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Endocare Eye Contour

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  • Endocare Cellage Contorno de ojos Prodermis 15 ml Endocare Cellage Contorno de ojos Prodermis 15 ml
    Endocare Cellage eye Contour 15 ml

    Endocare Cellage eye Contour 15 ml novelty anti-wrinkle, antiojeras and antibolsas, helps to correct the imperfections of features for expression wrinkles. With technology exclusive Ifc-Caf, and wharton gel complex that act on stem cells.

    44,06 € -20% 31,20 €
  • Endocare Tensage Illuminating Eye Contour Endocare Tensage Illuminating Eye Contour
    Endocare Tensage Illuminating Eye Contour

    This is a product with a fluid texture.It is a formula designed to reduce bags and wrinkles.It contains colored micropigments that illuminate the eye contour.It is a composition that helps to blur dark circles under the eyes.It has an immediate tightening effect.It is a formula that eliminates the signs of tiredness.

    44,06 € -20% 31,20 €

Endocare Eye Contour are two products manufactured by the laboratory Cantabria which contain a number of ingredients which act directly on the bags that form under the eyes, dark circles and wrinkles, helping to minimize and hydrating the skin.

These products belong each to a cosmetic line, which are named: Endocare Cellage eye Contour 15 ml and Endocare Tensage Eye Contour Illuminator, which possess a formula very effective in delaying the signs of skin aging.

Endocare Cellage eye Contour 15 ml is a powerful antibolsas, antiojeras, and anti-wrinkle, which helps to modify imperfections in the face caused by wrinkles. Its advanced technology acts on the cells of the skin, delaying the aging of skin.

Endocare eye contour easily buy in any pharmacy or establishment cosmetic to improve the appearance of tired and aging in the eye area and shine a bright look and a firm skin.

In addition, Endocare eye contour price quite small so that it can be acquired by women or men that want to give the proper care to this area, so fine and delicate skin.

Endocare Tensage Eye Contour Illuminating: it is a cream smooth and fast absorption that has a tightening effect on the contour of the eyes. In addition, it is an antioxidant and generates an effect concealer and illuminator in the face.

The exclusive formula of Endocare Tensage Eye Contour Illuminating leaves an effect dithering about imperfections present in this area such as under-eye circles, bags, wrinkles, expression lines, improving the appearance and hydrating your skin.

The product Endocare eye contour buy at the best price in pharmacies and parapharmacies online that feature a large stock of products allowing you to choose this or any other product for the eye contour of the brand endocare that will fit your tastes.

By this route of pharmacy or parapharmacy online Endocare eye contour price much more affordable than by other means. In addition, you can purchase it without leaving home as the shipment arrives directly to the address that the client tells you to.

Benefits of Endocare Eye Contour

Endocare Cellage eye Contour 15 ml is a product that is very complete since it can be used as an auxiliary in some treatments of cosmetic. In addition, attacks, and eliminates those imperfections present in the area of the contour of the eyes.

Endocare Cellage eye Contour 15 ml is a cosmetic product of high quality which was prepared with the highest standards to be able to prevent and eliminate conditions that can make you look sloppy, the area under the eyes.

Its formula helps to renew and regenerate skin cells thus allowing to significantly reduce the signs of aging in the area of the contour of the eyes. It promotes the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid in the skin cells.

Leaves skin firmer, smoother, hydrated and Endocare eye contour to purchase virtually any part that is sold in pharmacies, parapharmacies, supermarkets, convenience stores and cosmetic shops.

The product Endocare eye contour special price and even deals on this and other products of the brand endocare in pharmacies and parapharmacies online allowing you to get a quality product at a low cost.

It has a light texture which makes its application easier and absorption on the contour of the eyes. Its ingredients do not affect at all the skin as it can be applied on all skin types, normal, combination, fat, or dry, even in those most sensitive skins.

The Eye Contour Endocare Cellage directly into the thin skin located under the eyes and penetrates into the deeper areas where there are skin cells, favoring the contour of the eyes.

The product Endocare eye contour buy and watch as the skin is filling making wrinkles and expression lines are gone, leaving it soft, smooth and firm.

Endocare eye contour price, which you will leave satisfied because the effect it causes on the skin is awesome. This product will help you relieve congestion in the tissues and achieve that bulge that accumulates over time, creating the bags under the eyes.

The Eye Contour Endocare Cellage comes in a convenient presentation that contains 15 ml and lets you store it easily or take with you in your wallet without running the risk of a spill.

The Eye Contour Endocare Cellage has properties desinflamatorias and antioxidants, which allow you to give brightness to the look on the basis that its formula contains illuminating pigments that fade the color of dark circles under the eyes by balancing the skin tone.

Equal in the Eyes Endocare Cellage can be applied after having undergone a rejuvenation periocular. This eye contour to help reduce the redness or burning sensation under the eyes.

The product Endocare eye contour buy and use to reduce injuries or marks of the skin, helping to tone it to look uniform. This product was tested dermatologically and ophthalmologically and its effect can be seen in a short period of time.

Features Endocare Eye Contour

Endocare Cellage Eye Contour contains:

  • Magnolias official: this plant is used in this product has anti-inflammatory properties and it helps to whiten the skin and reduce the irritation caused by some chemicals that we use daily on the skin.

  • Vitis Vinifera: this component has a wetting action and desinflamatoria on the skin which is very effective to treat acne and other skin conditions. Likewise, it helps to strengthen the cells, preventing the appearance of wrinkles.

  • Titanium dioxide this component has the ability to absorb uv rays, avoiding causing any damage to the thin zone of the eye contour.

Endocare Tensage Eye Contour Illuminator contains:

  • Haloxyl: this component promotes good blood circulation in this area which helps to reduce the dark circles and bags, since it has an anti-inflammatory effect that helps the skin to become firm and uniform in color.

  • Vitamin E: it is a natural antioxidant that along with the caffeine to have as a feature to reduce dark circles and bags present below the eyes.

  • Anhydrous caffeine: helps to eliminate fats and toxins leaving the skin soft and smooth. In addition, it is an excellent activator of the blood circulation.

  • Andiroba oil: this oil is composed of fatty acids, which have wound healing properties and helps to improve the elasticity of the skin thanks to its high concentration of tannins.

  • Allows the skin to remain soft and fragrant, in addition to providing extended hydration to the skin. Helps restore the skin barrier and acts on skin lesions such as eczema, psoriasis or mycosis.

  • Does not contain Parabens or polyethylene Glycol.

Indications of Endocare Eye Contour

It is recommended to apply on the contour of the eyes, a small amount of Endocare Cellage around the eyes twice a day by making a circular massage until the cream is absorbed completely into the skin.

Endocare Tensage Eye Contour Highlighter should be applied two times a day, preferably on top of the moisturizer, or on dry and clean skin by making circular massages.