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  •          Designed for use in the vaginal sex.
  •          They are also designed for anal sex and oral.
  •          There are water-based, silicone and oil.
  •          Have a pleasant taste.
  •          Have a nice texture.
  •          Help to a better penetration anal and vaginal.

Do you know nothing of lubricants intimate but would you like to experience?

The lubricant intimate , in general, are quite useful to improve the sexual relations in many ways and then I will discuss everything you need to know about them.

Usually many people will lose all of the benefits of the use of lubricants, most of all by the lack of knowledge about these products, and on the other hand the prejudices that many times you have on these topics.

In the following lines, we will make a summary of everything you have to know specifically about the durex.

Why use durex?

There are many myths about why the use of the lubricant intimate, and there is one in particular that round in the head of many people and is a lot of people think that lubricants intimate only serve for those women who are unable to lubricate naturally in your private parts.

While this is partly correct, it is in a very small part, and it is only the tip of an iceberg. And is that the lubricant intimate, can greatly improve the sexual relations of yours and your partner in many more ways.

One of the reasons is because perhaps the size of a member of one of the people in a sexual relationship is very large and is in need of lubrication for sexual intercourse to be pleasurable.

Other reasons would be when you want to practice anal sex, and they need some lube for that particular area and far from being an awkward moment is to enjoy to the fullest.

What type of lubricant Durex use?

Currently the brand Durex has several types of lubricants that can be used on different occasions and depending on what is required can make sex an act of pleasure, as it is supposed to be. Below we will tell you the different types of lubricants that are available on the brand durex:

  • Lubricant Durex water based: this type of lubricant is usually the most lightweight of the types of lubricant. There are about Durex opinions satisfactorías, especially of this type of lubricant and for the people with sensitive skins.
  • Lubricant Durex silicone-based: this particular type of product is more durable where to apply that texture is absorbed more slowly, ensuring that you do not need a second or third application.
  • Gel intimate Durex natural: perfect for any sexual encounter, this type of lubricant account with your content fully nartural so that your application does not alter the natural balance of the skin.

You can find the durex cheap, if we take into account the price-quality relationship. Come to think of as well is always going to be a good purchase.

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