How should be the face hygiene feminine?

The realization of a basic cleaning using only water and soap is not enough for the hygiene of the full face, especially if this process is performed once a day.

It is important to remove impurities caused by pollution of the environment, the dust and excess fat.

Good hygiene generates a cleansing of the face by avoiding the appearance of the unpleasant blackheads and pimples, so it is recommended to use a facial soap or body cleanser suitable for your skin type we have.

In addition, you can use an exfoliating sponge conducive to the implementation of the soap or gel cleaner optimally in the face, it is recommended to use twice a day, in the morning and in the evening for a Facial Care Woman is optimal.

Do you have to apply hydrating products for the best Facial Care Woman?

With the aim of preserving the skin of the face hydrated need to apply a cream suitable for the type of skin you have, especially if you typically expose of how often the skin to the sun with the aim of preserving its softness and elasticity.

For mature skin or dry it is essential the application of a product that helps preserve moisture of the skin, it is recommended to one to keep the water in the epidermis, applying at least two times a day.

During the day the water in the skin decreases as a result of evaporation, making necessary the application of a cream during the day, to provide an effective care to the sun, pollution, environmental conditions, among others.

At night the skin makes activates the processes of repair, so it is recommended to use a moisturizer that suits your restoration, repair, regeneration and nutrition.

Do you have to apply products that will protect the skin from UV rays during routine of Facial Care Woman?

After the completion of the daily routine of Facial Care Woman should apply the sunscreen, which is essential when you are going to leave the house, because that takes care of the superficial layer of the skin from exposure to radiation and prevents the development of skin cancer.

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