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The brand Siken is one of the most recognized brands for their products and natural substitute, but it is also quite well known for the effectiveness and impact he has had his method Dietline, or better known as the Diet Siken.

If you are tired or tired of doing a thousand and one diet to lose weight or keep it and not get it, we have to tell you that this is the diet that you're going to finish working. There are two reasons why this diet is so renowned and so effective. The first is that it is a diet where you're not going to go hungry and the second reason is that the products that you offer Siken to fulfill it are delicious and provocative, so that you are simply not going to notice that you are following a regime.

The method Dietline it is a diet based on proteins and low calories which allows you to control your weight or download it if you prefer. In the following lines of this article we will tell you everything you need to know about this diet and the products siken.

Different plans amoldables to your desires

The siken products have several plans amoldables what are your goals, whether you want to lose your weight or want to maintain your ideal weight. For some people it is difficult to keep within the ideal weight, more than anything else because the majority adopt lifestyles are not healthy for its own pace of life, work, motherhood, personal goals, among other factors.

This diet is intended for those cases where we don't have enough time to take care of our nutrition. It is an easy diet to make, particularly because the same brand gives you the instant products that thou mayest do it. But don't be scared, the diet is not only about the products Siken. It is also supplemented with organic foods.

With this method they grow the good food, adapting good eating habits. In no way will go hungry with this diet, and in all stages consumiras contributions minimum of protein and vitamins that you need a body average to operate satisfactorily, without health problems at the moment or in the long run.

Products Siken that you need to diet

Siken designs food products rich in protein and low in calories, especially to be used in the method Dietline of Siken. In all the plans they have these diets, there are preparations Siken and tentempies. Below I will detail.

Prepared Siken

These consist of prepared foods and prepared sweets. Among the prepared savoury you can find from creams, vegetables, cream of chicken, cream of mushrooms and other preparations salty that you can not resist. It also counts with a prepared sweet as cocoa drinks or drinks from cappuccinos to complement the breakfast and provide the body with energy from the first hours of the day.

Among one of the prepared more exquisite with that account Siken and can be included in the method Dietline is the tortilla of Bacon, utterly delicious and irresistible. The tortilla flavor bacon Siken will be the perfect meal that helps you to control your weight.


Between the snacks that are offered in the stock of food Siken, you can find sticks protéicas, the mini-bread, crackers, cookies, sweets, and beverages or smoothies, it also with high-value protéico and available in amazing flavors.

Who can do this diet?

Although this diet is highly recommended by nutritionists and health professionals, SIKEN has been established that is not recommended for certain people in specific. Make sure you do not appear in the list below if you want to start with the method Siken:

  • Under the age of 18 years or over the age of 70 years.
  • If you suffer from liver disease or kidney disease is not recommended that you follow this diet.
  • People who suffer from cardiovascular problems they should not follow this method of eating.
  • People who suffer from any psychiatric disorder, especially people with depression or an eating disorder.
  • People in less than a year have suffered strokes.
  • Pregnant women and women during lactation.
  • People with cancer.
  • People with diabetes type 1 or type 2.
  • People that are in their minimum weight recommended. You can do this calculation by the formula: 20 x height in meters x height in meters.
  • People who suffer from hyperthyroidism.

There may be more restrictions depending on the case, so that what we always recommend is that before you plan to start this method, you consult with your doctor, your nutritionist or your pharmacist in confidence.

Phases of the diet

As we told you above, this method consists of different plans that fit your nutritional needs. But all plans have the same number of phases in which you know exactly that you should consume that will be add-ons of products Siken and other organic nutrients.

There are three plans with different length and different that you can download on the official website of Siken in Spain. It is the plan of Attack that consists of 4 phases and has a duration of 14 days. On the other side is the standard plan that has a duration of 24 days. And finally, there is the extended payment plan that lasts 45 days. In the cases when you want to persist with the diet for a longer time, it is possible to elongate any plan in the last phase.

What do you recommend while you do the diet?

There are several tips to take into account while you're doing the diet, among which we can say the following:

  • During the diet you should be aware of consume over the 2 liters of water.
  • You can consume sweeteners.
  • Don't abuse of foods such as vinegar and lemon juice.
  • Avoid the consumption of chewing gum and candy.
  • The cooking of food should always be steamed, grilled or roasted.
  • They are also allowed light refreshments.
  • You must completely remove the garlic and sauces.

We recommend for latest thing possible not to break the diet with processed foods and sweets. Your account with sticks and sweet protein of the own brand of Siken that levels of taste will be just as tasty than a dessert.

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