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Did you know that the hair loss is much more pronounced in the fall? It is for this reason that those people who suffer from alopecia, fear this season of the year.

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To be able to slow down the loss of hair, there are some cosmetic treatments are appropriate: the well-known treatments anti-drop.

And is that in the vast majority of cases, this problem has a remedy should be to different hormonal changes that make our hair is more brittle.

With the range of products of Vichy Dercos anticaida, we will be able to revitalize our hair preventing it from falling out.

Know the treatments for loss of hair from Vichy Dercos

What is certain is that in the market you can find a wide variety of treatments, anti-drop, but not all of them work the way you might expect.

One of the most well-known and is the functional range of Vichy Dercos. Laboratories Vichy take much time, consolidated in the market, placing all its experience available to the user. Offering you a variety of products to provide a solution to certain hair problems, from those that directly affect the scalp, to those that affect to the tips.

Dercos Aminexil Pro (Vichy): This type of treatment is the most effective, endorsed by all the patients that have tried it. Includes a treatment of intensive character that helps to improve the anchorage of our hair to the scalp. In order to do so, it stimulates the microcirculation of each one of the hair. In this way, if we follow the treatment in the stipulated time, we can fight against the incipient loss of hair.

One of the keys is to be found in its formula, since that integrates what is known as arginine. It is an amino acid that has the power to synthesize nitric oxide, stimulating the microcirculation of the hair. On the other hand, it also has SP94 and an innovative application system.

We guarantee that if used over 6 weeks, 45% of women will slow down the hair fall and 67% of men will achieve the same effect.

Vichy Dercos Neogenic: on the other hand, we also have this special product loss that not only will stop the fall as it did in the previous one, but has the capacity to generate new hair.

This treatment unisex penetrates with diligence in the scalp, managing to wake up the bulbs asleep and causing it to re-enable the growth.

The trick of its action is in your formula: you have an active principle that receives the name of Stemoxydine, a molecule that has been patented to activate the proliferation of the stem cells to originate new hair. On the other hand, your application could not be more simple, and that we will be able to use thanks to its detailed instructions.

If we use the product Vichy Dercos Neogenic we will be able to see results much sooner than you imagine.

If you have problems of hair loss, you should try with this line of Vichy below.