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Depilation Facial

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  • Sawa Scales Mermaid Sawa Scales Mermaid
    Sawa Scales Mermaid 33 ml

    Action epigenetica. Effect antienevejecimiento. Antioxidant Moisturizer and protector of your skin. Haze Facial. Easy to apply. Protection against blue Light.

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  • Repavar Regenerating Oil Advance 15 ml + Mask Repavar Regenerating Oil Advance 15 ml + Mask
    Repavar Regenerating Oil Advance 15 ml + Mask

    Repavar Regenerating Oil Advance 15 ml a formula enhanced with dual power for healing, best formula, and that is far more effective, with studies that demonstrate its effectiveness. In account format drops secures all the effectiveness that you need to be able to enjoy all the regenerative power and healing of the rosa mosqueta pure repavar.

    16,00 € -10.8926% 14,25 €
  • La Roche Posay Micellar Solution 750 ml
    La Roche Posay Micellar Water 750 ml

    Micellar water ultra sensitive skin in sizes of 750 milliliters. Cleanses the skin while removing makeup effectively. Leaves skin unimportant dirt. Soothes and refreshes the skin without drying it out. With physiological pH no soap. no alcohol. no dyes. paraben free. 

    18,95 € -28.7356% 13,50 €
  • La Roche Posay Thermal Water 300 ml
    La Roche Posay Thermal Water 300 ml

    Includes antioxidants. Provides a sense of calm. Can be applied to face and body with sensitive skin. Improves skin cleansing. It causes greater toning and freshness in the skin. Prevents skin aging.

    13,95 € -31.2229% 9,60 €
  • Avene Cleanance 400 ml
    Avene Cleanance cleansing Gel 400 ml

    Does not include soap in its formulation. Brings purification to the epidermis. Respects the physiological pH of the skin. Creates a effect Seborregulador and soothing on the skin. Presents high tolerance. Your presentation is done in a format of savings in 400 ml.

    20,00 € -40.1039% 11,98 €
  • Bio Oil 60 ml
    Bio Oil 60 ml

    Bio Oil 60 ml innovative treatment anti dryness of the skin and pathologies type stretch marks or scars. Thanks to purcellin Oil is a product sold as it contains Vitamins A and E with natural oils calenduila, lavender and rosemary as well as chamomile. It is not greasy and is absorbed quickly. For all skin types. Even sensitive

    10,99 € -9.4714% 9,95 €
  • La Roche Posay Thermal Water 150 ml
    La Roche Posay Thermal Water 150 ml

    Relieves sensitive and irritated skin. Protects against external factors. Prevents skin aging. Prevents cellular oxidation. It creates a sense of calm, softens and decongests. It can be applied on children and adults.

    8,95 € -22.4324% 6,95 €
  • Dderma Soap, Coconut Glycerin 100 g Dderma Soap, Coconut Glycerin 100 g
    Dderma Soap, Coconut Glycerin 100 g

    Dderma Soap, Coconut Glycerin 100 g

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  • Neostrata Lotion Forte Resurface 200 ml
    Neostrata Resurface Lotion Forte 200 ml

    Neostrata Lotion Forte Resurface 200 ml a lotion that cares for your skin with its exfoliating action and refreshing, prepares your skin for intense hydration or to promote a post-treatment, you can combine it with any of our treatments, as this will ensure maximum effectiveness taking care of your skin. Renew your skin instantly and securely.

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  • Repavar Regenerating Oil Rosehip seed oil 15 ml + Cream Hands 75ml
    Out of stock
    Repavar Regenerating Oil Rosehip seed oil 15 ml + Cream...

    Repavar Regenerating Oil Rosehip seed oil 15 ml, repairs scars of all kinds and burns, good for all type of skins for the body and face care, it is an oil of 100% of purity that brings smoothness and elasticity to your skin, both face and body. They come in two formats for your application Roll-On and Account drops. Now gift hand cream 50 ml

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  • 3 Carnations Clamp Tweezers Straight 8 cm Tip Gold
    Out of stock
    3 Carnations Clamp Tweezers Straight 8 cm Tip Gold

    3 Carnations Clamp Tweezers Straight 8 cm Tip Golden, ideal for hair removal with a straight tip. Reference 80132.

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  • 3 Carnations Clamp Tweezers Biased 9 cm Gold
    Out of stock
    3 Carnations Clamp Tweezers Biased 9 cm Gold

    3 Carnations Clamp Tweezers Biased 9 cm Gold With the tip ideal for hair removal and with a size of 9 cm is iideal for hair removal.

