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Endocare C

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  • Endocare Radiance Mascarilla Exfoliante Vitamina C 5 sobres 6ml
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    Endocare Radiance Exfoliating Vitamin C Mask 5 Sachets 6ml

    Powerful Exfoliation: These masks contain vitamin C, which gently exfoliates the skin, removing dead cells and improving the texture Instant Radiance: Users highlight more radiant skin and even tone after use, making it a must-have beauty treatment Practical Format: The packaging in individual sachets facilitates its application and guarantees the...

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  • Endocare Radiance Proteoglicanos Oil Free 30 Ampollas Endocare Radiance Proteoglicanos Oil Free 30 Ampollas
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    Endocare Radiance C Proteoglycans Oil Free 30 Ampoules

    Powerful Combination of Ingredients: These ampoules combine vitamin C and proteoglycans for radiant and rejuvenated skin Fast Results: Users experience visible improvements in skin texture and radiance in a short time Oil Free Formula: Suitable even for acne-prone skin, providing hydration without greasy feeling

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  • Endocare Radiance C20 Proteoglicanos 30 Ampollas Endocare Radiance C20 Proteoglicanos 30 Ampollas
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    Endocare Radiance C20 Proteoglycans 30 Ampoules

    Vitamin C and Proteoglycans: These ampoules combine two powerful ingredients to improve radiance, reduce wrinkles and protect the skin Quickly Visible Results: Users experience noticeable improvements in skin texture and appearance in a short time Easy to Incorporate: Its simple and quick application is easily integrated into the skin care routine,...

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  • Endocare Radiance C Oil Free 30 Ampollas Endocare Radiance C Oil Free 30 Ampollas
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    Endocare Radiance C Oil Free 30 Ampoules

    Powerful Vitamin C: Endocare Radiance C Oil Free 30 Ampoules contains vitamin C, an effective antioxidant for a luminous skin Oil Free: Ideal for acne-prone skin, the formula absorbs quickly without leaving oily residues Fast Results: Users experience noticeable improvements in skin radiance and texture in a short time

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  • Endocare Ampollas Flash Repair 7 unidades Endocare Ampollas Flash Repair 7 unidades
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    Endocare Ampoules Flash Repair 7 units

    Easy Application: The Endocare Ampoules Flash Repair 7 units are easily applied after cleansing and toning, with a gentle massage for quick absorption Immediate Results: They provide visible results of luminosity and softness instantly, ideal for preparing the skin before a special event Versatility: They can be used both as an occasional treatment for...

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  • Endocare 1 Second 2 Ampollas + 2 Ampollas Gratis
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    Endocare 1 Second 2 Ampoules + 2 Ampoules Free

    Fast Results: Blisters offer visible results almost immediately, improving the texture and radiance of the skin Advanced Technology: The combination of SCA Growth Factor and Tensderm provides an effective anti-aging action Excellent Value: The package includes two additional ampoules at no additional cost, maximizing their benefit and affordability

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Endocare C is a treatment made with a formula that is responsible for decreasing the signs of aging at the same time prevents its appearance, thanks to its special texture that does not leave skin any kind of greasy residue is excellent for any skin type.

Includes between its compounds SCA Growth Factor Technology that is a system with anti-oxidant effect of high tolerability for a greater result in a regenerating and moisturizing, to an extra contribution of luminosity to the skin.

These products are tested under strict control dermatological and ophthalmological, include a formula not comedogénica, that is to say, that does not seal the pores and prevents the appearance of imperfections, so that it can be used in skins, normal, combination, and fats.

Benefits of Endocare C

Endocare C is a treatment based on science, with three specific ingredients that have been included in its formulation to generate multiple anti-ageing benefits such as the technology SCA, proteoglycans and vitamin C.

The technology SCA includes growth factors, which work on the fibroblasts of the dermis reagents to trigger again as young cells, giving the skin a big dose of brightness, and firmness.

In addition, proteoglycans are involved generating a hydration deeper, while vitamin C, produces a result that antioxidant par excellence, leading to immediate results and long-lasting.

In this line of anti-ageing products involved various formulations that help to compensate for the different skin types and their needs, including any utility as anti-wrinkle, anti-aging, firming and antioxidant properties.

