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Exerciser Pelvic Floor

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  • Intimina Routine kegel 3 weights
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    Intimina Routine Kegel 28 38 48 grams

    This is a complete pack of ejercitadores of the pelvic floor with 3 weights.The most advanced option to strengthen the soil.These ejercitadores Kegels, are made of silicone material.Promote muscle tone in the pelvic region of women.Recommended by specialists for after delivery.Recommended in women with urinary incontinence.

    36,95 € -5.4183% 34,95 €
  • Intimina KegelSmart Retriever Pelvic Ground
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    Intimina KegelSmart Retriever Pelvic Ground

    It is a toning of the pelvic floor.This is exercise smart Kegel.Ideal for toning after pregnancy.Designed for women.Features an ergonomic design.Measures the strength of your pelvic floor.

    99,95 € -41.2183% 58,75 €
  • Enna Pelvic Ball
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    Enna Pelvic Ball

    Enna Pelvic Ball a ball that provides support to the bladder, the uterus and the intestines. Weakened by the passage of time and loses its elasticity. Suitable for Pregnancy, childbirth, menopause, sport high-impact, obesity, chronic cough. Chinese balls that strengthen the pelvic floor with a soft and pleasant exercises. Great offer.

    39,95 € -27.5294% 28,95 €
Ejercitadores Pelvic Floor for improved muscle of the woman who has given birth, easy-to-use and highly recommended for the catch muscle tone in the perineal area
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