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Eladiet mean Processed diet is a laboratory of phototherapy was created in 1985 by Amelia Boix due to the trust and the respect he has for nature and its healing properties. The herbal medicine is healing through medicinal plants, its main objective is that the body is not functioning properly can improve with the use of medicinal plants. Because of this is born the pharmaceutical laboratory of medicinal plants, which was changing to become what it is today a laboratory that produces dietary supplements, natural, innovative, effective and quality to improve the well-being of the people and a healthy life style and improve your health.

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  • obx abdomen eladiet 60 tablets obx abdomen eladiet 60 tablets
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    Obx Abdomen Eladiet 60 tablets

    Obx Abdomen Eladiet 60 tablets announced by nina on television this compound by compound obx that has lemon balm, berry, and artemis more coleus forskohlii, and vitamins E and D

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  • Eladiet Vit Min Magnesium Potassium 14 Tablets
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    Eladiet Vit Min Magnesium Potassium 14 Tablets

    Eladiet Vit Min Magnesium Potassium 14 Tablets with stevia, with vitamin B2, and orange flavor. Only 1 tablet per day to complete your daily diet covering the main needs. 375 mg of magnesium. 374 mg of potassium. Red beet 40 mg Basil 25 mg Gluten-free - Lactose-free

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  • Eladiet Vit Min Vitamin C 14 Tablets
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    Eladiet Vit Min Vitamin C 14 Tablets

    Eladiet Vit Min Vitamin C 14 x 1 gram with bioflavonoids with stevia with camu camu and zinc. Gluten-free, Lactose-free and No sugar added. 1000 mg of vitamin C Per tablet.

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  • eladiet smart
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    Eladiet Smart 60 Comp

    Eladiet Triestop Smart 60 Comp with a tablet that works where you need it. with a base of sinetrol Xpur, garcinia, orange blossom zinc, and chromium, which increase the metabolism of fats and helps to maintain the normal level of fat. Rich in Zinc, which contributes to the metabolism of fatty acids.

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Objectives of Eladiet

Is a brand known as a Processed Diet that has become with the passing of the years in a mark of high prestige in the industry to which it belongs. Its purpose is the development of multiple natural products, based on the use of medicinal plants for then to develop food supplements. It has as a main goal: the promotion of a healthy lifestyle, to improve the health and well-being of the people. For the achievement of its objectives with a variety of knowledge and experience that has been achieved over the years, due to the great career of its founders. Currently she conducts research and develops a variety of products clearly natural to the care of people rely on nature.
The products manufactured Eladiet are natural products, whose purpose is to care for the health of the people depending on their condition or illness, specifically indicated to improve the health of the people.

Produces several products that have led to the recognition of the brand as the most important in the sector, among these products are the following:
1. Fitotablets: these are a few tablets that are made on the basis of plants.
2. Triestop: it is a system that allows you to keep control of the weight effectively.
3. Ready to drink, the first drink made with natural products for weight control
It is a brand that combines perfectly the high quality, the great experience he has and the huge knowledge, obtaining as a result a few natural products are very reliable, safe and effective.
It also has a wide range of natural products that help to combat a wide range of problems such as what is cholesterol, lack of energy, excess weight, circulatory problems, digestive problems, lack of memory, among other diseases or illness.
Its goal is to provide the people trust in the quality and innovation, to take care of your health, and provide you with better well-being.

What offers Eladiet

Offers a range of food supplements based on natural products that help to improve the day to day of the people, for this we have a dedicated team and is specialized pair develop natural products created with bee products, minerals, plants, vitamins and other nutrients that are essential for health. Because of this the team work of Eladiet always know which are the latest innovations in the market with the active principles, to develop new formulas very effective to ensure the best results.

Products Eladiet

It has a large number of supplements that help in the welfare of the people and helping to improve certain aspects of their health, among which may be mentioned are:
1. Antioxidants, which help in the proper functioning of the urinary system, improves the blood circulation, which help to lower cholesterol, control weight and cleansing.
2. They also make products that help you increase energy, useful for those who need extra energy to face their day.
3. Produce products that strengthen the bones and joints,
4. Manufactured syrups, to help the memory, especially for women and children,
5. They also have products ideal for relaxation and sleep.
6. They have products that contribute to the good functioning of the digestive system, and the hepatic system
7. They also have products that stimulate the sexual desire in both men and women.
8. Collagen Eladiet, is a food supplement based on hydrolysed collagen, pure-contains vitamin C, which helps in the proper functioning of collagen for the normal function of cartilage, and hyaluronic acid. This product is recommended to wash it once a day diluted in a glass of water or other liquid, such as juice or herbal tea for three months to improve levels that you should take collagen. It is gluten-free, no sugar added, no preservatives or dyes.
9. In addition, the collagen Eladiet liquid will contain hyaluronic acid, magnesium and vitamin C, and added to them will also contain hydrolyzed collagen. The main function of vitamin C, is to be based on to promote the formation of collagen, allowing for a smooth functioning of cartilage, skin and also bones. In the case of magnesium, the will to contribute to the maintenance of bones and muscles. And finally, it will also contain vitamins of group B, which will act as co-enzymes in the synthesis of protenías.
10. Another of the many products that we will be able to find would be the cosmetic cream tea tree, which is quite ideal and a lot of quality to those delicate skin, sensitive and even scaly. This cosmetic cream will contain tea tree, thyme and satureja, which when brought together are the specific elements and ideal for treating skin problems such as pitting and other types of discomfort to the skin.
11. And to finish with the products in the area of creams, is the cream Sun of Gold, which is a cosmetic product with a base hypoallergenic and extract helicriso, being the most ideal and perfect to soothe those irritations and itching of the skin caused by allergies.

Opinions on Eladiet

The opinions most frequent of the people who have tried the products of Eladiet ensure that its effect is that most have been waiting for since these products take advantage of the benefits of nature for what they contribute to the well-being of those who consume them. So the vast majority of reviews are positive.