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Enfamil is the formula for the babies, which has the function of supporting their achievements, and that are crafted and individually to nurture and develop the brain. It is inspired in the nutrition that provides the breast milk, therefore this product is designed for the pediatric nutrition through the development of products that are safe, of high quality and innovative which will help in the nutrition of children, prenatally to the childhood. And for their development has been carried out extensive research on the breast milk, so that such products are the most similar to breast milk for the newborn.

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Stages of the nutrition of Enfamil

? Newborns: Because that in the first 2 years of life, the baby's brain develops rapidly nutrition is quite sensitive so that many experts consider to be important and relevant that the baby has DHA during this critical time. DHA is a fatty acid that acts as an essential element for the brain of the infant and Enfamil® Newborn (Baby) has this nutrition to the brain that is important for the development of the baby, so that is the no. 1 brand recommended by pediatricians
? Babies: as the babies grow and develop, achieve new achievements and becoming more complex. And to be able to maintain a good level of development we will be able to find Enfamil® Infant (Baby) has DHA, which as mentioned previously is a fatty acid recommended by experts because that is quite important for the development of the baby's brain.
? Childs: With time, the achievements of your child are becoming more complex which are driven by the areas of cognitive, motor, social and communication of the brain. To do this we find Enfagrow® Toddler Transitions™ that contains a formula specially made to help in the development and your child to achieve their accomplishments, which contains DHA
? Older children: In the case of the older children we will be able to find Enfagrow® Toddler Next Step™ powder is specifically designed to help ensure that children get good nutrition according to their needs and their tastes change. Like the other products it also contains DHA to part iron, with the purpose of supporting a brain growing. This blend of dual prebiotics natural defense, is designed to take care of the digestive system of your child, together with 20 other nutrients
? Formula for Problems, Digestives: This type of formulas Enfamil® in addition to care for and cure the digestive problems of your son that's what we are made, we also will provide nutrition for your brain
? Vitamins and Electrolytes Oral Enfamil: In the event that you're breastfed these electrolytes and vitamins act as nutritional support for your baby, or if your child is in transition to solid foods.

What contains Enfamil?

? Choline and DHA: which are nutrients important enough brain. So help support achievements early as the focus and the smile
? It will also contain a mix of protein, easy enough to digest, modeled as a mother's first milk
? In addition to a vitamin D level is designed with the specific aim of ensuring that your baby gets the amount recommended by the experts and pediatricians
? Finally a blend of dual prebiotics natural defense, with the purpose of helping to support the body's natural defenses to your baby

Benefits of Enfamil

? Help the nutrition of babies and children
? Provides nutrition brain
? Protects the digestive system of children
? Allows kids to develop new achievements
? Help the children to grow up strong and healthy
? It is important for the development of the infant

Instructions for the preparation and use of Enfamil

The health of the baby depends on the care they have for the preparation of your food, so you must follow the indications below:

1. You should maintain proper hygiene, preparation, dilution, use and storage are important when preparing formula for babies.
2. Infant formulas come in powder, are not sterile and should not be given to babies who are premature or one of those babies that can present problems, immune, it must be provided when indicated by the physician assesses the baby.
3. It is recommended to ask your doctor which is the most appropriate formula for the baby. 4. 4. You should also consult the doctor who attends to the baby if you can use boiled water and then cooled to the mixture and if it is necessary to boil in water all the utensils used for the preparation of the food to the baby, such as: the bottles and sippy units of the pacifier before use.

Procedure for the preparation of Enfamil

? You must wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water before preparing formula.
? They proceed to pour the amount of water that you want in the bottle.
? We proceed to add the powder.
? They cap the bottle and shake.
Warning for the use of the product Enfamil:
? It is not necessary to heat formula in a microwave oven as this may cause serious burns.
? If you do not comply with the instructions may occur serious damage.
? Once that has been prepared, infant formula can rapidly damage.
? You must give the formula of the drink immediately, or refrigerate to 35-40°F (2-4°C) not more than 24 hours.
? If the formula has not been used and has been out of refrigeration for more than two hours, you should not be providing the drinks.
? It is not recommended to freeze prepared formula.
? After the start of the feeding formula should be used prior to that to pass an hour, but must be throwing it out.
? To store the powder cans should be stored at room temperature.