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Sweating is a natural phenomenon, when the ambient temperature exceeds 37°C, as a consequence, the sweat. When you sweat in abundance, you can create a problem for us and those around us, because of the bad odor that can be removed, it is because of this that the deodorants become our greatest ally. Deodorants are products that act on bacteria that are found in the fat or the fat skin, managing active components that are destined for the elimination of bacteria on the skin. Thanks to the technology today, there are multiple types of deodorants that have become an essential product to combat all sorts of problems. Goodbye to the bad smell!

What components have the deodorants?

Deodorants have multiple ingredients that help you feel cool, clean and dry to any person. Have:
- Salts of aluminum: it Is an active component that serves to reduce the amount of sweat released to the surface of the skin by the sweat glands. The aluminum chloride is a salt of aluminum powerful used to treat people with hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating, mild-to-moderate.
- Antimicrobials: an agent capable of removing the batteries lodged in the skin and in addition to its development becomes slow, so that, the absence of smell lasts longer.
- Perfumes and conditioners for the skin: The most deodorants have perfumes and fragrances to achieve a feeling of freshness. Also, have an oil that facilitate the sliding and the application of the product, thus, it does not stick to the clothes and dry out easily.
- Substance carrier: water is a medium carrier for the other ingredients because it increases the fluidity of the products in ball-and-cream.
- Propellant: The deodorant sprays are designed to operate with a thin film that is sprayed on the skin. To implement this layer, the products containing propellants of low pressure, medium and high, causing a leisure intense on the surface of the skin. These propellants are usually butane, isobutane and propane.
- Alcohol: an Ingredient that is present in the active ingredients of antiperspirants, because that dries quickly when applied on the skin and provides an immediate sensation of freshness.
Types and Models of deodorants
- In Spray: The deodorant spray disintegrate on the arm with only direct outlet to the skin and press the button on the atomizer. Should not be exposed to the eyes, as it can cause irritation, such as its main element is the alcohol.
- In roll-on: These deodorants are stored in closed containers for a area rough. To use it is to drag the sphere against the skin, applying the deodorant desired.
- Bar: managed with a bar of deodorant compact directly applied on the skin. It is not dry due to lack of contact between the sphere and deodorant.
- Gel: it Is a durable product that works by driving the deodorant for armpit, leaving a thin layer that will protect you from the bad smell during the day.

Difference between deodorants and antiperspirants

Both have the function of reducing and eliminating body odor, however, differ in:
- Deodorant: By its components of alcohol-ethanol, achieved an effect in terms of the odor from perspiration, its effect lasts for more than 12 hours. Sweating, therefore, continues to periodically and can permeate the clothing itself will begin to give off a smell.

- Antitraspirantes: limited to prevent sweating blocking the sweat glands and may get undesirable side effects. On the one hand it is likely that the body temperature is projected as a result of not being able to be regulated in a natural way. On the other hand, apply antiperspirant in an area, it is possible that there is a projection of sweat to other parts to make up for the lack of this sweat.

A good option to protect your armpits, is a good deodorant. With the help of the tips provided exterminaras that stain annoying and you will achieve that your garment looking new, in addition to providing freshness that both need
How do deodorants?
The deodorants are involved on the bacteria and the waste that causes body odor. To use a deodorant, you manage to cover the smell that causes the body naturally and correctly cooled garments.

Advantages of deodorants

- Block the pores with chemicals that usually eliminate sweat stains and excessive secretion.
- The unpleasant odor can be controlled by the fragrance which brings
- Reduces the flow of sweat on the skin, thanks to the salt content that it produces.
- Can last an effect of protection against sweat for up to twelve continuous hours.

How to remove stains that may be left in the clothes deodorants?

You feel sorry when you wear a shirt spotted in the area of the armpits, we will show you a series of tricks that you can put in the game:
- What is recent, it is the stain? Places to soak the garment in warm water and vinegar, then enjuágala. Repeat this process a few times until the stain disappears. I truly effective!
- Mix cold water and oxygenated while this stimulates the garment.
? Besides the stain has the odour of perspiration? With a sponge soaked with lemon juice or vinegar and water. You end up with that problem, leave it to dry for several hours and then enjuágala as it usually do, and ready, problem solved!
- what the stain persists, what do I do? Wet the garment and smeared kitchen detergent on the stain, leave for ten to fifteen minutes and rinse with warm water. Wash the garment as usual, and repeat the operation for several days to completely delete them
- The hydrogen peroxide it acts perfectly in wool garments so you can remove that stain annoying. Permeates the area of these elements and let it act during a good time, then wash the garment carefully. Incredible, isn't it? You notice the fabulous result
- The lemon juice with baking soda acting for a period of twenty minutes on the stain, easily removes the imperfection, wash your clothing as always and ready. like new!

The deodorants and antiperspirants are products designed to control sweating and odor.

There are differences between what is a deodorant and an antiperspirant. Among them, highlights the fact that the deodorant eliminates odor while antiperspirant sweat-wicking to inhibit the sweat glands and prevent it from reaching the skin. This is why when looking for the best option, it is very important to be clear on the need that we want to meet; even if you require an impact on the odor as in sweat, we can think of a combo, that is to say, in the purchase of a deodorant antiperspirant.

Our line of deodorants and antiperspirants

In the Pharmacy Market, we have devised a category body care in thinking about the need for daily hygiene of both men and women. This contains in addition to creams, gels, lotions, scrubs, moisturizers, shampoos, reducers, among others; a line of antiperspirants such as deodorants, created especially for every skin type, for the leading brands in the market that have put in their areas of research and development in function of the search for solutions to the common problems that present women and men with respect to our body.

Our Offerings

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The best brands at your fingertips

Brands such as Perspirex, Axe, Eucerin , Vichy, Ureadin, Somatoline, Sebamed, Acofarderm versions in cream, spray and roll-on, both for the female market as for the male, are part of our online product catalog, which is available with a single click.

One of the leading brands is Axe that has a youth line that is characterized by the production of bath products for men that not only understands the line of deodorants and antiperspirants, but an entire range of lotions, after shave, fragrances and perfumes. Axe is characterized by launch each year, a new fragrance in the market, allowing you to cultivate and maintain the segment to which it is addressed; a strategy that allows you to strengthen the bonds with your consumers loyal and come up with new proposals to potential customers.