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Dernove Rosehip Oil 100ml


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Dernove Pure Rosehip oil 100 ml, pure oil that applied to wounds, increases healing and promotes wound regeneration and prompt recovery, it can also be added to the usual moisturizer and improve the latter, since it improves wrinkles and its application increases cell regeneration. container of 100 ml.

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What is Dernove Rosehip Oil 100ml?

Dernove Rosehip Oil 100ml it is a product formulated with components of natural origin, its contributions collaborate with the decrease and fading of spots, scars and stretch marks of the skin.

Its contribution of nutrients generates an improvement in the elimination of wrinkles and expression lines, while collaborating the care and improvement of the appearance of dry skin or that have dryness and tightness improving hydration levels.

In addition, it generates a beneficial antioxidant and anti-aging effect, causing excellent results during the summer, when the skin is exposed for a large amount of time to solar radiation.

What are the benefits of using Dernove Rosehip Oil 100ml?

This oil has been made with Rosehip in order to generate an improvement in the regeneration of the skin in an intense way, so it favors the conservation of its softness.

With its use the appearance of the skin is improved immediately, its spray format facilitates its application in a simpler way, so it can be applied directly to generate better results, since it does not require contact with hands.

It can be used to improve the recovery of scars caused by surgical interventions or other causes, since its nutrients allow this oil to be used on all skin types, including the most sensitive.

Its totally natural composition collaborates with the regeneration of the wound and making the recovery faster, so it can be added to the usual moisturizer to generate better results in the reduction of wrinkles.

Its constant application generates an increase in cell regeneration, while its content of antioxidants and vitamins increase the natural production of collagen and provides superior care against deterioration caused by external elements such as the sun.

Who is Dernove Rosehip Oil 100ml for?

Dernove Rosehip Oil 100ml it has been formulated to be used on dry and sensitive skin that usually suffer from redness and irritation, while it can be used on skin with spots and scars.

It can be used in order to reduce surgical and accidental scars since it collaborates with the healing and favors the natural repair of the skin, generating excellent results in the skin with burns.

Its frequent use causes a noticeable reduction of the marks originated by stretch marks, as well as the spots of the skin.

How is Dernove Rosehip Oil 100ml used?

If it is applied in the company of a gentle massage, better results are provided, since it is recommended to use it twice a day until it is completely absorbed, providing its effects in a faster way.

Composition Dernove Rosehip Oil 100ml

Caprylic, Tryglycerides, Rosehip Seed Oil, Tocopheryl Acetate, Heliantus Annuus Seed Oil, Daucus Carota Estract, Daucus Carota Oil And Beta-Carotene.

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