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DERMACARE it is a line of products that belongs to the CantabriaLabs laboratories and has products that include unique and innovative formulas, since each one has been made with the use of effective active ingredients that repair and preserve the barrier function of the skin.

Its components are within the latest trends for skin care, so they visibly reduce the most frequent signs caused by the problem of atopic skin, such as dryness, itching, irritation and bacterial superinfection.

Its products include a component known as Pro-Filaggrin Complex, which has been elaborated with an exclusive and innovative mixture of active ingredients formulated by IFC to generate an increase in the elaboration of filagrin, favoring the development and conservation of the cutaneous barrier.

In addition, this brand uses other components that collaborate with reduction of itching, avoiding the need to scratch and worsen injuries, while providing effective care preventing the imbalance of the cutaneous microflora.

How do products work DERMACARE?

These products have been formulated with the purpose of treating atopic dermatitis, since this is a disease that generates an inflammation that deteriorates the skin and as a result damages the skin barrier, resulting in the appearance of dryness, itching, erythema and infections.

Its components have been selected in order to naturally reduce symptoms and avoid the consecutive appearance of outbreaks, since it has ingredients that have been clinically proven and generate superior effectiveness and greater safety.

These products usually include a mixture of Pro-Filaggrin Complex, polidocanol, urea and a mixture of antibacterial actives that produce superior results in atopic skin care, giving rise to multiple results in a short time.

Each product has been formulated in order to provide superior efficacy, as they can be used every day on the atopic skins of children and adults as a result of their content of effective ingredients in the fight against the signs that characterize this type of skin.

They favor the repair and conservation of the skin's barrier function, reduce itching preventing existing lesions from worsening as a result of constant scratching and provide effective care before the appearance of skin microflora imbalance.

They include a selection of components that generate an increase in skin hydration, providing an increase in flexibility and providing superior care against external aggressions.

This company belongs to CantabriaLabs so it has all the experience of these laboratories and their products provide an improvement in the feeling of well-being that this type of skin needs in a simple and fast way.

This dermatological line favors the daily care of atopic skin, producing effective results after only 14 days of treatment, causing an improvement in skin hydration as a result of the recovery of the skin's natural barrier.

With its frequent use the skin will retain values similar to those of people who do not suffer from atopic dermatitis, while decreasing the severity and extension of eczema significantly resulting in an improvement in the quality of life of the person

Composition of formulas DERMACARE?

Each product has an original and innovative formula that has been designed by expert dermatologists, with active components that are the result of the latest trends in ingredients that generate superior effectiveness.

With its continuous use, it generates a decrease in the most frequent signs that arise in the atopic skin, such as dryness, itching, irritation and bacterial superinfection thanks to its content of specially selected ingredients.

Among its main components is Pro-Filaggrin Complex, which is an original and innovative generator complex of filagrin, which is a protein of great importance for the strengthening of the cutaneous barrier.

This complex has been mixed with other active ingredients that collaborate with the reduction of itching and prevent the appearance of various alterations of the cutaneous microflora and favors its use for the care of sensitive skin

These cosmetic products favor the reduction of each of the symptoms of atopic skin and prevents outbreaks from occurring on a regular basis, since they generate highly emollient and beneficial results for skin care and the prevention of the development of bacteria.

Among its main components are:

  • Polidocanol: causes a noticeable decrease in the sensation of itching since it generates a topical anesthetic effect, providing results immediately, while providing an anti-inflammatory effect.

  • Urea: it generates a moisturizing effect originated as a result that the levels of moisture in the skin are increased and maintained normal, while generating a keratolitic action, decreasing the scales that originate as a result of dryness.

  • Pro-Filaggrin Complex: this complex causes an improvement in the repair and preservation of the skin's barrier function, which deteriorates as a result of atopic skin disease.

  • Antibacterial Agents: they are ingredients specifically selected to prevent the development of the bacteria that cause atopic dermatitis, while preventing infection from originating in localized areas.

Who are the products intended for? DERMACARE?

Dermacare products have been formulated in order to treat and prevent the appearance of outbreaks of atopic dermatitis, and can be used in babies, children and adults who suffer from this disease managing to reduce and avoid it.

The entire line has specially selected components to reduce each of its symptoms, resulting in an improvement in the natural hydration of the skin, providing a visible and constant improvement in its appearance making it look healthy.

With its regular use it generates an increase in the time that each outbreak arises, since it originates an effective improvement in strengthening the barrier function of the skin preventing it from weakening by the pathology, preventing outbreaks from appearing constantly.

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