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Durex Condoms Natural XL 12 units


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Durex Condom Natural XL 2 units, condom extralubricado with latex of natural rubber with anatomical shape easy-on with deposit, with nominal width 56 mm, easy safe and pleasant sex.

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What is Durex Condoms Natural XL 12 units?

Durex Condoms Natural XL 12 units they have been manufactured using natural rubber latex, with an Easy-on anatomical shape that favors its perfect adaptation to the penis and have a nominal width of 60mm.

These condoms are smooth, transparent and extralubricados to improve the enjoyment of safer sex, so they are electronically tested thoroughly.

In addition, they are the result of the innovation of the Durex brand, since they are designed with natural rubber latex, they are very simple to place and do not tighten-

What benefits does the use of Durex Condoms Natural XL 12 units?

It is a condom made using natural rubber latex, which has been designed with an extra large size in order to provide a better fit to those who need it, as well as greater comfort thanks to its nominal width of 60mm.

As well as all condoms in the Durex range, they have been designed with an anatomical shape known as Easy-On, giving them that they are more comfortable and simple to place, while they do not move from place.

They have a smooth texture that facilitates its use and have a better aroma, is totally transparent and is lubricated, so it can be used in a totally comfortable and safe way for anal, oral and vaginal sex, being recommended the use of lubricants.

What are the Features Of Durex Condoms Natural XL 12 units?

They are extra large condoms that have a nominal width of 60mm, in order to provide greater comfort to those men who often have problems with the width of conventional condenes.

  • It has been made with natural rubber latex.
  • It is smoother, transparent and lubricated.
  • Its shape fits comfortably where you need it most.
  • The special way this product is made makes them smell better.
  • Its composition prevents the condom from generating discomfort and distractions.
  • It can be used for oral, anal or vaginal sex.
  • It should be used only once.
  • It provides protection against pregnancy, HIV (AIDS) or other sexually transmitted diseases.
  • They have been dermatologically tested.
  • It is compatible with various types of lubricants.
  • It should not be used by people suffering from latex allergies.
  • It has a medium thickness.
  • It includes a silicone lubrication to improve its smoothness during relationships.
  • They have been made straight and with deposit.
  • Its size generates an improvement in comfort during sexual intercourse.
  • Includes all the security provided by the Durex brand.

Who is intended for Durex Condoms Natural XL 12 units?

Durex Condoms Natural XL 12 units it has been designed for all those men who require an upper size in order to avoid discomfort in its use and generate an improvement during their sexual relations.

Composition of Durex Condoms Natural XL 12 units

Natural rubber latex.

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