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Desmaquillantes Caudalie

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  • Caudalie Cleansing Foam Duplo 300 ml
    Caudalie Cleansing Foam Duplo 300 ml

    Caudalie Cleansing Foam Duplo 300 ml is a product specially formulated to provide a deep cleaning in the area of the skin, generating as a result a greater comfort in the skin of the face.

    17,11 €
  • Caudalie Water Grape 200 ml
    Caudalie Water Grape 200 ml

    Caudalie Water Grape 200 ml of 100% grapes bio. Extracted from the grapes during the grape harvests, this mist soothes, refreshes and moisturizes the skin at any time of the day. It is perfect with water calming for your skin as it hydrates and prepares your skin worn at any time of the day, Revitalizing natural. Replaces the thermal Water.

    8,03 €
  • Caudalie Vinoclean Oil Treating make-up Remover 150 ml Caudalie Vinoclean Oil Treating make-up Remover 150 ml
    Caudalie Vinoclean Oil Treating make-up Remover 150 ml

    This oil is 100% natural in origin removes all makeup, even waterproof. new line of cleaners eco-friendly, with formulas that are vegan and extremely natural. a mixture of vegetable oils, nourishing 100% natural in origin (oils of sweet almond, castor, grape seed and sunflower).

    12,40 €
  • Caudalie Micellar Water make-up Remover 200 ml
    Caudalie Micellar Water make-up Remover 200 ml

    Caudalíe Micellar Water make-up Remover 200 ml is a micellar Water to remove make-up 100% from natural origin, made for all skin types. Its main function is to dissolve and remove makeup residual on your face, even for this makeup waterproof that is not removed with ease.

    11,41 €
  • Caudalie Vinoclean Cleansing Foam 150 ml Caudalie Vinoclean Cleansing Foam 150 ml
    Out of stock
    Caudalie Vinoclean Cleansing Foam 150 ml

    Their texture is fairly light. Does not include soap. Helps to cleanse and purify the skin. Includes grape extract for a moisturizing action. Its content of sage purifies the skin. Leaves skin soft and fresh

    8,56 €

Desmaquillantes Caudalie have been created with the basic idea of working with women at the moment of the beauty ritual every day, generating a greater sense of cleanliness and make-up removal deeper.

These desmaquillantes have been elaborated with natural products that contain a great power and ingredients of natural origin, generating a great mix that helps to keep the skin clean, bright and youthful-looking for longer.

They are specially designed to be used by women who have a habit to take care of the skin of the face, creating an excellent make-up removal, key step to get a skin more beautiful.

Function Desmaquillantes Caudalie

There are different Desmaquillantes Caudalie which are especially designed to generate a better hygiene of the face, although it is very important to familiarize yourself with the main particularities that differentiate a make-up remover from another brand.

Knowing the characteristics of each Caudalie Facial Cleanser the choice of product to use will be more easy, achieving choose and apply the one that best suits the type of skin or to the needs of the face.

Facial cleanser Caudalie is specially formulated to be used on skin, whether dry, combination or sensitive, they are revealed to the urban life and outdoor, achieving an impeccable cleanliness that is generated as a result of a skin more healthy and bright.

The main function of Desmaquillantes Caudalie is to clear away makeup and impurities that are present in the area of the face, resulting in a skin that is clean and ready to receive any cosmetic treatment.

The facial cleansing is the starting point to have a complexion with a great light and healthy, there is a correct hygiene of the face with Desmaquillantes Caudalie that generates a triple win:

  • Removes deep impurities from the skin that generate results in a complexion that is displayed more off.

  • Removes any kind of makeup on the face.

  • Has the skin so that it can absorb efficiently the treatments that will be applied to the face, especially those creams that are used after cleaning, to achieve better penetrate the skin, creating optimum results.

Importance of Desmaquillantes Caudalie

Caudalie Oil make-up Remover Milk Cleanser Caudalie, Caudalie Micellar Water should be used to hold a place of important in the beauty routine that is done daily, especially recommended for use in the evening hours before bedtime.

