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Ds Laboratories

Ds Laboratories is a company that has more than 13 years in the market and have been devoted to generate a fundamental change in the area of personal care to consumers in general.

This company has a technology specifically aimed at innovation, as they employ active components that generate an improvement in quality and provide a care in the top problems that often arise in the hair and skin.

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This brand has an effective range in the market as a result of the development of products that support and provide security to a large number of people in the world, already has a presence in more than 46 countries, leading the market in cosmetic dermatology.

Is the manufacturer of latest generation products that provide multiple innovative results that slow, reduce and remedy the deterioration caused as a result of aging with the development of cosmetic skin smart.

All of these products have been developed using active ingredients of the pharmacy level that provide the highest quality and generate excellent results in the care of the hair problems, to the time that includes biotechnology directed to the field of dermatology.

What is Ds Laboratories?

DS Laboratories is a company that began its activities in the united States in the year 2007 and fairly quickly became a leader in the restoration and hair care as a result of the realization of formulas based on the encapsulation nanosomal.

This encapsulation of assets is carried out by means of biotechnology, dermatology, using the original Nanosome Delivery System that emanates from the ingredients of a progressive and time-scheduled in a nice depth of the skin.

This technology provides a higher efficiency in the care of the hair problems, and skin, as this company has essentially three areas of research and development, such as:

  • Hair regeneration: the lines Revita and Spectral target the hair regeneration and the prevention of hair loss with the development of products of great generation that produce visible results in the short term.

  • Hair care: the ranges Dandrene, Radia and Nia have shampoos and conditioners to care for, treat, and retain the hair more healthy, alleviating diseases of the scalp as dermatisis, dandruff and flaking, scaling, among others.

  • Beauty Care: includes the line Spectral Lash that favors the growth of the tabs with results in as little as 4 weeks and Oligo DX that treats cellulite hunkering down until the nodules deeper to undo them.

What are the benefits of the products, Ds Laboratories?

The products made by this brand have been tested and are used regularly by millions of people around the world because they are:

  • Clinically proven: we produce products that generate real results, because all of the repertoire of articles, this company has a higher efficiency known by means of tests, and clinical studies.

  • Technologically superior: the positive results of all products are tested and verified as inflexible with the conduct of clinical studies, so that all the compounds or ingredients are tested through such means.

  • Indicated by dermatologists: all the products have been developed, tested, and recommended by a large number of dermatologists with the aim to provide security and provide the best treatment.

  • Excellent results on real people: consumers who have used these products and recommend, as they have over 10,000 reviews with 5-star thanks to his excellent results.

  • Innovation: it has a R & D team that works on each product with the goal of providing a variety of features and benefits that favour to consumers if a product does not meet the criteria requested, it is not made for the public.

  • Verification: each product and the ingredients that compose it must pass certain clinical studies, if any component is not verified by means of various tests, do not use.

What is the ecological benefit that generates Ds Laboratories?

This company is taken quite seriously its commitment to the environment, in the development of their products, as well as their packaging, so we are developing packaging and biodegradable product that will generate less waste.

The development of packaging is being performed using oxo-biodegradable plastic that is made with a composition of additives prodegradantes and is added to the plastic during the extrusion process.

This component originates from the molecular organization of the plastic desordene when exposed to heat or sunlight, originating as a result, the microorganisms can assimilate it.

This development helps the plastic to deteriorate more rapidly, until it degrades completely into carbon dioxide, water and biomass.

What is the Technology Nanosoma employed by Ds Laboratories?

The products manufactured by DS Laboratories included in its composition, a patented system of distribution of nanosomes for the encapsulation and release relentless active components.

This system has been devised with the aim of providing a higher efficiency and results that last longer, as it will work according to the following steps:

  • Step 1 – Encapsulation: the active ingredients are encapsulated in liposomes, which have a nanometer-sized by means of a process itself.

  • Step 2 – Application: these nanosomes are provided by topically by placing them on the surface of the skin.

  • Step 3 – Delivery: as a result of the reduced size of the nanosomes delve intensely into the skin to deliver their active ingredients, resulting in better and faster results.

What are the ingredients used Ds Laboratories?

Ds Laboratories gives great importance to the components, regardless of the type of product they make, so that all the ingredients used are backed by science.

Every component has been selected with the purpose of generating the best possible outcome in your category of action.

Have selected specific ingredients to generate an improvement in the health and appearance of the hair and scalp providing an increase in strength, volume, and brightness, at the same time that take care of their beauty bringing actions anti-aging.

Among the various components that uses this flattering mark are polyphenol in apple, taurine, ornithine, caffeine, oil of emu, niacinamide, tea, rooibos, MSM, peptides, copper, extract stem cells, nanoxidil.

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