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Dercos Vichy Aminexil Stimulating Shampoo 400 ml


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  • It contains aminexil.
  • Anti-fall action
  • Stronger hair
  • More vigorous scalp.
  • For men and women.
  • Presentation of 400 ml.

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It is a shampoo that originates a stimulating action as a result of its Aminexyl content, which is an anti-hair loss cosmetic molecule that exerts an excellent result on both the hair and the scalp causing it to be stronger and more vigorous.

It has been specially formulated to be used by men and women who have a tendency to suffer from hair loss, either minimal or moderate, generating excellent results on the sensitive scalp.

Its Aminexil content causes an effective prevention of the premature aging process of the hair roots, while causing its anti-hair loss results that have been scientifically proven.

Benefits of Dercos Vichy Aminexil Stimulating Shampoo 400 ml

Dercos Vichy Aminexil Stimulating Shampoo 400 ml it is a shampoo that exerts an effective stimulation of the scalp, in order to favor the eradication of hair loss by providing strength.

In the formula of this product there is a patented anti-hair loss molecule called Aminexil, which opposes the collagen stiffening sequence to prevent premature aging that originates at the roots of the hair.

It generates excellent results by preventing hair loss, since it has been scientifically approved through various studies that gives the benefit of returning both strength and vitality to the hair from root to tip.

It is made with a hypoallergenic formula that avoids the use of parabens. In addition, it includes a cream texture that facilitates its application and is very simple to clarify.

With its frequent use, an improvement in the hair is caused, making it stronger and more vigorous, exerting its anti-hair loss effect on hair suffering from this disease at a minimum to moderate level.

Operation of Dercos Vichy Shampoo Aminexil Stimulant 400 ml

Dercos Vichy Aminexil Stimulating Shampoo 400 ml it provides a lot of advantages in the hair, since it favors the recovery of strength and vitality from the roots to the ends.

Its frequent use causes the hair to be strengthened, while improving vigor, appearance and health. In addition, this shampoo is hypoallergenic and does not contain parabens.

Its excellent results have been approved under dermatological control, reaching the result that it provides the hair with greater vigor and vitality from root to tip.

How to Use Dercos Vichy Shampoo Aminexil Stimulant 400 ml

Dercos Vichy Aminexil Stimulating Shampoo 400 ml it is quite simple to apply since it can be used as an ordinary shampoo, so it is placed on the hair that should be damp.

Then it is massaged until an abúndate foam appears and left to act for several minutes, and then proceed with rinsing. It is an effective supplement to be used as an anti-hair loss treatment thanks to its Aminexil component for men and women.

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