Desmaquillantes Caudalie possess diverse textures, properties, elements, among others bringing different qualities to the face, among which we can name the help that generates other products to improve their results.

Among the various innovations with many benefits that has generated this excellent brand are Oil make-up Remover Caudalie, the Milk Cleanser Caudalie, Caudalie Micellar Water and cleansing Foam.

There are countless arguments for using Caudalie Oil Treating make-up Remover and Caudalie Cleansing Milk, for example, when you use makeup, your skin is dirty as a result of the agglomeration that is generated by the union with the external agents.

  • Caudalie Facial Cleanser creates a hygiene deeper into the skin creating a more accentuated, as the makeup tends to accumulate in the pores, forming black spots, excess fat, among others.

  • This brand of desmaquillantes generates a key result achieving remove the makeup that has been applied, it is recommended that after a long day with the rouged face is clean before you go to bed.

  • Generates excellent moisturizing qualities and nutritious in the dermis, since its structure enter edientes helps to nourish and hydrate the skin, generating as a result a remedial effect skin before going to sleep.

  • It helps the skin to prepare for the use of other creams that generate benefits to the skin, at the same time ready to be made up again.

Benefits of Desmaquillantes Caudalie

Facial cleanser Caudalie is a product that helps to generate greater cleaning, while removing makeup from the face and eyes with a very smooth, as it is intended to be used on all skin types thanks to its qualities, soothing and hydrating.

These excellent products are made especially thinking of the benefits of the skin of the face, as they are directed to be applied on any skin type even the most sensitive, among other benefits include:

  • Your presentation is done in a plastic container with a design fairly simple, beautiful, practical and comfortable.

  • This line has five types of textures that can easily adapt to several types of skin are oil, foam, micellar water, cleansing milk and tonic lotion.

  • Includes a scent quite mild and pleasant, which is considered to be one of its most positive aspects.

  • It is very effective as it helps to remove makeup and dirt easily in the face without causing irritation.

How to Use Desmaquillantes Caudalie

The removal of the make-up can be considered as the first step of any beauty routine, whether that be applied day or night so that it is extremely important to have Desmaquillantes Caudalie who collaborate extensively with the care of the skin.

In a general way, to use any of the Desmaquillantes Caudalie is must use a cotton ball soaked with Caudalie Micellar Water and Milk Cleanser Caudalie to proceed to place on the skin with a gentle massage of cleaner and rinse with plenty of warm water.

Caudalie Oil make-up Remover can be used without cotton, smearing a little bit of product in the hand and then apply it directly on the face with a small amount of water, with a gentle massage, then rinse with water if you prefer, but be dried with a towel.

Types of Desmaquillantes Caudalie

The choice of the Desmaquillantes Caudalie will depend on the taste, the need and the time that a person has for the ritual of cleaning facial so you can choose between the Oil make-up Remover Caudalie, the Caudalie Cleansing Milk, Caudalie Micellar Water and cleansing Foam.

Each one of these Caudalie Facial Cleanser brings different qualities, being their differences in order to facilitate the choice of one or the other according to the needs and skin type.

Milk Make-Up Remover Caudalie

The Cleansing Milk Caudalie produces a cleansing effect on the face, removing the makeup gently, as a result of their ingredients soothing as the sweet almond extract and cornflower, mixed with the oil, grape seed and Shea butter,

Caudalie Cleansing Milk nourishes the skin while avoiding that is generated dryness while removing impurities and creating quickly a greater sense of comfort.

This Cleansing Milk Caudalie generates an effect that is 2-in-1, as it removes makeup and cleanses the skin by removing impurities, while adding more nutrition and calm the skin, as it can be applied on the face and eyes, including the most sensitive skins.

The Milk Cleanser Caudalie is specially formulated to be used in various types of leather, mainly for:

  • People who have dry skin, so they need more nutrition in the skin.

