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Enna Sterilizer Container


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  • Promotes sterilization.
  • Help her transport.
  • It has a new composition.
  • Includes an antimicrobial additive.
  • Suitable for menstrual cups.
  • Presentation of 1 unit.

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What is Enna Sterilizer Container?

Enna Sterilizer Container it is a product specially developed with the purpose of sterilizing and transporting the menstrual cup, includes an improved presentation thanks to its composition that contains a new antimicrobial additive based on silver.

With its use it favors the realization of the hygiene of the menstrual cup in order to collaborate with its conservation in perfect condition for a great amount of time, preventing it from absorbing odors and collaborating with its hygiene.

It helps to eliminate all those particles that are in the air and that between each cycle adhere to the cup avoiding the appearance of infections.

What is Enna Sterilizer Container for?

This container has been designed with the purpose of collaborating with the hygiene and sterilization of the menstrual cup, resulting in an improvement in its duration and an increase in the safety it provides to the intimate area.

Its design has been thought to be acquired in those moments when it deteriorates or when it is forgotten somewhere, avoiding that other articles are used for the realization of the hygiene of the cup.

It is made with silicone so it has a foldable and very soft structure, while it favors the disinfection of the menstrual cup regardless of its size and can be included in the microwave without deteriorating, since it always retains its structure.

In addition, during its preparation it has been applied an antimicrobial additive based on silver that favors the elimination of bacteria, fungi, viruses and protozoa, so this component generates excellent results in the care of the cup.

This component prevents microorganisms from multiplying in the sterilized container and moving to the cup at the time of its hygiene.

Who is Enna Sterilizer intended for?

It has been designed with the purpose of being used by those women who require a product that favors the hygiene and transport of menstrual cups, achieving sterilization in a fairly simple way.

At the same time it becomes a container to keep the cup when it is not used, preventing it from deteriorating and coming into contact with substances that may decrease its useful life.

How to use Enna Sterilizer Container?

To start it is recommended to place the menstrual cup within Enna Sterilizer Container and it must be filled to the mark that is on the inside of the container, and then close the lid leaving it a little open.

Then, it is placed inside the microwave at 700w until the water begins to boil, this will be in an approximate of 3 minutes and is removed from the microwave very carefully to not generate burns on the skin when doing so.

Similarly, when placing the cup you can pour boiling water inside the container and wait 60 seconds, then empty the water inside placing it upside down and letting it dry in the reverse position.

Composition of Enna Sterilizer Container

Medical grade silicone.

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