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Lip Balm Eucerin 4.8 g


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  • Lipstick format.
  • Care and protect the lips.
  • Treat rough and cracked skin.
  • Contains dexpanthenol and vitamin E.
  • Suitable for sensitive lips.
  • 4.8 g format

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Eucerin Lip Balm 4.8 g it contains a formula that favors the protection of the lips, while providing superior care to sensitive lips thanks to its content of dexpanthenol and vitamin E.

It creates a sense of calm, while hydrating and caring for the lips in the face of deterioration caused by external factors, so it is recommended that it be applied regularly to generate effective and fast relief.

It contains in its formulation SPF 15 to provide superior protection to the lips against deterioration caused by the sun.

Why use Eucerin Lip Balm 4.8 g?

It is a lip protector that includes a formulation that cares for and protects the delicate skin of sensitive, dry and cracked lips thanks to its content of Dexpanthenol, vitamin E and Sun Protection Factor 15.

Its components provide calm, hydration and protection of the lips against different external factors such as exposure to UV rays and low hydration, thanks to its high effectiveness and skin tolerability that are clinically proven.

What are the active ingredients of Eucerin Lip Balm 4.8 g?

It is a protector formulated for the lips with an excellent efficacy and tolerability of the skin, which are clinically proven since it includes:

  • Dexpanthenol: it comes from pantothenic acid and is a highly moisturizing and effective ingredient, since it improves the hydration of the outer layer of the skin, decreases the transepidermal loss of water, retains its softness and elasticity.
  • Bisabolol: provides a soothing power, prevents and treats irritations and redness, while providing anti-inflammatory properties, prevents deterioration generated by free radicals and restores skin well-being.
  • Vitamin E: generates an antioxidant effect, decreases oxidative stress by countering reactive free radicals.
  • Natural lipids: favors dry and sensitive skin, providing protection against external agents and prevents excessive water loss
  • SPF 15: provides effective care against deterioration caused by the sun's rays.

Why should lips be protected?

It is of great importance to include in the daily beauty routine a lip protector that contains a Lip Sun Protection Factor. In addition to using it every day, it should be reapplied every two hours in order to generate constant protection.

It is ideal to use a lip protector that includes antioxidants and an SPF to improve natural moisture and prevent the skin of the lips from splitting and drying out. Being recommended an FPS of 15 or more to generate superior protection.

Who is Eucerin Lip Balm 4.8 g for?

Eucerin Lip Balm 4.8 g it has been designed for especially sensitive lips as it cares for and protects rough lips and that crack easily to external factors such as exposure to the sun, cold, wind, temperature changes, among others.

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