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It is an innovative line tensioning and firming of intense action anti-gravity that fight clinically against sagging skin and photoaging state-of-the mature skins, or dried.

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It is an innovative line tensioning and firming of intense action anti-gravity that fight clinically against sagging skin and photoaging state-of-the mature skins, or dried.

Endocare® Tensage is developed with the technology SCA Biorepair Technology, and Tensderm, an expert active firming. The synergistic action of the new and powerful agent Tensderm firming action, is going to intensify and highlight properties of the Technology SCA suitable for combat effective and scientifically, the signs of loosening skin that ensure a significant recovery of firmness and elasticity loss, as well as a deep nutrition.

The Technology Tensderm is provided an innovative combination of Phytoestrogens assets and Calcium:

Phytoestrogens assets of Soy: Are chemical substances that possess a similar structure to estrogen, and provide the skin a very positive effect, which can provide an important biological action.

Stimulate the metabolic activity of the fibroblasts encouraging the cohesion between the cells of the epidermis, providing a tightening effect that gives the clamping of the tissue.

The dermis increases its resistance and elasticity, and the skin adopts a more firm and toned, which translates into a skin with more clamping, and voltage.

Calcium: it Is a fundamental element for the skin to look healthy, strong and hydrated because it has an important role in the renewal and regeneration of the dermis.

In collaboration with the phytoestrogens, is involved in the activation of cell metabolism, being essential in various reactions that favor the synthesis of proteins of support, such as elastin, fibronectin, or collagen.

This trace mineral fortifier, you get both the supporting fibers such as collagen weakened by the passage of the years is to get a higher resistance and an extracellular matrix renewed and resistant to the effect of gravity

At the ripe old age impairs the ability of absorption of Ca, causing the weakening and the dehydration of the skin, therefore it is highly desirable to the use of formulations that provide this mineral.

Not only is it important for the Calcium in mature skin, but also in those who are younger but-type dry or very dry, due to the Calcium, has an action nutrient in favour of the biosynthesis of lipids in the epidermis and in association with the nourishing action of the soy, gives as a result that the Technology Tensderm provides a skin hydrate, plump and elastic.

The products of the online Endocare® Tensage owns shares more intensive and a higher concentration of active anti-aging for oily very demanding and in need of activities of higher power. The line consists of Endocare® tensage cream and Endocare® tensage serum.

Endocare is a cosmetic line quite full that offers dermatological products with a power of skin regeneration anti-age is quite high, especially designed to meet the specific needs of the skin.

All of this is because it is made with a technology-based growth factors patented, which will regenerate and repair the structure of the skin at the dermal level, being used this cosmetic line in the treatment of aging and as an adjuvant to dermocosmetic techniques which are performed in the query dermatologicas.

This technology helps to increase firmness and elasticity of the skin, favoring the reduction of expression lines

Source Endocare

Endocare is born of a set of research activities carried out with the aim of regenerating those skins battered and damaged by the irradiation, searching for various natural substances that could regenerate and repair those burns caused by ionizing radiation during cancer treatments.

To which is joined with the time two other technologies where we find: SCA, whose technology is rich in growth factors, and the IFC, which aims to activate the stem cells that are found on the skin,
Technology SCA

It is a technology that is new and at the same time is exclusive of Endocare which is created motivated by the great concern that I felt the doctor Rafael Abbot, because he observed that his patients went through a lot of suffering when they were subjected to radiation, which will cause burns severe enough as a result of the treatment of radiodermitis to which they are subjected.

So in many cases the doctor I saw in the obligation to suspend treatment until the skin of these patients is regenerate, with all the attendant consequences of the disruption of cancer treatment.

This doctor over time conducted a number of investigations with the use of various types of substances that allow the regeneration of the skin after radiation therapy sessions so that their patients could continue with their treatment as soon as possible, until it gave with SCA®, which is the secretion of Cryptomphalus aspersa, which showed a rapid regeneration of the skin of these patients. With time this technology was demonstrated clinical efficacy, since the result obtained by treat your skin extremely assaulted by the radiodermitis, were quite good, achieving a recovery of cutaneous total and the rapid disappearance of the inconvenience caused by this.

Benefits of Endocare

  • Provides firmness complete to the skin

  • It is a firming the skin

  • Gives brightness to the skin

  • Enables skin to be more tense

  • Helps combat sagging skin

  • Eliminates fine lines

  • It keeps the skin hydrated

  • Is responsible for stimulating cell repair

  • Your time will normalize the cycle of renewal epidermal

Classification of products Endocare

Endocare Cellage®: it Is a line of dermal anti-age, formed by the combination of three technologies, which together stimulate the renewal and cell repair, which presents a powerful anti-wrinkle effect that helps to reverse the signs of aging.

