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Dry Eyes

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Dry eyes is a syndrome that occurs when the eye does not produce a good layer of healthy tears or the tears evaporate too quickly, because the oil glands are blocked or are abnormal.The symptoms of this condition are in addition to the dryness or pain in the eyes, blurred vision, burning, feeling of having something inside of the eye.

There are many reasons for this to happen: hormonal problems, menopause, environmental problems such as dryness in the work spaces, live in places with a lot of wind, sun exposure, surgeries, heat or burns,Sjögren's syndrome, chronic illness, allergy medications, among others.

To combat dry eyes, there are among other products, artificial tears or spray such as the one manufactured by Optrex that helps keep the eyes hydrated.

Also remember other simple tips that could help to avoid having dry eyes and discomfort that this entails: rest the eyes with some regularity, for example, looking to a place far away in the horizon, blink more frequently, clean the eyelashes or apply warm compresses on the eyes.

Products for dry eyes

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