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Extra strong polishes 40 g


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  • Using this fixing cream causes the denture to be perfectly fixed in the gum.
  • Prevents movement of the prosthesis to prevent friction and consequently sores.
  • Its neutral flavor is pleasant favoring that the breath is fresher.
  • Zinc is not found in its formulation.
  • Its application is totally safe, since its texture molds to all types of dental prostheses.

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Extra strong polishes 40 g it is an adhesive cream that has been created with the purpose of being applied in dental prostheses, its flavor is quite neutral and its components originate an extra strong fixation quite durable.

It helps to prevent food from being placed between the denture and the gums, thanks to the fact that it creates an extra strong fixation that prevents the denture from moving and multiple sores from arising in the gum area.

Properties of Polishes Extra strong 40 g

This adhesive cream has been specially formulated to generate greater fixation preventing instability of the denture during the day, so that the person who uses it can eat, talk and laugh without the anxiety of the denture moving.

It contributes to the recovery of the feeling of comfort and security, since it prevents injuries or irritation to the gums, as a result of its sealing effect that prevents food residue deposits from being generated.

Extra strong polishes 40 g it can be applied to both the lower and upper prostheses of the mouth avoiding infections and bacteria that cause bad breath or halitosis.

Its formulation is hypoallergenic and contains no dyes or preservatives, generating a healthy alternative to other denture creams that are composed of a large amount of preservatives.

This fixing cream has a texture that can be fractioned in reduced doses that favor the fixation and extraction of dentures, since it includes a greater power of apprehension that favors confidence and comfort that lasts for up to 12 hours.

With a single daily application the correct location of the denture is favored throughout the day, improving the fastening of the lower and upper parts.

How to Use Polegan Extra strong 40 g

To start it is recommended to clean and dry the dental prosthesis effectively and use a small dose of Extra strong polishes 40 g in small rows with a slight distance from the edges of the prosthesis.

It is of great importance to do a mouth rinse before placing the denture back in place. In addition, it is suggested to exert a little pressure while holding the prosthesis firmly, and then bite for a few seconds generating greater fixation in the mouth.

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