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Enna Menstrual Cup

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  • Enna Cycle Menstrual Cup S Applicator 2 Units Enna Cycle Menstrual Cup S Applicator 2 Units
    Enna Cycle Menstrual Cup S Applicator 2 Units

    Enna Cycle Menstrual Cup S Applicator 2 Units with applicator for those that prefer to use it because it's so easy as a tampax. It is produced in spain and is made of silicone tolerated by the body. Very easy to use and very cost effective. The monetize in 4 months, and then it is savings. With box esterilizadora that makes it easier to use.

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  • Enna Cleaner Gel 50 ml
    Enna Cleaner Gel 50 ml

    Enna Cleaner Gel 50 ml gel cleaner accessories at the best price, respects the physiological ph and contains no dyes, or parabens or soap. This is made with chamomile, which is an inhibiting natural and respects the acid ph of your skin and mucous membranes of the genital. Just take a gottas on our article, rub and make soap and after washing and drying,...

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  • Enna Lubricant Gel 50 ml
    Enna Lubricant Gel 50 ml

    Enna Lubricant Gel 50 ml is a true add-in to lubricate the areas most intimate of women, ideal for the outer area is rich in vegetable glycerine but aloe vera to take care of your skin while respecting your ph. Eco-vaginal and its acidic Ph. It is recommended to apply on the enna pelvic ball or any other ball of strengthening pelvic as well as chinese...

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  • Enna Cycle Starter Kit Enna Cycle Starter Kit
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    Enna Cycle Starter Kit

    Contains two menstrual cups size S. Includes an intimate gel and applicator. It does not change the vaginal pH. Can be used for up to 12 hours. It is made with liquid medical silicone. It's softer and softer.

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  • Enna Cycle Menstrual Cup L 2 Units Enna Cycle Menstrual Cup L 2 Units
    Enna Cycle Menstrual Cup L 2 Units

    Enna Cycle Menstrual Cup L 2 Units a menstrual cup with more capacity and with the security of having a thread for easy removal. manufactured in spain are dermatologically tested and include two units in addition to box esterilizadora for easy cleaning and easy.

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  • Enna Cycle Menstrual Cup M Applicator 2 Units Enna Cycle Menstrual Cup M Applicator 2 Units
    Enna Cycle Menstrual Cup M Applicator 2 Units

    Enna Cycle Menstrual Cup M Applicator 2 Units the intermediate size of cup to those middle-aged women having already had a natural birth, with box esterilizadora is the perfect complement for the care of the rule because it is discrete and has a thread that can be very useful for extraction.

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  • Enna Cycle Menstrual Cup S 2 Units Enna Cycle Menstrual Cup S 2 Units
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    Enna Cycle Menstrual Cup S 2 Units

    Enna Cycle Menstrual Cup S 2 Units a menstrual cup with box esterilizadora Enna cycle is manufactured in Spain with silicone biodegradable medical-grade, fully compatible with the agency since it does not generate any adverse reaction. Diameter 38 mm Capacity 17 ml. NO CHEMICALS. SIZE S.

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  • Enna Cycle Menstrual Cup M 2 Units Enna Cycle Menstrual Cup M 2 Units
    Out of stock
    Enna Cycle Menstrual Cup M 2 Units

    Enna Cycle Menstrual Cup M 2 Units with thin yarn out, and with different capabilities, make this drink the perfect complement. You can choose whether or not you want to applicator as well as the different capabilities depending on your flow needs, your work or the activities they perform. SILICONE TESTED DERMATOLOGICAMENTE

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  • Enna Cycle Applicator Size S Enna Cycle Applicator Size S
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    Enna Cycle Applicator

    enna cycle applicator, easy to use, similar to a tampax to ensure the perfect placement of the menstrual cup enna cycle, with the quality of the Spanish production is the monthly in your bag to prevent menstruation disturb your daily life.

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  • Enna Pelvic Ball
    Out of stock
    Enna Pelvic Ball

    Enna Pelvic Ball a ball that provides support to the bladder, the uterus and the intestines. Weakened by the passage of time and loses its elasticity. Suitable for Pregnancy, childbirth, menopause, sport high-impact, obesity, chronic cough. Chinese balls that strengthen the pelvic floor with a soft and pleasant exercises. Great offer.

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  • Enna Sterilizer Container
    Out of stock
    Enna Sterilizer Container

    Promotes sterilization. Help her transport. It has a new composition. Includes an antimicrobial additive. Suitable for menstrual cups. Presentation of 1 unit.