The benefits Endocare C generated on the skin of the face can be summarized as:

  • Moisturizer-firming immediate effect: creates an efficient level of hydration, while smoothing and softening the skin to the touch quickly and for a longer time.

  • Antioxidant and refreshing for a long time: it helps to prevent the damage that causes free radicals, which cause wrinkles in the short-and long-term.

  • Level of the skin tone and illuminating.

The products that are part of the new line of Endocare C are especially designed to generate in the skin results antioxidant, moisturizing and with a strong effect illuminator.

The main difference of these outstanding products is that each formulation is specially designed to suit a specific type of skin:

  • Endocare C Ampoules: Thanks to its formulation and its texture, it is suitable for dry and dehydrated skin, as there are moments in which normal skin, mixed, and fat can drop in periods of dehydration.

  • Endocare C Oil Free blisters: it is non-comedogenic, with a texture very fluid that is absorbed very quickly, it is recommended for normal skin, for combination skin, and fat.

  • Endocare C Ferulic: a serum the fast-absorbing that it leaves no greasy residue, while it has a peached finish that protects the skin from deterioration caused by the elements of environmental stress, that can be used by any skin type.

  • Endocare C Peel Gel: is a matrix gel-like which includes numerous assets that, by their innovation, generates a telilla semioclusiva on the skin, which strengthens and helps the insertion of nutrients, the treatment applied previously as the product.

These products generate a wonderful result enhancer or as an adjunct to other treatments. Additionally, it has an illuminating action quite powerful thanks to its high concentration in vitamin C Pure.

Help you make the perfect complement to other treatments, especially for people who have the signs of a level of degeneration top and want to earn an extra contribution of lighting on the face.

Active ingredients of Endocare C

Endocare C includes a complete formula formed by an excellent anti-oxidant complex and enlightening, thanks to the blend of nutrients such as Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Citric Acid, which creates a system of active moisturizing action.

In addition, they help to blur the wrinkles and expression lines thanks to the technology of the regenerating original Endocare, SCA, resulting from the synergistic blend of the assets that reduce the signs of aging of the skin and prevent its appearance.

Vitamin C

The vitamin C that is used in the manufacture of these products cosmetics is stabilized, in order to ensure its stability and continuous-release, becoming vitamin C free after it has been absorbed.

This Vitamin C stabilized is tolerated much better by the skin, helping in this way to increase their condensation in the formula in order to ensure that it generates a more efficient result without cause irritation of the skin.

This increases the stability of vitamin C and makes sure the action itself, as it gives a result more rapid vitamin C pure and other more durable for stabilized.


SCA is a concentrated protein which is extracted from the perspiration purified from the Cryptomphalus Aspersa that has excellent qualities both antioxidant and regenerative.

It is concentrated in high amounts of growth factors that boosts the action of fibroblasts, generating as a result the production of collagen, elastin and fibronectin.

All this generates as a result, an effect that is backed by science and is known as the Loop, which is an action chain that reproduces the activation of the cells, generating that unfold as new cells.

Another great advantage of the ACS is the result of antioxidant that comes on the free radicals more difficult and has the effect of Superoxide dismutase and Glutathione S-transferase, which improves the system of Glutathione endogenous.

In a nutshell, the SCA has the primary benefit of a wonderful result antioxidant caused by a double cause a regenerative action and redensifying.

Vitamin E

It is also known as tocopherol and is a fat-soluble vitamin that generates a great antioxidant effect when working in conjunction with vitamin C.


They are large molecules that are triggered managing to preserve the hydration level of the area extracellular.

Fuse with each other and with other molecules, helping to defend the constitution of the skin and immobilize large amounts of water, generating as a result an increase in the level of hydration.

This excellent compound helps in optimal way to reduce wonderfully wrinkles, at the same time which provides a greater brightness, firmness, hydration and flexibility of the skin, it produces a result very effective in a single step.

These excellent results have been scientifically supported, with studies with product completed, executed in vivo by excellent specialists.

Additionally, it includes an excellent action despigmentadora and enlightening that it can be viewed quickly, after the first application.

  • Endocare C Oil free and Endocare C Ampoules: its active ingredients help to improve hydration, while smoothing way, revealing the outside of the skin, and reduces wrinkles immediately.

