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  • Gillette Body Charger
    Gillette Body Charger 2 Units

    Gillette Body Charger 2 Units a replacement for razor depilation of full-time gillette body, A razor blade with three cutting parts and 3 bands of lubrication to slide so amazing about your body adapt and accessing of simple and efficient way to all the hairs of your body. Allows an lasting hair and perfect thanks to the high quality price of gillette...

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  • Gillette Venus Snap The Spare-2 Units
    Gillette Venus Snap The Spare-2 Units

    Gillette Venus Snap the Spare-2 Units are two machines with spare built-in 5-hojillas with band moisturizing lasting that fits perfectly to your full-time and allows you to reach any hair and at any place or area, of your full-time form secilla thanks to its versatility. Ensure a feeling smoother for longer.

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  • Gillette Venus Razor
    Gillette Venus Razor

    Gillette Venus Razor

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  • Gillette Razor Blue 2 5 Units
    Out of stock
    Gillette Razor Blue 2 5 Units

    Gillette Razor Blue 2 5 Units

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  • Gillette Razor Blue 2 Bag Of 5 Units
    Out of stock
    Gillette Razor Blue 2 Bag Of 5 Units

    Gillette Razor Blue 2 Bag 5 pieces a pack of 5 winches disposable, perfect to carry anywhere, with 2 hojillas sharp are simple but effective for bringing camping or any place. Perfect for hair removal, shaving travel and not have to carry the clippers from home. Easy to use and throw away.

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  • Gillette Body Razor
    Out of stock
    Gillette Body Razor

    Gillette Body Razor with 1 replaceable contains 3 hojillas that adapt to the contours of your full-time so that the hair removal does not hurt and is the most efficient and durable with much less feeling of irritation. The head is articulated which allows you to access easily to any part of the full-time to be depilated. 3 Bands lubricants do that slide...

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  • Gillette Venus Spa Breeze Razor
    Out of stock
    Gillette Venus Spa Breeze Razor

    Gillette Venus Spa Breeze Razor an epilator manual to be able to depilate in the shower and easy way to softer, With a band rich, and made in white tea which gives it more softness and hydration to your skin from the first use. Also available spare parts for after at a great price. You'll be able to depilate smooth, and thanks to its foam-rich white tea...

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  • Gillette Venus Breeze Refill 4 Units
    Out of stock
    Gillette Venus Breeze Refill 4 Units

    Gillette Venus Breeze Refill 4 Units, make a foam very soft which makes it much more pleasant hair removal, are hojillas that contain extract of white tea that makes contact with the water to produce a foam which makes it much more smoother , fresher and less irritating hair removal in any area of your body. Great smoothness thanks to the innovation...

    15,00 € -20.1613% 11,98 €

The removal of body hair are part of personal hygiene, they have always been a headache for many women, it is because of this that the hair removal is one of the most effective options, since that is a technique that is very common, which involves the removal of hair from any part of the body that we are concerned about. There are a variety of techniques, however, several are painful or do not achieve the desired effect. Get the new methods removers to choose the one that best suits your interests.

Do you want to get a hair removal perfect?

Follow these tips, so that your waxing will be perfect:

- Take into account the type of skin and hair, so as to establish the most effective method.
- If you opt for a depilatory cream, you must reaccionarla first on a small portion of the arm, to see to it that you don't have any allergic reaction.
- Do not apply any moisturizer to depilate wax.
- If you depilarás underarms, you have to take into account that the use of deodorants will be handled after a few hours, as this contains alcohol.
- If desired, place ice on the area waxed, to avoid irritation.
- Don't take the sun with the hair removal freshly made.
- You can apply talcum powder on the skin, to avoid the pain caused by waxing.
- Exfoliate your skin before and after shaved

Types of hair removal and advantages

- Shaving
Something very unusual at the time of the waxing, these machines shaving manage to cut the hair just above the epidermis. Among its options, we have disposable razors or electric.
Advantages: the cost is minimal and includes cartridges and shaving cream. You can opt for a moisturizing soap base cream to ensure a lower cost.
- Hair removal creams
This method dominates chemicals that remove hair below the epidermis, achieving a greater result and a longer optima
Advantages: make sure that the hair growth is not as aggressive, and their cost is minimal, it is a good option in areas where bloom hair thicker as armpits and groin
- Laser hair removal

The laser operates the light to remove hair from the root. It is a modern technology adopted by women and men, depending on the type of hair being treated. This method is effective for a younger looking skin.
Advantages: can Be applied in any area of the body, achieves a long-lasting result and cash solve problems such as irritation, inflammation, or some vello enquistado.
- Hair removal wax

This method is most common in men and women, has a long-lasting effect between 3 and 5 weeks to pluck the hair from the follicle below the surface of the skin. Far from being a very painful, waxing is a quick, practical, safe and leaves excellent results without affecting our skin.
Advantages: it Is effective to remove an excessive amount of hair, keeping the skin smooth and soft.
- Hair removal with thread

It is the handling of two strands of cotton intertwined that exert a force, so that the hair will flow to the exterior. It is similar to a hair clip for the pain, risk, and healing.
Advantages: this method is exposed for people who want to remove the hair quickly and easily, and is commonly used in hair removal of the eyebrows.
- Electrolysis

This method is very complex, it drives a needle with an electrical source on the hair follicle, thus providing a permanent hair removal.
Advantages: it Must be done by a professional so as to get the permanent result. It is slower and more economical than laser hair removal.
Hair removal creams natural homemade
To put an end to this torture of depilarnos each week, the skin is very irritated, which is why we will leave you a recipe quick and easy for you to establish a depilatory cream free of irritating elements.
In a blender beat five tablespoons of baking soda with five tomatoes, until creamy, then you'll need to apply it on the skin exfoliated, rest for ten minutes and finally remove with soap and water.
The hair will be falling out slowly in a natural way. There you will see the result on the first operation, you will need to repeat this action three times per week.
Hair removal in the armpits at home
1 - Prepare the skin by applying a cream or soap to soften it, making it easier to remove the hairs. If you opt for a razor blade shaving: lifting the arm above the head to prevent cuts and exercises shaving in the direction of the hair growth. Rinse the armpits and the razor blade once the hair removal, to remove all traces of foam and stray hairs. to finish, apply some moisturizing cream to regenerate the skin after hair removal.
2 - If you choose the wax: you must make sure that your skin is clean and not have skin lesions or hair extremely long, otherwise it will be difficult to remove. Heat the wax with the spatula apply the wax on a minimum portion of the skin in the direction of the hair growth, take a strip, place it on the wax exerting pressure and remove it with a quick motion in the opposite direction to the hair growth. To finalize applied some oil to soothe any possible reddening.
Hair removal of the bikini area at home
The pubic hair is a very complicated area because of their sensitivity. The desire of all is to ensure that the area retains a smooth look, so we give you these tips to put into practice:
3 - To depilate with a razor, do it at your shower, with hot water to open the pores and ensure a waxing less painful. Rinse out the area with soap and water; stretch the skin and shave against the direction of hair growth. Then clean up your area with soap and water to remove residues. And finally apply a moisturizer to avoid redness.
4 - To depilate wax, apply it in the opposite direction to the growth of the hair, place the adhesive, keep the skin firm and removes the adhesive quickly. To perform this procedure in the area to see that there is not any type of hair. Finally, apply a little moisturizer, not to cause a redness fast.

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