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Durex Water-Based Strawberry Lubricant 50 ml


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  • Strawberry flavor and aroma.
  • Improves intimate relationships.
  • Made from water.
  • It's not greasy.
  • It can be washed easily.
  • Skin-friendly.

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What is Durex Water-Based Strawberry Lubricant 50 ml?

Durex Lubricant Water Based Milling Cutter 50 ml it is a lubricant that can be used during sexual relations since it has a wonderful flavor and aroma of strawberry, generating sweeter sensations in intimate relationships and is made of water.

It does not contain any fatty component and can be washed easily, providing softness to sexual relations, since it is completely respectful of the skin and favors the realization of anal, oral and vaginal sex, while it has a soft and light texture.

It provides a delicious flavor and a pleasant aroma of strawberries originating an improvement during the most intimate relationships. It does not contain sugar, adds a delicious flavor and aroma to sexual intercourse.

Why use Durex Water-Based Strawberry Lubricant 50 ml?

This lubricant is a fun and fruity way to sweeten the sexual moment, since it has a taste and smell of strawberries, which favors the enjoyment of a wonderful and fun sexual experience improving intimate moments.

It includes a non-sticky formula that is water soluble, so it is easily removed without leaving stains. Its composition collaborates with the reduction of vaginal dryness and intimate discomfort, at the same time creates a sensual and different experience for both.

It is a lubricant quite simple to apply and its design has been made in order to create a more fun and pleasant experience, achieving the enjoyment of complete satisfaction in company or alone.

This intimate lubricant has been formulated to generate an improvement in sexual relations, it is compatible with the use of any type of condoms thanks to its aqueous base that can be easily removed with water.

It does not prevent conception and does not contain spermicide, but can be used with the condom already placed.

What are the features of Durex Lubricant Strawberry Water Base 50 ml?

It is an intimate lubricant formulated a delicious flavor and aroma of strawberry, which provides a wonderful sweet touch to intimate relationships, since it has an elaborate composition based on water.

  • Improves hydration without leaving a greasy feeling.
  • It can be used for vaginal, anal or oral sex.
  • It is compatible with the use of latex, polyisoporene and polyurethane condoms.
  • It can be used in the company of adult toys.
  • Reduces vaginal dryness and intimate discomfort caused by this disease.
  • It should not be used as a contraceptive and does not contain spermicides.
  • Its texture is softer and lighter.
  • It washes easily as a result of its watery base.
  • Delicious Strawberry flavor and smell.
  • Non-sticky formula.
  • It is a fun and fruity way to sweeten sex life.
  • It provides a delightfully intimate experience.
  • It does not contain sugar, although it has a sweet taste.
  • Available in 50 ml format.
  • Beneficial to him and her.
  • It has been dermatologically tested.
  • Its presentation is 50 ml of product per container.

Composition of Durex Lubricant Strawberry Water Base 50 ml

glycerol, water, propylene glycol, hydroxyethyl cellulose, benzoic acid, sodium saccharin, sodium hydroxide, strawberry flavouring.

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