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  • Dietclinical Light Legs 14 Vials Dietclinical Light Legs 14 Vials
    Dietclinical Light Legs 14 Vials

    Vials that help to calm the feeling of heavy legs and tired improving your circulation. Combase prevents the formation of varicose veins and reduce inflammation. Bilberry high in the antioxidant prevents the appearance of small veins red. Red grapes, which helps to improve circulation to the resistance of the capillaries. Vitamin C which is a natural...

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  • Dietsbelt 14 vials
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    Dietsbelt 14 vials

    Treatment for 14 days. Powerful fat burning and detoxifying the body. Helps in loss of weight and volume. Indicated for a detox diet with water retention problems. With 7 vials of dewatering with apple flavor and 7 vials fat-burning with the taste of peach. Powerful natural composition with many effectiveness.

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  • Redu-cel 30 Capsules
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    Redu-cel 30 Capsules

    Promotes the elimination of cellulite and localized fat. Especially indicated for Rose located in buttocks and thighs. It contains natural ingredients such as bearberry, forskolin and ruscus. Reduces fluid retention. Promotes fat loss. Diuretic and draining effect while avoiding poor circulation. Improve the natural blood circulation of the human body

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  • Dietsbelt 8 Bottles
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    Dietsbelt 8 Bottles

    Has been manufactured with natural ingredients.Improves the elimination of toxins.It provides a draining effect.Originates an action quemagrasa.Its format is fairly comfortable.Contains L-Carnitine.

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  • Dietsbelt Shots 14 vials
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    Dietsbelt Shots 14 vials

    Facilitates the elimination of toxins with a power draining. Suitable for diet detox with great retention. With elderberry helps purify the blood. Artichoke helps to eliminate the fat with diuretic effect. Fennel and reduce gas and improves digestion. Pony tail that facilitates the removal of fluid from the circulation. Rich in silicon sarsaparilla and...

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  • Dietclinical Cla 90 capsules
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    Dietclinical Cla 90 capsules

    With Conjugated Linoleic Acid which is an essential fatty acid indicated in diets. Reduces localized fat without reducing muscle mass. Helps to reduce the fat located in the abdominal region. Control the appetite and helps to bring better diets. Reduces fat deposits in the abdominal region. Inhibits the formation of the deposits of fats and increases...

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  • Dietclinical Carbo&Fat blocker 60 Capsules
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    Dietclinical Carbo&Fat blocker 60 Capsules

    Good for the digestion of carbohydrates and fats. With natural ingredients how H2O Slim®, Fabenol Max® and Zinc. High power or solvent. Blocker of carbohydrates. It helps in the metabolism of carbohydrates and fats. Significantly reduces the caloric intake, preventing their absorption and its accumulation.

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  • Redufat Sinetrol 60 Capsules
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    Redufat Sinetrol 60 Capsules

    It acts on fats and promotes the care of the line. Contains natural ingredients such as green coffee and bitter orange. Especially indicated to reduce the body fat. Reduces body weight and body fat by speeding up metabolism and increasing lipolysis. It also regulates cholesterol by acting on the thermogenesis.

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  • Ball Caps 60 capsules
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    Ball Caps 60 capsules

    Ball Caps 60 capsules is a complex that will fill you with like ball flash plus that helps to fight against the feeling of appetite avoiding you eat and you lose your figure. analogous and similar to ball flash but in the form of capsules, ball natural. To buy at the best price, combinalo with the format envelopes ball flash is also available. there are...

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  • Ball Flash Plus 30 sachets
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    Ball Flash Plus 30 sachets

    Ball Flash Plus 30 Sachets composed of plant extracts to help control your figure and feel better. thanks to neopuntia fabenol and ipsagula will be possible to fill your day-to-day in a simple way.

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  • Solar Derm 30 Capsules
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    Solar Derm 30 Capsules

    Add-on for your skin, which serves to prevent the signs of aging. Prepares your skin for the correct tanning. You will wear a tan more even and more durable. With carrot powder which is rich in carotene and provitamin A. Vitamin C which is an antioxidant and helps in the formation of tissues. Vitamin E, which helps to fight free radicals and therefore the...

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