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Eucerin Ph5 Enriched Lotion 1000 ml + 400 ml Promotion


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Eucerin Enriched lotion 1000 ml it is a body hydration lotion for very dry skin since it provides a degree more hydration than the normal eucerin lotion. Avoid dryness and eczema as well as itching derived from dry skin. It is a lotion for more dry and delicate skin that nourishes in quantity  Gift container of 400 ml as in photo

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Eucerin Ph5 Enriched Lotion 1000 ml + 400 ml Promotion it is a pack that includes two lotions that have been enriched with components that favor sensitive and dry skin, giving them an extra hydration.

Additionally, with its frequent use the regeneration of the epidermal layer is achieved without damaging the skin, since it does not include ingredients that are aggressive so they can be used in skins with allergic tendency.

They have been tested through clinical studies that have demonstrated and confirmed their effectiveness and tolerance for all skin types, including those that are deteriorated; it has been confirmed that their results are long-lasting, retains hydration up to 24 hours after application.

Benefits of Eucerin Ph5 Enriched Lotion 1000 ml + 400 ml Promotion

This pack includes two Eucerin Ph5 Enriched Lotion they have a light texture, causing it to be absorbed quickly in order to relieve and rehydrate the skin in a fairly efficient and lasting way.

They can be used to protect sensitive and dry skin; including skin suffering from allergies, as this Eucerin lotion invigorates the protective barrier, while regenerating and strengthening the skin.

Its formulation has been specially developed to take care of the skin's natural defenses, while taking care of the skin's natural enzymes and fortifying its protective acid mantle.

It is important to mention that its great efficacy and tolerability in the skin is clinically proven, including in skins that are previously deteriorated.

Composition of Eucerin Ph5 Enriched Lotion 1000 ml + 400 ml Promotion

In the formulation of this lotion Eucerin the content of dexpanthenol, mixed with glycerin and pH5 citrate buffer is emphasized in order to restore, care for, moisturize and remove the remains of dead cells while strengthening the natural protection of the skin:

  • Dexpanthenol or vitamin B5: causes greater hydration and elasticity in the dermis, since it restores and repairs damaged skin, while visibly decreasing the symptoms of dryness or irritation such as flaking, redness or roughness.
  • The pH5 citrate buffer: helps restore the natural pH of the skin, generating greater care in the dermis against irritations while restoring its protective mantle.

This component helps to eliminate the remains of dead cells found in the skin collaborating in the disappearance of flaking in the outer layer of the epidermis.

  • Glycerin: provides extra hydration that this type of skin needs so much.

Characteristics of Eucerin Ph5 Enriched Lotion 1000 ml + 400 ml Promotion

With its frequent use it helps to avoid weakening the natural functions of the skin in order to prevent the alteration of the hydration balance and skin dryness, preventing the symptoms of sensitive or damaged skin from originating.

  • It causes hydration that can last longer in sensitive skin.
  • It has a pleasant texture, causing it to penetrate easily into the skin in order to provide greater softness and comfort.
  • It includes a pH similar to that of the skin that collaborates in the conservation of the acid mantle of protection against the multiplication of microbes and harmful alkaline agents.
  • It activates the natural defenses and is perfectly tolerated by the most sensitive skins.