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E-nn Fever

E-nn Fever is a thermometer smart digital and located in pharmacy from the year 2016 which serves to control the temperature 24 hours a day, it can be used both in older adults as in children of all ages. Thermometers are instruments of measurement designed especially for the calculation of the temperature variations.

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  • Enn Fever Monitor Digital Thermometer blue Enn Fever Monitor Digital Thermometer blue
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    Enn Fever Monitor, Digital Thermometer

    Enn Fever Monitor Digital Termometro smart is simply putting on the skin and controlling the temperature 24 hours at any time or point of control. Thanks to the application of the mobile you can control the temperature at any point where you have internet. Distance and safe for any person.Contains 10 gauze pads adhesive

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  • Enn Fever Adhesive Patches
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    Enn Fever Adhesive Patches

    Enn Fever Adhesive Patches hipoalergenicos and tolerated by all skin types. they are perfect for the fastening of the temperature monitor in the skin. 20 units for a continued use of or exporadico as it comes wrapped individually each one in an envelope.

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Previously, these instruments were used mercury as an element dilatante and indicator, due to the smaller variation of temperature, the mercury expands or contracts, indicating the variation in the scale of a thermometer. But over time, this instrument has been evolving and is currently on the market is this model which is very functional and discreet, what makes that it can be carried anywhere without disturbing others or that may be perceived. It is also used in the professional control of the temperature of those athletes or professionals that need to maintain a controlled temperature, and may be used by couples when they want to have children

Evolution of thermometers to get E-nn Fever

The thermometer has evolved over time, earlier it was used a sphere closed with a glass tube with an open end which is immersed in a mixture of water and alcohol, and the area remained at the top. After it had appeared, the mercury thermometer which changed its original shape for a thin tube, and sealing that was in his inner mercury, also had its own scale of graduation, which was called the scale of Fahrenheit, this name owes to his creator. After the creation of the thermometer, there were a number of scales of temperature, among the best known are: the Celsius scale is the most used throughout the world, this is followed by the Fahrenheit that is currently still in use, Kelvin is used exclusively for the measurements being made in the chemistry and physics laboratories, and the Réaumur that is no longer used. After this inventions he spent a long time in which they have been innovating with other models that have been very functional, until you get to this product, which has allowed the re-invention of the thermometer and has come to innovate the market. Is the latest technology which is connected to a Smartphone. Allowing you to keep track of body temperature by determining peaks of temperature and alerting you when the temperature is high too. The data it collects this new device will help to establish a pattern and be able to establish a diagnosis. It also allows you to motorize the temperature of several people at the same time. Can be used on any type of people, from infants to the elderly.

Design of the E-nn Fever

E-nn Fever is a thermometer smart wireless, specially designed to perform the monitoring of the temperature of the body constantly. It has been designed to warn parents when the temperature has risen more than normal. Allowing the medication immediately. Establishes a record of the temperature so that it can be stored and displayed after the doctors, so that in this way you can make a good diagnosis and to apply the appropriate treatment.
Can be connected to the Bluetooth which has to be 4.0 and operate a system of Android 4.3 or higher or iOS, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPad , among others.
It brings a LED light when the thermometer flashes once, indicating that the device is connected to the Bluetooth, and when you blink twice, you are indicating that it is not connected.
Functions of the E-nn Fever

Allows the temperature to be monitored in real-time when you have a fever.
If the patient's temperature is very high the mobile phone to which it is connected will send an alert you of a visual and sound.
Shows graphically the different temperatures.

How to use E-nn fever

1. You have to pull out the thermometer smart protective box that it comes out the thermometer will be activated to form automatically.
2. You must download the app for Android or iOS.
3. You can immediately notice that the thermometer will flash two times when it is not connected to the mobile device.
4. When you open the application to automatically connect to the thermometer, in this way you will see that the thermometer begins to record the temperature, after blinking once the flashing light.
5. To remove the security tape that brings the patch and paste it to the thermometer by the side of the battery-and-paste firmly in the armpit.
6. Place the device under the patient's arm attached to the patch.

Benefits of E-nn Fever

? It is very useful in the postoperative care since it allows to determine the temperature and prevent infectious problems.
? Allows you to control the temperature fluctuations during the day.
? Shows the pattern of temperature.
? Detects peaks of fever.
? Alerts you when the temperature is very high or very low.
? In your screen displays in real time the temperature.
? It is of great help to the parents or caregivers.
? Allows you to monitor the temperature of the patient until it is stabilized.
? It is small and fine, specially designed with the shape of the armpit of a baby, and that gives the feeling of having a thermometer placed.
? Its use is safe.
? It is a product of very good quality, and is adapted to the needs of the users.
? Turns on and off automatically, does not have a button for power on or off.
? When it is taken out of its box, magnetic, turns on automatically, you will be able to see by the light that is emitted in the form flashing. When it is put back in the box, it will automatically turn off and the light will stop flashing.
? Can be used in infants and children, older people, couples who want to want to have a child, in post operative care in patients with chronic diseases, in control of the sports activities
? It also serves as a reminder to take medications