  • People who want a greater sense of comfort on the skin with a quicker result, without a feeling of tightness.

  • Skins are irritated or reactive, because the active compounds of the Milk Cleanser Caudalie collaborate in the generation of calm in the skin.

  • Mature skin that will benefit greatly from the results generated by Caudalie Cleansing Milk.

Caudalie Micellar Water

Caudalie Micellar Water helps clear impurities from the skin, while that removes makeup and soothes with just one use, leaving you feeling more fresh and light, and pretty nice, but without generating as much nutrition as Milk make-up Remover Caudalie.

With the application of a single product, and without the need to clarify, is accomplished as a result of a skin more clean and with an excellent preparation to apply the treatment daily. Achieved to protect and clean the area of the face and the eyes since it does not contain any type of soap.

Includes among its active ingredients chamomile and water grape biological which are present in its composition collaborating in the calm of the skins that have been assaulted, and feel reactive.

Caudalie Micellar Water is specially formulated to be applied in different types of skin, mainly for:

  • People who have little time to remove the makeup or don't want to invest large amount of time in the cleaning of the face and eyes, is suitable as it does not require rinsing and in a single step, the skin is left perfect and fresh.

  • People who have skins reactive and sensitive but you don't want a feeling of nutrition too marked, on the contrary, want to feel soft, fresh and light quickly.

  • People that after using makeup remover used often end up with irritation in the eyes.

  • Especially, for those who want a product make-up remover that generate multiple benefits

Foaming Cleanser Caudalie

The foaming Facial Cleanser Caudalie lotion is clear that it does not include soap becoming a lightweight foam cleanser that enhances the natural balance of the skin, restoring its radiance and sense of comfort to the face.

This foaming Facial Cleanser Caudalie excludes skin impurities with a high percentage of natural ingredients such as grape extract that nourishes the skin and restoring the brightness loss in the face by lack of cleaning, dead skin cells, among others.

In its composition includes sage that provides an astringent effect, assisting in the closing of the pores after cleansing, as it generates results decongestant and helps to minimize redness and puffiness.

The foam Caudalie Facial Cleanser is made to be used in the different types of skin, mainly for:

  • People that have sensitive skins that need to do a cleansing and purifying softer.

  • Faces that have slight problems of congestion or redness, as the sage minimizing the symptoms as a result of its action decongestant and vasoconstrictor.

  • People looking for a pleasant sensation of softness with a very pleasant aroma. The majority of users after its use is defined as a caress for the skin. Fragrance Fleur de Vigne.

  • People with oily or very oily skin, as it helps to close the pores and reduce the amount of sebum production thanks to the sage.

Caudalie Oil Treating Make-Up Remover

Caudalie Oil make-up Remover is a product especially developed to be used when you want to remove any type of makeup applied on the face, even those that are wateproof.

This Oil make-up Remover Caudalie product is a very soft, which arises from the mixture of 4 oils of natural origin that generate great benefits in the skin, such as:

  • The oil of grape seed and sweet almond oil, which states achieved a result of increased hydration in the skin for a longer time.

  • The oils of castor and sunflower oils, which help to vanish all traces of makeup from the eyes, lips and face.

The Caudalie Oil Treating make-up Remover is made with a texture that when in contact with the water is converted into milk, to leave a pleasant sensation of softness on the skin.

Caudalie Oil make-up Remover is an oil which is then applied it doesn't leave any greasy sensation on the skin, so that it can be used on any skin type, including those that are mixed and fats.

Caudalie Oil Treating make-up Remover is specially created to be used on any skin type, especially:

  • People who need to take off the makeup of a very fast and with great efficiency, without the need of using any kind of help as a cotton.

  • Those people who have any kind of skin and at the same time need that your skin is completely clean, managing to eliminate makeup and impurities.

  • For those people who like to use products that have ingredients of natural origin.

  • People in need provides strength to your eyelashes, as a consequence of castor oil that it contains.

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