  • Endocare C Ferulic: includes EDAFENCE that it is a substance of Deschampsia antarctica, a plant extremófila that helps to avoid the results that generate the most momentous pollutants on the skin.

  • Endocare C Peel Gel: includes active antioxidants and anti-wrinkle, retexturizantes and illuminators as the vitamin C formulated with β-cyclodextrins that protect and stabilize, as well as Vitamin E, Resveratrol, phytic Acid, Pro-retinol.

Indications of Endocare C

Endocare C is a treatment specifically developed to prevent and treat the signs of photoaging of the skin, which are mild to moderate in any type of skins, including mixed and fats.

These products can be used as a sole treatment or as an adjunct to any other cream or treatment anti-wrinkle. In addition, it is not comedogénica, since it doesn't generate the closure of the pores and prevents that appear imperfections.

In the aspect of age, is proposed to be used by people of all ages.

  • Skin younger, that is to say, people between 25 to 35 years is the perfect treat because it generates a work hydrating and antioxidant, which prevents the manifestation of the symptoms of aging while generating an extra dose of brightness on the skin.

  • For skin that is more mature, people who are over 35 years it's the perfect supplement for when you go to use the treatment daily anti-aging.

It provides the skin with a strong result illuminator, avoiding the results generated by the effects of pollution, excess after the summer, the tobacco, stress, among others on the appearance and color of the skin.

How to Use Endocare C

Endocare C conforms to any type of skin, from oily skin to the skins that are dry and dehydrated, with the aim of fighting internal and external factors that generate the decline of the skin.

  • Endocare C Oil free and Endocare C Ampoules: you must have the skin very clean and dry before you place the ampoule, it is recommended to use during the morning and evening over the entire face.

  • Endocare C Ferulic: shake before use, apply 1 or 2 times a day, evenly on the skin areas of the face, neck and neckline, making a light massage until it is generating its total absorption.

  • Endocare C Peel Gel: place all over the face and neck, making a thin and homogeneous, to stop exercising and to dry for about 15 to 20 minutes, then remove the film formed by starting at the bottom of the chin up.

Use Short-and Long-Term Endocare C

Initially, you may perform a shock treatment by applying average Endocare C Ampoules of day, and half of the night, after making the hygiene of the face and before applying the Endocare C Ferulic.

To make a long-term treatment in where you can to preserve and extend the results it is recommended to use half an ampoule every morning by including it in your beauty routine daily.

This helps to take care of optimally the skin of the generation of free radicals, as these tend to oxidize and age the face.

The blisters also help to preserve the skin with more moisture and shine, acting at the level of the internal part of the dermis, achieving the benefit of the density of the tissue, so that the network support to find more elasticity and firmness.

The quality of the benefits offered by these products are of high efficacy and safety, as they offer excellent options and alternatives for the treatment of the skin, helping to adapt and customize effective treatment for each case.

Generates a visible result as ensuring that the skin is more luminous and radiant, so it is recommended to improve texture and luminosity is performed once a week a special care with the products of the online Endocare C.

For skin with more radiance and brightness to the moment, recommended to use the mask Endocare C Peel Gel, since it is the result of a mixture of active antioxidant, hydrating and detoxifying.

This mask is a great treatment effect illuminator and retexturizing, that when combined with other topical treatments can increase the strength as a result of your activity of built-in benefits from the inclusion and efficiency of all of its assets.

When you use the mask Endocare C Peel Gel in conjunction with the Endocare C Blisters can produce a wonderful result, it is recommended to follow the following steps for best benefits:

Step 1 :

On the face is clean you must use media Endocare C Blisters and leave to dry on the skin until the gulp.

Step 2 :

Apply on the face the entire contents of a on the mask Endocare C Peel Gel on top, obviating the outline of the eyes, hairline and eyebrows, to leave for 20 minutes, until it dries and it looks like a film on the skin.

With this formulation helps to improve the hydration level of the skin, at the same time that it increases the activity and penetration of all compounds that includes the mask and the treatment that has been applied previously.

Step 3 :

Remove the film of gel, in a gentle way, starting with an edge, this can be displayed as the skin acquires a fresh look. Then check out applies the average blister that had been reserved.