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Eucerin is a brand of skin care, which was discovered more than 100 years ago. Being one of the trademark dermo-cosmetic more reliable, recommended by dermatologists and pharmacists to the care of the skin and maintain it healthy and beautiful. The experience of this brand is to provide customers with the best products for the care of the skin. Eucerin, as was mentioned above aims to protect your skin and keep it healthy, now and in the future. By offering innovative products, high quality and effective for your face and body.

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The Brand EUCERIN brand is the world's leading products for the care of the skin, offering a very wide range of products to dermo-cosmetics that meet all the needs that you have, being endorsed by dermatologists and pharmacists and recommended to keep skin beautiful and healthy.

Eucerin guarantee the reliability and efficiency high of innovative products that meet the standards dermatological higher, in addition to being combined with a superior tolerability to make consumers to feel good in your skin.

Products can be found in creams, anti-wrinkle, moisturizing, cleansing gel, sun protection, special soaps for every skin type, among others.

Product line of the Brand Eucerin

The Line of Cream Fluid a Day, for skin prone to redness: a line that is specially developed for skin with a tendency to redness reducing in 4 weeks the visible capillaries. Provides an Anti-Redness immediately, in addition to moisturize and protect

Aquaphor Ointment Repairman

for the chapped skin: she is an expert for the care of damaged skin. When skin is chapped or extremely dry and cracked, this line is able to help accelerate the regeneration of the skin. The products Eucerin Aquaphor have been clinically proven to support the regeneration of the damaged skin.

AQUAporin ACTIVE Body Care

for all skin types: it is responsible for the intense moisturization and long-lasting on the skin. The skin to be healthy, you need water, so this line uses the system's own moisture to give you the hydration you need. The line has Glucoglicerol that stimulates the creation of Aquaporins, and in this way improves the transport of moisture in the skin.

AQUAporin ACTIVE Facial Care

for sensitive skin and dehydrated, the skin to fulfil their roles effectively you need to water. A skin very hydrated is smooth, radiant and soft. When the natural barrier protective weakens, the skin becomes dehydrated and loses moisture, making the skin look dull, feels tight and making it responsive. The line AQUAporin ACTIVE is the one that improves the system's natural moisture of the skin, leaving it radiant, supple and smooth.

GIVES you Control, for irritable skin and dry

it is indicated for the daily care of dry skin and atopic, swollen and red. This line of products take care of your skin irritated and dry, as well as atopic skin during the different inactive faces, and when occurring outbreaks. Each one of these products dermocosmetico, have shown dermatologically and clinically to decrease the drying, the tension and the scales while relieving the itching, and all proved to be with atopic skin-compatible.

DermatoCLEAN, for all skin types

it has a range of facial cleansers that help your skin to breathe better. This line offers a complete solution to all skin types and needs, an innovative combination of natural ingredients that actively work to effectively remove makeup from the skin, while helping to maintain the balance of the natural moisture. Every skin that is cleansed as the line Clean, is clean, refreshed, ready for the regeneration, smooth & relieved

DermoCapillaire, to the problems of the hair and dandruff

all healthy hair, you have to have a healthy scalp. This line includes products for the hair and scalp which will relieve you of the microinflamaciones that are a trigger factor of problems like dandruff, dry scalp and itchy. The different treatments to the scalp as well as the shampoo, are able to restore the healthy balance of the same, taking care of your hair starting from the roots to the tips.


it is particularly suitable for enhancing the elasticity effect of filler anti-wrinkle, and in this way have a more radiant appearance and a firm skin. With the passing of the years, the structure of the skin changes, the wrinkles increase, loses radiance, elasticity, firmness and resistance, but the deep wrinkles and elasticity tends to be the factors of most concern to women about aging and mature skin. This line is specifically formulated to address each of these concerns and to counter the signs of age. Nurturing this way the skin delicate and fragile, strengthening its structure in a way that improves the elasticity and has a filling effect anti-wrinkle.

Hyaluron-Filler for wrinkles

It is able to fill in deep wrinkles without injections. With the aging of the skin, reducing the natural levels of hyaluronic acid, causing it to form deep wrinkles and expression lines, each one of the products in this range have been tested clinically, with different ingredients they increase the synthesis of Hyaluronic Acid itself of the skin. In the event that the wrinkles and lines of expression are the main cause of your aging concern, this line is perfect because it combines a powerful action plumping of wrinkles with a tolerability in the skin excellent.

Sun Protectionfor sun protection

gives you a sun protection of high level, strengthens the skin deeply. Any radiation that causes a visual sensation, you can be visible light it is, this can come from natural sources such as the moon and the sunlight, as well as from artificial sources such as tv, cell phone, computer, among others. This line is the one that provides you with ample protection against sun damage, protecting your skin from the visible light from anta energy, using selected active ingredients that have been clinically tested its tolerance and efficacy. There are products specially developed for babies, children and adults, as well as for different skin types, and skin for conditions such as allergy, solar, dry skin or oily skin with pimples.

The Benefits of the Cream Eucerin

  • With over 100 years in the market.

  • Dermatologically tested and with international fame.

  • Highly recommended by the specialists.

  • Soft texture that is absorbed quickly by the skin.