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Excilor it is a brand that favors the treatment of various skin infections, originated as a result of fungi and warts, since it has a range of products for external use that generate effective results.

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  • Excilor Nail Fungus Nail
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    Excilor Nail Fungus Nail

    Excilor Nail Fungus Nail treatment effective penetration immediate where you will notice the results from the first day. Only with apply is effective to show off some perfect nails, it is a varnish that tardaras just 1 minute to apply and you will be able to wear both in summer and winter nails splendid. Find it at the best price online.

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  • Excilor Antiverrugas 2-in-1
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    Excilor Antiverrugas 2-in-1

    Excilor Antiverrugas 2-in-1 a combination of cryo more gel in one innovative formula combined for use on hands and feet. you will need to apply the criogenesis the first day alone and the rest of the treatment that is 4 more days it will suffice to apply the ge treatment. in adult, 2 times per day and in children from 4 to 12 years old 1st time. you will...

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Its formulation reduces the unsightly and unhygienic problems generated by fungal infections, while preventing these infections from spreading, so it has a composition that has a proven effectiveness.

At the same time it has a presentation aimed at the fight against the unsightly and unhygienic condition caused by viruses to reduce warts, thanks to the combination of cryotherapy treatments and its gel texture.

How does Excilor benefit foot care?

This brand is aimed at the treatment of infections caused by nail fungus, since it has presentations that generate a lot of benefits in the care of this area of the feet.

It is an effective treatment that reduces infections known as onychomycosis, which results in the nail becoming thicker and brittle, so it has a yellowish hue.

This enamel generates an acidic environment and goes deep in a few seconds, preventing the development of the fungus without having to file the nail and generating visible results from the growth of the nail.

With its use, the mycosis that can be generated in the nails is eliminated, since this class of infections can be found inside the nail, causing its treatment to be more difficult to perform than in other types.

Its composition has been designed exclusively in order to rule out fungal infections of the nails, since it has a superior penetration, resulting in healthy growth.

It causes faster actions since it changes the pH level in the nail, causing a scenario that collaborates with the prevention of the multiplication of fungi and that this area continues to be damaged.

What are the active ingredients that Excilor uses?

In order to generate its excellent results in nail care and in the elimination of warts, this brand uses the following active ingredients:

  • TransActive Technology: penetrates and deeply treats the nail, while rapidly reducing the pH of the nail to generate unfavorable conditions for the development of the fungus.

  • Acetic acid: generates an increase in the penetration of active compounds.

  • Glycerol: captures water and prevents the nail from drying out, decreasing the chances of infection.

  • Lipids and biotin: they contribute to the preservation of the good health of the nail, lipids make it easier to join the cells found in the nail to prevent it from becoming brittle.

  • TCA-Active: made from trichloroacetic acid, melts the wart by coagulation of proteins by means of chemical induction.

Can people with diabetes use Excilor?

It is recommended that diabetic people who have foot problems consult their trusted doctor before starting this treatment against nail fungus, as it physically prevents the growth of fungal infection.

This product is responsible for lowering the pH value of the nail making it more acidic, since it has a mixture of acidic substances that go into the nail, causing a hostile environment to the fungi responsible for mycosis.

How long will my nail improve after using Excilor?

If it is applied correctly, in other words, twice a day on the nail you will notice the changes when it has grown back, as it will look normal and healthy, without spots and / or stains.

A nail usually grows about 1.5 mm per month, so when Buy Excilor and applying it frequently will cause the white or yellow spots of the nail to disappear and the current microorganisms, whether dermatophytes or fungi, will be eliminated.

Causing an improvement in the appearance and health of the fingernails or toenails, depending on where it is applied, which can take several weeks to eliminate all microorganisms.

As long as the nail polish is applied the healthy nail will grow and by cutting it regularly, the discoloration will gradually decrease.

How does Excilor Anti-Bugs work?

It is a medical product that can be used as an effective and fast-acting treatment for the elimination of common and plantar warts, since it has the union of two products in one, such as:

  • The cryotherapy package has a blue color and includes a freezing agent known as Cryo-Active.

  • The white gel applicator that features a treatment gel, which is the TCA-ActiveTM, which mixes cryotherapy with gel treatment in a single container.

These two treatments are frequently used in the treatment of warts and achieve faster results, since they generate their effects by means of rapid freezing of the center of the wart.

In addition, it causes the exfoliation of the infected skin, managing to eliminate the skin that has become thicker due to the wart and the virus that causes it.

Is Excilor Anti-Rust treatment painful?

The use of cryotherapy does not generate any kind of pain the first day of treatment when it is placed on the affected skin, but there are people who have felt a little discomfort or a brief stinging sensation.

Some patients have indicated that they have felt quite mild pain during and after treatment, especially between days 2 to 5, since minimal and short-lasting skin irritation has been generated.

How many warts can I treat at the same time with Excilor?

If this is the first time that this treatment is applied, it is advisable to use it on a single wart to evaluate the effect on the skin, if it does not generate any side effects, another wart can be treated, since any discomfort usually arises before 5 days.

If you have a large number of warts together and they are 1 cm apart or less, you should wait until the skin is normal before treating another wart.

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