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Eucerin Dermopure Micellar Water 200 ml


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  • Refreshing solution.
  • Includes APG complex.
  • Remove makeup.
  • Cleanses the skin.
  • Effective tonic.
  • Extra soft.

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What is Eucerin Dermopure Micellar Water 200 ml?

Eucerin Dermopure Micellar Water 200 ml it is a product developed as a solution that refreshes the skin and has been created based on APG Complex, in order to remove makeup, cleanse and tone effectively but gently the face.

It does not contain alcohol, removes makeup from the eyes and face satisfactorily, is soluble to water, does not generate irritations, nor alters the natural moisture barrier of the skin, at the same time that it is uy fast and simple to use.

With its use it prepares the skin for the application of any topical treatment for acne or to improve hydration, in addition, it has been tested and tested certifying that it is compatible with the skin and eyes.

What are the benefits of Eucerin Dermopure Micellar Water 200 ml?

With its use it generates an effective cleansing and relief on the skin, improving the feeling of softness and preparing the skin for the application of various face care products.

  • It is ideal to be used in conjunction with medical treatments against acne.
  • Its components generate excellent results in oily skin prone to acne or to preserve impurities.
  • Cleanses without irritating or altering the skin's natural hydration.
  • Provides an immediate feeling of freshness.
  • Lightweight soap-free formula for a smoother clean.
  • Does not dry out does not deteriorate the normal hydration of the skin.
  • Suitable for all face including eyes.
  • Suitable even for contact lens users.
  • Formulated with a pH 7.4, the optimal pH for the eye area.
  • Non-comedogenic and non-acnegenic.

Who is Eucerin Dermopure Micellar Water 200 ml indicated for?

Eucerin Dermopure Micellar Water 200 ml it is a recommended product for makeup removal and cleansing of oily skin with imperfections, since it generates actions against excess sebum and other factors that contribute to the appearance of acne.

With its use a successful care of oily skin is generated, leaving it softer, smoother and free of impurities in a fairly gentle way that does not generate any damage to the skin.

How should Eucerin Dermopure Micellar Water 200 ml be used?

It can be used in the morning and at night applying with the help of a cotton and gently rubbing on the eyes, skin and neckline; it is recommended to use a new cotton for each application and repeat until the cotton comes out clean.

You can then apply the right care products for your skin type, as this micellar water causes an intense and efficient cleansing of the skin, but in a gentle and respectful way.

Clears pores to remove deposits of impurities, discards and prevents excess sebum and dirt, favoring the cleansing of the skin especially in the T-zone and other difficult areas of the skin prone to develop blackheads, pimples, etc.

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