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Dr Organic

Dr Organic it is a brand that has a large number of cosmetics made from natural components, since they include active ingredients of organic and natural origin, since all their compositions include bioactive ingredients.

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Each of the specific characteristics of each asset is preserved and certified, while its selection of assets works synergistically and generate excellent results in vegan people.

Each of its products has been made without parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), polyethylene glycol (PEG), dimethicone, sulfates, mineral oils (petroleum or paraffin), synthetic perfumes and artificial colors.

What is Dr Organic?

It is a win of products that have been formulated as a result of numerous scientific investigations that certify superior effectiveness, since they have passed a lot of controls and tests.

For the elaboration of each product, raw materials have been selected for their bioactive properties, transforming each formulation into an innovative, originated and naturally effective product.

Each formulation has been developed to take advantage of all the benefits and care provided by nature, since a wide variety of plants, herbs, vitamins and minerals of high quality have been selected to preserve beauty.

Among its beneficial assets are manuka honey and aloe vera, since these components have been used in a traditional way and have been mixed with modern production processes that favor the conservation of their effectiveness.

For the elaboration of each of these products, we seek to preserve each of the bioactive qualities of the raw materials through the use of special procedures.

How are the ingredients used to make Dr Organic products?

Among the assets that this brand of products includes are organic ingredients, which are those that have been grown organically, so if you can not use an organic ingredient, sustainable natural options are used.

Among these options are the bioactive components that certify that each product is fully functional thanks to its nature, while all formulations have been designed with natural ingredients for better results.

In each of the compositions the addition of chemical substances is avoided, while compounds of animal origin are not used in order to adapt to the needs of vegetarians.

Although, in some compositions animal by-products can be used, such as honey, royal jelly, propolis and beeswax.

In addition, no animal testing is performed, so each product is tested on human volunteers to fully certify its safety and effectiveness, eliminating the testing of finished products or raw materials on animals.

Mineral oils are not included in the formulations, nor petrochemicals such as paraffin and petroleum, only vegetable oils and extracts are included, avoiding in the same way non-GMO and genetically modified so that each formulation is as natural as possible.

In addition, no preservatives are used in order to certify the safety and shelf life of each product, being selected only natural preservatives of the best quality.

What are the benefits provided by Dr Organic?

This line of products directs each of its formulations to the care of the skin and hair with the realization of formulas that contain natural ingredients, so they can be used in order to provide an improvement to personal care.

When used it provides optimal care to the body and the environment, since each of its products has a beneficial Dr Organic Price, while its formulations are quite effective which has ensured a total success.

Since the beginning of its activities, this company has directed all its efforts to the creation of products that include all the properties and benefits of its active ingredients and extracted from nature.

So the base each formulation is made using aloe vera, tea tree, snail slime, charcoal, coconut, cocoa butter, rose, among others, manipulating each component depending on the treatment performed and the characteristic required.

It is for this reason that this brand has hair treatments, scrubs, moisturizers, tonics and specific treatments for face care, soaps, gels and articles aimed at the nutrition of the skin of the body in general.

What are the products created by Dr Organic like?

For the elaboration of each product, natural and organic components have been used, which according to the Dr Organic Reviews they are effective thanks to their content of active components that improve the health and appearance of the skin and hair, among which are:

For the body:

It has a series of products that generate an improvement in the nutrition and softness of the skin, so they contain formulations made to benefit from the properties of aloe vera, charcoal, essential oils of fruits, among others.

With its use it provides a feeling of freshness, promotes the restoration of the skin, increases vitality and can eliminate impurities and toxins, depending on the composition can be used in very dry or normal skin.

For the face

It includes a great content of products, since numerous compositions have been created that provide superior care to the face, including ingredients such as coffee extract, mint, ginger, virgin coconut oil, marine assets, among others.

This range of products has several presentations, including cleansers, gels, oils, etc. Providing an improvement to the appearance and health of each skin type with its frequent use, since it can be included in the facial hygiene routine.

For hair care

In order to provide superior care takes advantage of the hair, compositions have been made that provide antioxidant, nourishing, stimulating and protective effects, managing to improve the appearance and vitality of the hair and scalp.

It has shampoos, conditioners and mousse specifically formulated to keep hair cleaner, softer and with a more natural luminosity, while improving hair growth and providing superior care to the follicle.

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