All of this is because it acts on the source of aging, delaying his appearance, to his time this product will improve the texture, redensify the skin and soften the expression lines and wrinkles. Among the most common products are:

  1. Endocare Cellage® gelcream prodermis

  2. Endocare Cellage cream® prodermis

  3. Endocare Cellage® for the eye contour prodermis

  4. Endocare Cellage® day SPF30 prodermis

Endocare®-C: These products are manufactured with technologies Endocare joined ingredients of the latest generation which are tailored to the needs of each area of the face according to the skin type. Have the function to recover the luminosity of the skin in a fast and immediate, so it prevents and attenuates the signs of aging, thanks to its powerful antioxidant activity. Among them are basically blisters which are:

  • Endocare®-C proteoglycans oil free (blisters)

  • Endocare®-C oil free (blisters)

  • Endocare®-C 20 proteoglycans (blisters)

  • Endocare®-C peel

Endocare Tensage ®: Is a line of regenerating dermal anti-aging formulated with the technology ACS that are factors of growth and Tensderm, acting in concert to be able to give back to the skin, the firmness and elasticity loss. In turn, the purpose of such a line is to provide intense action anti-gravity, fighting against wrinkles, sagging skin and aging very advanced in mature skins. Among these products are:

  • Endocare Tensage ® cream

  • Endocare Tensage ® serum

  • Endocare Tensage ® ampoules

  • Endocare Tensage ® eye contour

Endocare® Basic Line: These products are manufactured with new technology SCA growth factors with the aim of providing activity moisturizing, regenerating and antioxidant properties. It has as objective the reduction and prevention of the signs of skin aging and after dermatological treatments to be responsible for accelerating the recovery of the skin. Among them we find:

  • Endocare® day SPF 30

  • Endocare® day sense SPF 30

  • Endocare® aquafoam

  • Endocare® gelcream

  • Endocare® eye contour and lips

  • Endocare® ampoules 1 second flash

  • Endocare® ampoules

  • Endocare® lotion

If you want to use the treatment of Endocare

  • You should avoid exposure to the ultraviolet (UV)light

  • No smoking

  • Get enough rest, to avoid the appearance of new wrinkles

  • Maintaining a healthy diet and at the times indicated

  • Avoid exposure to the sun for long periods of time

  • Avoid the consumption of alcohol

  • The thins fast can cause the appearance again of wrinkles

  • Keep the skin hydrated

Composition of Endocare

The creams have the following ingredients:

  1. SCA Repair Index 6

  2. Tensderm

  3. Vitamin E

  4. Hydrovyton

  5. Pentavitine

  6. Hygroplex

The blisters contain the following ingredients:

  1. SCA Repair Index 50

  2. Tensderm

  3. Peptides (Argireline/Seriseline)

  4. Acid Hialurónic

  5. Natural moisturizing

  6. Acid Aminetilfosfínico

  7. Alistin and Natriquest

Preguntas frecuentes de Endocare

Endocare es una línea de laboratorios Cantabria diseñada para el cuidado del rostro y de la piel. Rica en activos patentados ayuda a prevenir y a reducir el envejecimiento cutáneo ya que actúa en las capas más profundas de la piel.

Endocare sirve como tratamiento y novedosos para el cuidado rostro y facial y prevención del envejecimiento cutáneo. Cremas de rostro, cremas antiarrugas con cremas hidratantes y contornos de ojos diversos productos líderes en el mercado. Con más de 20 años a sus espaldas en investigación contiene diversos estudios científicos nacionales e internacionales que aseguran unos resultados reales y eficaces.

Endocare es una gama de productos que nace después del estudio de 20 años de Cantabria Labs cuenta con numerosos estudios científicos que avalan su eficacia.
Cuentan con muchas patentes que hacen efectivo su estudio.
EDAFENCE® Powerful Anti-pollution Defence, SCA® Growth Factor Technology, IFC® CAF Skin Stem Activation y Wharton Gel Complex® un ejemplo de algunas patentes importantes desarrolladas por Cantabria las bajo su marca endocare.
Toda esta marca está diseñada para un cuidado extenso de la piel así como tratamientos antienvejecimiento y reafirmantes. Cremas antiedad y cremas antiarrugas son desarrolladas bajo esta marca así como Serum y contorno de ojos.

Comprar endocare en nuestra plataforma online es sencillo y eficaz. Comprar endocare un precio barato y recibir en menos de 24 horas es posible.
Tan solo tendrás que añadir al carrito de la compra efectuar el pago y recibir en menos de 24 horas en tu casa con nuestras promociones y regalos.

Aquí encontrarás opiniones de clientes registrados y veraces sobre la marca endocare, una marca de Cantabria Labs donde encontrarás las mejores opiniones de los clientes que usan y han usado la marca cada una reflejada sobre todos los productos opiniones de crema endocare así como opiniones de ampollas endocare, entra léelas y opina el primero.

Usar endocare aporta beneficios para tu piel, ya que cuenta con más de 5 patentes con amplis estudios dermatologicos, estudios médicos avalados por dermatólogos y especialistas en la piel.
Aquí obtendrás beneficios sobre las arrugas de tu piel así como su flacidez y descolgamiento.
Tratamientos efectivos contra bolsas y ojeras en los ojos así como un aporte de luminosidad a tu mirada.