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Extra-Fine Angular Interdental Lacer 6 units


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Ultrathin Angular Interdental Lacer 6 units a simple way to hurry a measured and thorough oral cleaning, prevents food packages in unwanted gaps as well as avoid major periodontal and dental problems. Easy to use and carry by a discreet size. Removes bacterial plaque and cleans effectively .0.45 mm width

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Extra Fine Angular Interdental Lacer 6 units it is made with the purpose of providing greater cleaning in the interdental spaces, since these spaces are not reached by conventional brushes.

Brush 6 Units SuperFine it provides great protection against bacterial plaque, eliminating it completely, eradicating the appearance of periodontal diseases and bad breath, generating that the gums are healthy.

Its filaments prevent bacterial plaque from appearing and causes the eradication of the existing one, it is made with a stainless steel wire with which the appearance of dental sensitivity is prevented, also achieving the protection of the implants.

Benefits of the Extra-Fine Angular Interdental Lacer 6 units

Extra Fine Angular Interdental Lacer 6 units it is designed with the purpose of eliminating bacterial plaque, prevent the appearance of cavities, eradicate periodontal diseases and bad breath, thus achieving healthier gums.

  • It effectively prevents new bacterial plaque from being generated, as it prevents the proliferation of bacteria between the teeth.
  • It prevents the appearance of caries, as a result of the deep cleaning that originates in the interdental area.
  • Prevents periodontal diseases due to greater cleaning between the teeth.
  • It helps to avoid bad smell in the mouth.
  • Its angled head and extra-long handle that provide great access to the area of the interdental space preventing food debris from accumulating.
  • It efficiently helps to generate greater cleanliness in the interdental spaces that are very narrow.

Composition of the Extra-Fine Angular Interdental Lacer 6 units

Extra Fine Interdental Lacer Brush it is specifically designed to provide greater cleaning in interdental spaces where brushes fail to effectively eradicate bacterial plaque, cavities, periodontal diseases and bad breath.

Helping in this way to maintain good hygiene of both the gums and teeth and this because of its great composition, which include Tynex filaments, stainless steel wires and a non-slip handle.

  • Textured Tynex filaments: provide an increase in bacterial plaque eradication.
  • The stainless steel wire: it is covered with polyurethane to eradicate tooth sensitivity while, providing greater protection to people who have implants.
  • The handle of the brushes: they are bimaterial, thus achieving that at the time of being used it is easier to grip for the carrier.
  • Protective cap: Each brush includes a cap which offers more hygienic protection.

Indications of the Angular Interdental Lacer SuperFine 6 units

Extra Fine Angular Interdental Lacer 6 units it is a product that should be used in the interdental area, since it contains filaments of activated carbon that give a great cleaning capacity.

Extra Fine Angular Interdental Lacer 6 units it should be used by introducing it loosely, so that only the filaments of the brush are in contact with the teeth and not the wire, the movement of the brush must be from the inside out.