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Devor Odor Spray Feet and Footwear 150ml


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  • Spray presentation.
  • Reduces the causes of odor.
  • Removes sweat from the feet.
  • keep the shoes cool and dry.
  • It does not contain aroma.
  • 150ml container.

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What is Devor Olor Spray Feet and Footwear 150ml?

Devor Odor Spray Feet and Footwear 150ml it is a spray specially designed to fight against bad odor and sweating of the feet., since it has a beneficial presentation that makes its application easier.

After its use you will notice its wonderful cooling effect, so it can be placed in the foot area and in footwear, since its composition is the result of a mixture of antibacterial and deodorant elements that intervene in the balance of excess sweat.

In our parapharmacy this spray features Offer that they will originate an aid in the care of the feet and shoes, keeping them odorless throughout the day and increasing the useful life of the footwear thanks to their refreshing effect.

Why Buy Devor Odor Spray Feet and Footwear 150ml in Pharmacy Market?

This product has been formulated to provide superior foot care since it has the Devor-Odor Technology that includes a fairly strong composition that blocks the development of acids that cause bad odor.

With its use, a deodorant effect is provided that cares for the feet and causes them to stay dry for longer, so you can buy it in our parapharmacy at an excellent price and in a simple and safe way.

In addition, Insta-Fresh Technology and antibacterial elements have been used that fight against the appearance of bad odor that is caused by bacteria and provides a wonderful feeling of freshness that lasts longer.

Its components favor the elimination of odors in the feet, being able to be applied on those days when there is more hustle and a lot of activity, preventing our feet from having odor and sweating problems.

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This spray has a formulation specially designed to fight the problem of odor and sweat on the feet, while it can be used in footwear in order to keep it fresh, dry and odorless

For its elaboration, components have been included that originate deodorant and antiperspirant actions, which provide superior care to the skin of the feet, causing results that can last all day.

Benefits of Devor Odor Spray Feet and Footwear 150ml

of Devor Odor Spray Feet and Footwear 150mlit is a product with an effect deodorant that provides superior care to the feet and footwear, since it effectively discards the smell and sweat of the feet throughout the day.

It includes a mixture of antibacterial agents keep the foot fresh and dry all day, and can be used throughout the family to combat bad odor with superior efficiency.

Composition of Devor Odor Spray Feet and Footwear 150ml

Natural oils, shortening, baking soda, cornstarch

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