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  • Chelino Diaper baby size 6 17-28 kg 27 units
    Chelino Diaper baby size 6 17-28 kg 27 units

    Chelino Diaper baby size 6 for children ages 17-28 kg that contains 27 units made with derm-protection which is rich in fatty acids omega 3 and omega 6 that protect baby's bottom from the very first moment.

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  • Chelino Diaper Baby Size 2 3-6 kg 28 units
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    Chelino Diaper Baby Size 2 3-6 kg 28 units

    Chelino Diaper Size 2 for babies from 3 to 6 kg of weight, contains 28 units and this made with components dermoprotectores with an emulsion of blackcurrant, aloe vera extract, it releases fatty acids omega-3 and omega-6 protecting the excess skin from the bottom of your baby

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  • Chelino Diaper baby Size 3 4-10 kg 36 units
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    Chelino Diaper baby Size 3 4-10 kg 36 units

    This is a diaper proven both clinically and dermatologically tested. Are diapers with anatomical design and Ergonomic. They are made of hypoallergenic materials. They have excellent absorption properties for its dual-core Containing Aloe Vera and Omega 3 and 6. Have an excellent quality-price ratio.

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  • Chelino Diaper baby size 4 9-15 kg 34 units
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    Chelino Diaper baby size 4 9-15 kg 34 units

    Chelino Diaper size 4 for babies from 9 - 15kg contains 34 units and are crafted with premium materials in laboratories, pigs following and a formula to dermo protection and the exclusive derm-bands that protect your baby.

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  • Chelino Diaper baby size 5 13-18 kg 30 units
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    Chelino Diaper baby size 5 13-18 kg 30 units

    These diapers contain Aloe vera and fatty acids such as Omega 3 and 6 They have an outer cover that's decorated makes it fun and modern. They are perfectly adapted to the baby's body. It has excellent absorption that provides comfort to the baby. It has elastic bands to side which allows you a better fit. Are diapers ecological

    6,95 € -14.2857% 5,95 €

The diapers to baby clothes are items that have been created using absorbent materials that promote sanitation and the prevention of pollution of the area as a result of the waste from the body of the infant, because this does not have the capacity to regulate them.

These garments have been changing over the years, so that today there are some who are super-absorbent, have areas that are quite elastic, have a very small size, best fit, the skin, keep it healthy and are easier to use.

Although, it should be noted that the diapers are generally carried much of the monthly budget of the parents during two or three of the early years, so it was usually find Diapers are Cheap but do not have a lower quality.

How To Choose A Diaper For Baby?

Define which diaper is best is not easy as there are in the market for a pretty wide variety of diapers, as they are the ones that last longer, are adjustable, which are of offers diapers, are soft, and fit to various stages of the baby, so that must be taken into account:


The size of the diaper is an essential element for the choice of which will be used by the baby, as if it is too large there will be leaks and if it is too small the infant is uncomfortable, since babies tend to grow quite rapidly, especially in the first few months.

It is recommended that you do not acquire large quantities of diapers very small, because that can change size quickly, so it's best to buy them little by little.

Speed of Absorption

This point is of great importance as it prevents originating from the contact of the urine with the skin and prevents irritation.

Quality of the Closures

The closures must provide a superior resistance as the adhesives are working with the gluing and peeling off at various times with the aim of being able to visualise how is the diaper inside.

Barriers preventer

Are reinforcements that should be elastic so that it does not diminish the movements of the child is in the stage of learning, at the same time that relates to your body and goes on changing according to its development.

So it prevents the piss out by the corners or folds of her diaper in those moments in which the child moves or crawls.

Protection against Allergies

Your baby's skin is quite delicate and some diapers can generate atopic dermatitis, which is not a serious problem, but you'll need an extra help that is conducive to the baby's care.

With the aim of caring for the sensitive skins, it is imperative to ensure that the diapers are dermatologically tested, therefore there are some made with ingredients like aloe vera which prevents irritation of diaper rash.

What are the different Types of Diapers for Babies?

The most known are disposable diapers, as these are used only once, so after removing the baby should be thrown out.

These diapers include an absorbent layer that includes crystals of chemicals that can generate an absorption of up to 800 times its weight in liquid and result in a gel that promotes conservation of the urine away from baby's skin.

Disposable diapers have an absorption fairly high, being higher than the amount of liquid that a child can generate during a single use. Although, depending on the brand there may be discrepancies between the setting, the absorption and the control of the leak.

The main improvement that has had this type of diapers is that they are producing thinner and provide more comfort to the little ones of the house, while there are those that generate a care for the environment.

In addition, these diapers can evolve according to the weight of the baby, since that can vary in size and go up from the size of premature babies and newborns up to the larger sizes may change depending on the brand. There are other types of diapers, such as:

  • Between the type of diapers known as absorbents are known as diapers at night, in that they have a power of absorption is superior that can keep the baby dry for approximately 12 hours.
  • There are swim diapers that have been developed with the aim of preserving the waste without dampened with water.
  • The disposable underwear is another kind of diaper, which has been developed with the purpose of caring for older children and keep them for periods of prolonged time, especially at night while they sleep.
  • There is a type of diaper that works with the training of the child to go to the bathroom just as they are diapers-type pull-up and are very similar to underwear as they make it easier to change and can be removed when required to go to the bathroom.

In addition, there are cloth diapers and are made with fabrics highly absorbent as cotton, fleece, or flannel, to provide softness and absorption, being the fabric most commonly used organic cotton.

There are also diapers organic, made with bamboo which are more costly in comparison with non-organic cotton.

We use this type of diapers with the purpose of promoting environmental conservation, at the same time that there may be excellent deals diapers that generate a considerable reduction of the expenditure made by the parents.

What are the parts of the disposable diapers?

The diapers are made using two essential parts, which are the core of the diaper, which is where they absorb and accumulate the urine and feces.

In addition, it is the structure of the diaper which is the lining that supports the core and conforms to effectively around the legs of the baby.

Up to what Age the Baby must Use Diapers?

This aspect will depend on each child, as there are those who leave the diapers at age two, others three years, and there are those who use up to four, as this will depend on the psychomotor development of each child.

You will be able to find it here, always at the best price promotion cheap. Buy it now.

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