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Eucerin Hand Cream 75ml + 75ml Duplo Promotion


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  • It is a pack of cream for hands with sensitive and dry skin.
  • These creams have a soft texture, which prevents and treats drying hands.
  • Includes neutral pH5 that provides greater care that lasts longer.
  • It collaborates with the skin in restoring its natural function as a protective barrier.
  • Its presentation is made asduplo, which includes 2 units of 75 ml each an excellent price.
  • Its components generate a great tolerance to sensitive skin.

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Eucerin Hand Cream 75ml + 75ml Duplo Promotion it has been specially developed to be used on the hands, since its pH5 generates greater protection that can last up to 18 hours avoiding and treating skin desiccation.

Its neutral pH5 collaborates with the restoration of the skin improving its natural work of protective barrier antediversas aggressions in an effective way, since its results are clinically proven.

It includes among its components pH5 EnzymerProtection, citrate pH5, dexpanthenol and glycerin that favor the natural system of defenses of the skin and boost the natural enzymes of the skin collaborating with the protective barrier and the water supply of the skin.

Features of Eucerin Hand Cream 75ml + 75ml Duplo Promotion

This pack of hand cream generates a wonderful regenerating taste of the skin, while providing results that last longer, with excellent skin tolerability that has been clinically proven.

  • It is presented in a pack that includes two units of 75mlcada one.
  • It is a hand cream with a fairly soft texture.
  • Its components help to soften and care for skin of hands from drying for longer.
  • Its protection lasts for up to 18 continuous hours, generating lasting care.
  • Its regenerative results are quite effective.
  • Its neutral pH is compatible with that of the skin.
  • It favors the skins that present some type of previous deterioration.
  • It is recommended to apply to sensitive and dry hands.
  • It helps to make the skin more resistant and less sensitive to various external agents, such as cold and moisture.

Eucerin Active Ingredients Hand Cream 75ml + 75ml Duplo Promotion

Eucerin Hand Cream 75ml + 75ml Duplo Promotion it includes in its composition pH5 EnzymeProtection, which when mixed with pH5-Eucerin Citrate Buffer and other mild surfactants protect the acid mantle of the skin.

The continuous use of these creams strengthens its protective barrier effect, thanks to the fact that they include components such as glycerin, lactic acid, cetyl alcohol, glycerin monostearate and hydrogenated coconut glycerides.

Additionally, it includes dexpanthenol which is a quite effective active supplement that reactivates the regeneration of the skin while providing strength every day to the natural protective barrier.

Its excellent formulation helps restore the optimal pH of the skin, reducing moisture loss, preventing skin irritation and helping to relieve wounds.

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De las mejores cremas de manos que he probado, muy nutritiva.
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