    5,51 € -21.978% 4,30 €
  • 3 Carnations Clamp Tweeze Crab 8 cm Black
    Out of stock
    3 Carnations Clamp Tweeze Crab 8 cm Black

    3 Carnations Clamp Tweeze Crab (8 cm) in Black with special tip for hair removal.

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  • Caudalie Water Grape 200 ml
    Out of stock
    Caudalie Water Grape 200 ml

    Caudalie Water Grape 200 ml of 100% grapes bio. Extracted from the grapes during the grape harvests, this mist soothes, refreshes and moisturizes the skin at any time of the day. It is perfect with water calming for your skin as it hydrates and prepares your skin worn at any time of the day, Revitalizing natural. Replaces the thermal Water.

    8,03 €

The hair on the face is very common in men, while it is visible in some women, getting to be a cosmetic problem in seeking the perfection and harmony of the face.

Inevitable, the appearance of hair that is found in the area above the upper lip, as well as the that usually appears on the chin or in the cheers, being a problem unsightly.

Great range of women take the decision of shaving the hair from the face for it to disappear, and so, to regain the trust in themselves. We must bear in mind that the face is an area very sensitive and one of the most exposed to external agents, therefore, not everything is in it.

Why are there women who have excess facial hair?

It has always been thought that shaving your face is a male issue, although it is true that many women also suffer from the appearance of hair is common in the face, so it is common to have a little bit of hair in the area of the upper lip or eyebrows.

More and more women are experiencing unusual growth of hair in areas that had appeared before, such as in the area of the chin, the cheers and the sides of the neck, transforming into areas of care in some women.

Although, it is not a serious health problem, yes it is true that it is a fact shameful, that brings insecurities and that you wish to eradicate all forms of media, so it was usually resort to different methods to remove this hair, such as hair removal laser facial.

Being one of the main causes of the appearance of excess hair in women:

  • The genetic inheritance or the type of skin.
  • Hormonal alterations produced suddenly or produced by drugs
  • Due to polycystic ovaries

What options are there for Facial hair removal?

There are several ways to make the Facial hair removal Women, such as:

  • Cold wax: are strips of paper that are impregnated with wax, which are very simple to use and carry, work plucking the hair from root to slow their growth, and can last up to 20 days to grow back.
  • Hot wax: removes hair from the root, and make it disappear until you pass three weeks or a month. But, the temperature at which there is warming it up makes it not suitable for the sensitive skin.
  •  Clamp tweezers: promotes the removal of the hairs that are located in the upper lip, chin, sideburns and eyebrows, but not recommended for hair removal abundant.
  • Hair removal with thread: this technique has its origins in India and Persia, since it is conducive to the elimination of the hair using a cotton thread or silk being less aggressive, more concrete and painless, so that it can be used on the most sensitive skins.
  • Hair removal cream: is a method that is quite practical, affordable and painless, but it is not recommended to be applied on the face, because that does not rule out the hair from the root and can arise within two days, stronger and darker.
  • Razor: do not remove the hair from the root, generating it will come back stronger and darker, so it is recommended to use only in cases of emergency or to remove the hair between session and session of laser hair removal.
  • Epilator electric: are epilators suitable for use in the face, because that trap the hair from the root for its tongs rotating; originating as a result that does not come back until after three weeks. It's fast and simple to use, but can be annoying and painful.
  • Laser hair removal: it is the most expensive option and the only one that discards the hair in a definitive way, should be done in a specialized center and make sure that the person handling the device to be a qualified professional. In addition, laser hair removal should always be accompanied by protection from sunlight and it is not advisable to do it from may to September are the months most sunny.

What is the importance of Waxing Facial Male?

Traditionally it has been considered the hair male as a symbol of virility, but in the present, there exists those who prefer to have smooth skin without a single hair on the face, originating as a result of the appearance of the Waxing Facial Male.

Initially the men considered metrosexuals began to employ usually, hair removal, originating as a result no longer be considered as an exclusive theme of women and every time it is most common to see men with a face free of hair.

In addition, the hair-removal results in a great sense of freedom, at the same time that gives comfort, especially in those men that have a lot of hair and it grows quite fast.

The realization of the Waxing Facial Male causes the face to appear more clean and care, as the face will be cleared, removed the beard and the moustache, originating as a result of savings on products for shaving.

The skin of the face is preserved, more soft and pleasant to the touch, so you will not feel the scraping of the hair when they begin to grow

What are the types of Waxing Facial Male?

When choosing which method of Depilation Facial Male use, men tend to raise doubts about the system to use, because they don't know what it is that generates the best results and'origine less pain, so that between the most commonly used methods are:

  • Waxing male: it is the most commonly used method, at the same time is one of the most affordable, it is faster and generates better results. But not all of them usually pleasing as it is quite painful.
  • Laser hair removal: it is a system that decreases gradually the amount of hair, at the same time that it generates so much inconvenience, facilitating the reduction of daily shaving, irritation, and infection in the sensitive skin.
  • Use the electric razor: its results can last up to three weeks, as it removes hair from the root, it is recommended to move the razor in the opposite direction of the hair growth.

You will be able to find it here, always at the best price promotion cheap. Buy it now.

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