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Dentiblanc offers a wide range of products to remove those ugly stains on your teeth and shine a smile gleaming, and there is that smile is a form of facial expression that we use to express our satisfaction and a feeling of joy or happiness, is part of the human nature from the time we are born, we are the only species that smile, but a cute smile must be accompanied by a set of well-cared-for, healthy, and white, as this is our letter of introduction, a stained teeth give a very evil look and says a lot of us, there's different teeth whitening products, but as Dentiblanc none.

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  • Dentiblanc Bleach Intensive 100 ml Dentiblanc Bleach Intensive 100 ml
    Dentiblanc Bleach Intensive 100 ml

    It has a powerful whitening action. Its action is not temporary. Contains papain is a proteolytic enzyme. Contains Titanium Dioxide which optimizes its whitening action. It is a product that contains Triclosan. Does not contain acids or peroxides.

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  • Dentiblanc Extrafresh Whitening Mint 100ml
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    Dentiblanc Extrafresh Whitening Mint 100ml

    It has a special formula. Recommended to preserve whiter teeth. It includes papain in its composition. Its mint and menthol content leaves the breath fresher. Its results are preserved for many hours. Suitable for smoking people.

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  • Dentiblanc Bleach Intensive Pack Duplo Savings
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    Dentiblanc Papaya Whitening Intensive 100ml + 100ml Duplo

    It is a toothpaste that has a powerful whitening action. Its action is not temporary. Contains an enzyme called papain obtained from the papaya. Contains Titanium Dioxide which optimizes its whitening action. It is a product that acts against the bacterial plaque. Comes in a presentation, promotional Duplo, 100 ml + 100 ml.

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  • Dentiblanc Bleach Pro 100 ml
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    Dentiblanc Bleach Pro 100 ml

    Whitening, restorative and floor Polish. It is formulated with Hydroxyapatite non - nano. It acts against the bacterial plaque. It is a product that contains Fluoride. It is a tooth paste that gives you a fresh breath and clean for many hours. Has properties remineralizadora.

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  • Dentiblanc Bleach Extrafresh Mint 100ml + 100ml Duplo
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    Dentiblanc Bleach Extrafresh Mint 100ml + 100ml Duplo

    It is a formula designed for whiter teeth. This formula contains papain. Contains in its composition of mint and menthol. It is a dentifríco that provides a fresh breath clean and fresh for many hours. Ideal for smokers. Comes in a promotion Duplo 100 ml + 100 ml.

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  • Dentiblanc Mouthwash 500ml
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    Dentiblanc Mouthwash 500ml

    It does not include alcohol. It can be used every day. Natural formulation. Provides whitening action. Presentation of 500ml. Effectively take care of the teeth.

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Whitening of the teeth Dentiblanc

Maintaining proper oral hygiene and whiter teeth, it is very important for our health, it is a task every day, sometimes our teeth stain thanks to some medication, disease, poor oral hygiene, tobacco use, or the intake of certain foods such as wine, coffee, tea, which can put our teeth yellow, Dentiblanc whitening toothpaste is a quality product, used for the daily cleaning of your teeth and protects the gums, removes plaque dental anticipating disease oral, it leaves your teeth a lot whiter and brighter. Its mode of use is very simple you just need to brush your teeth two to three times a day on a daily basis and maintain a proper oral hygiene.

Advantages of using Dentiblanc

  1. Bleach and clean the enamel of the teeth without scratching it or damaging it, returning your teeth to their natural color.

  2.       It has a formula a little abrasive and soft.

  3.       These products can be used daily, in a continuous manner.

  4.       Provides deep cleaning, thanks to its ingredients of formula reinforced.

  5.       All products Dentiblanc , contain triclosan, an ingredient antibacterial that fights dental plaque and cares for your gums, preventing the formation of dental plaque, in addition to this in its formulation have fluoride, which strengthens enamel.