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It is a choice that generates a lot of benefits and provides greater effectiveness than compresses or tampons, while providing superior comfort and is quite simple to use.

It is a container that is placed in the vagina during menstruation in order to store menstrual flow, so the contents remain inside the cup until it is removed from the vagina and the fluid is removed.

It generates a lot of benefits, since it prevents the appearance of dryness related to tampons, does not include chemical substances, is ecological and does not generate changes in the vaginal pH.

What are the benefits of using the Enna Cycle Menstrual Cup?

The Enna Cycle Menstrual Cup it has a very practical, comfortable and safe system to place, it is very simple to know if it is located in the right place, and it has a system that makes it easier to find and remove it.

It has a design that provides greater comfort, softness and success in its placement, includes a cord that is not a handle, but is used as a guide to reach the base, eliminate the vacuum and remove the cup in an easier way.

In addition, it includes a sterilizer for the realization of the hygiene of the cup and has a system that favors its emptying avoiding that you burn when using it and its applicator favors its placement properly and in just one movement.

Its material is quite soft, since it has been made using liquid medical silicone to provide greater flexibility so that it can be folded easily to introduce it into the vagina

It favors the reduction of suffering diseases such as candidiasis, cystitis or vaginosis, while preventing the appearance of milder problems such as dermatitis, vulvovaginitis or dryness in the area.

In addition, it is a more sustainable and environmentally friendly product, while favoring the conservation of the health of the body and favors the saving of a large amount of money.

What makes the Enna Cycle Menstrual Cup different from other cups?

The Enna Cycle Menstrual Cup it is a quite innovative product since it has an applicator that makes its use and handling easier. Meanwhile, that your thread collaborates and makes it easier to remove while you can locate it in an easier way.

It has a superior capacity that favors its use for up to 12 hours and includes a sterilizer box that collaborates with its cleaning whenever it is required and collaborates with the conservation of a superior degree of hygiene.

Why use the Enna Cycle Menstrual Cup?

The Enna Menstrual Cup it is the result of a large amount of research aimed at improving comfort and hygiene during menstruation, while generating a decrease in the risk of bacterial vaginosis infections.

It has been developed to not generate allergies, or cause irritations, becoming the main option of a large number of women in many countries and originating multiple Enna Menstrual Cup Reviews positive.

These cups went from being made of silicone, which was a material quite uncomfortable by medical silicone that provides greater comfort and is bio-healthy, resulting in how it turns out that it becomes a pleasant situation for women.

This article can be used by women in the short, medium or long term, at the same time that it can be used alone or in combination with other usual methods, such as the tampon or the compress, since it generates the following Enna Menstrual Cup Reviews:

  • It favors the conservation of the environment.
  • It does not include any toxic substances.
  • It has a superior duration and feeling of freedom.
  • It is cheaper than traditional methods:
  • It does not generate bad odors and collaborates with feminine hygiene.
  • Provides greater protection.
  • They do not generate aesthetic problems, since it is invisible.
  • Collaborates with the knowledge of menstruation and the female body.

How to place Enna Cycle Menstrual Cup?

In order to make its introduction easier, it is recommended to fold the menstrual cup in the form of V, C or S and place it inside as if it were a tampon, so that then the cup opens and adapts to the inside of the body.

You can also use the applicator for your help, especially if you are using any of the sizes S and M, or for the first time.

To use the applicator you must fold the cup in a V-shape and place it in the applicator leaving the thread inside, placing the applicator in a free area of fold, and then insert the applicator until the mark where the fingers are placed.

Finally, remove the applicator very carefully so that the cup opens remaining inside and is located correctly.

How often should the Enna Cycle Menstrual Cup be emptied and sterilized?

It can be kept for up to 12 hours and can be kept throughout the night, while having glasses sterilize after menstruation and before starting with the period.

Place the cup inside the box and fill it with water until indicated by the mark and cover leaving a side with a small opening, then introduce it in the microwave for 3 minutes.

Then the water is removed and left in the box until it dries, to proceed to store it in its container.

How do I know what my Enna Cycle Menstrual Cup size is?

There are three sizes for this menstrual cup S, M and L; which must be chosen according to the characteristics detailed below:

  • Size S is recommended for children under 18.

  • For people between 18 and 35 years old who have not had deliveries or who have performed cesarean section, S or M is recommended and if you have had natural birth, M or L is suggested.

  • For over 35 years without deliveries you can use the size M and if you have had natural birth or cesarean section the size M or L. S

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