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Eucerin Ph5 Lotion 1000ml


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  • Moisturizing Lotion.
  • Lasting effect.
  • Suitable for sensitive skin.
  • Daily use.
  • Promotes elasticity.
  • Deep regeneration.

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Eucerin Ph5 Lotion 1000ml it is a lotion with moisturizing effect, made with soft ingredients, but of high efficiency, since its formulation has been designed to promote the resilience of sensitive and dry skin, while decreasing its sensitivity.

It includes an innovative system that preserves the pH balance thanks to its pH5 citrate buffer that restores and reactivates the optimal pH of the skin, while its dexpanthenol content, provides optimal regenerative properties

This lotion is enriched and presents a creamy, rich and nourishing texture in order to provide damaged skin with the basic components to restore it again; being indicated for sensitive and dry skin.

Why use Eucerin Ph5 Lotion 1000ml?

It is a lotion that generates a moisturizing effect that lasts longer, being recommended for use on sensitive skin daily in order to improve skin elasticity, take care of it before daily aggressions and prevent injuries.

It generates excellent benefits on the skin of children, on sensitive skin due to excessive hygiene, as a result of climate change, among others; as well as in special skin situations such as pregnancy, convalescence, age, etc.

With its use, intensive hydration is provided throughout the day thanks to its oil-water composition, which creates a wonderful feeling of freshness and comfort, while restoring and preventing skin aging and activating the skin's natural defenses.

How does Eucerin Ph5 Lotion 1000ml work?

This lotion has been formulated in order to provide the skin of the body with components with a moisturizing effect that cause a more intense regeneration:

  • Dexpanthenol or pro-vitamin B5: it is introduced into the epidermal basal layer resulting in the repair of damaged cells.
  • The pure vitamin E of a-tocopherol: originates an effective and powerful antioxidant result against free radicals.
  • Eucerin o/W emulsion: promotes hydration leaving a feeling of freshness and softness.
  • Citrate buffer: helps preserve the skin's pH level at 5.

What are the characteristics of Eucerin Ph5 Lotion 1000ml?

Eucerin Ph5 Lotion 1000ml it is a lotion formulated to improve the hydration of the skin as a result of its active ingredients that go into the epidermis in order to generate a better result.

  • Improves skin resistance while decreasing skin sensitivity
  • Restores and reactivates the optimal pH of the skin.
  • Provides multiple Regenerative qualities.
  • Ultralight texture that favors its absorption in a faster way.
  • Retains moisture and prevents potential Irritation.

Who is Eucerin Ph5 Lotion 1000ml indicated for?

This lotion has been formulated to be applied daily throughout the body in order to provide protection that lasts longer, while calming the skin and leaving it softer, can be used on sensitive and dry skin of adults and children from 3 years

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