  6.       Has No peroxides, or strong acids, it is PH neutral.

  7.       Contains natural ingredients with papain, from the enzymes in the papaya.

  8.       Dissolve the residue of food that can get stuck in your teeth where the toothbrush can not reach.

  9.       His presentations are reinforced with titanium dioxide.

Products teeth whitening, Dentiblanc

DENTIBLANC Bleach PRO: It's a toothpaste for oral cleaning day-to-day, contains fluoride, and betaine that re-mineralize the tooth and hydrates the mucosa, its new formula offers total protection, restorative action, you let your teeth more bright and white. Its formula reinforced acts against the different types of stains using their complex components, such as particles of hydroxyapatite, which is a natural component of the dentin that allows you to repair cracks and soften the enamel, these particles whiten and Polish the teeth without affecting its structure.

Benefits of using Dentiblanc Bleach PRO:

  1.       Protects and removes dental plaque bacterial and tartar, preventing oral diseases.

  2.       Prevents the appearance of spots and eliminates them, leaving your teeth whiter.

  3.       Avoid tooth sensitivity.

  4.       Prevents tooth decay and remineralize the enamel.

  5.       Contains hydroxyapatite, which repairs the enamel and bleaches.

  6.       Provides hydration to the mucous membranes.

  7.       It provides shine to the glaze.

  8.       Soothes the irritation of the gums.

 Dentiblanc Mouthwash: it Is an alcohol-free mouth rinse for daily use. It is a natural product that thanks to its innovative and natural formula enhances the whitening action of the toothpaste, it is in continuous use, DENTIBLANC mouthwash restores the natural whiteness to your teeth. This formulated with papain which is an enzyme in the fruit of the papaya that eliminates the rest of food that are stuck in the teeth where the toothbrush cannot reach, power, the white of teeth, it has peppermint to freshen breath and prevents bad breath.

The recommended way to use it is after brushing your teeth, to measure 15 ml of DENTIBLANC Mouthwash without adding water, perform the rinse, spreading throughout the oral cavity, keep it in the mouth for 30 seconds to ensure its effectiveness, you should not rinse.

Dentiblanc Bleach Intensive: it Is a natural product, dentifrice for the care and hygiene of the mouth, it has a powerful whitening action. This specifically designed and developed for the cleaning of the teeth, giving them an appearance much healthier and more aesthetically appealing. Is a bleach permanent, it is a hygiene product buco-dental continued use. Contains titanium dioxide which highlights the white of the teeth, papeina which is obtained from carica papaya and removes food debris attached to the teeth that cause dental plaque. You have to apply two times a day, for 3 minutes.

 Dentiblanc Extrafres: It's a toothpaste ultra refreshing for powerful whitening action, is a global action that promotes a deep cleaning, it contains ingredients significantly reinforced, as the papeina that is obtained from the enzymes of the carica papaya, its main property is to dissolve the remains of proteins that leave the rest of the food reaches those spaces where a bristle brush can't reach, the titanium dioxide is a bleaching optimal, highlight the white of the enamel, by the synergistic action of the components of the product. Has essence of fresh mint, which eliminates the bad breath effectively. Apply for 3 minutes, 3 times a day.

Dentiblanc Sensitive Teeth: it Is a formula desensibilizarte, has whitening effect; DENTIBLANC Sensitive Teeth, protects, whiten and clean your teeth sensitive thanks to the selective selection of its natural ingredients. It has nitrate of potassium, which prevents the sensitivity of the gums, and accelerates the remineralizacion enamel, betaine that provides hydration to the mucosa, it also contains extracts of aloe vera which promotes the production of collagen, collaborates with the protection of gums and sensitive teeth sensitive, does not irritate the gums and gives a fresh feel, thanks to the essence of peppermint to combat halitosis. Among its recommendations for using this, you apply 3 times a day after each meal and before bedtime, brushing for a period of 3 minutes, gently applying the product DENTIBLANC Sensitive Teeth.