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Dental Care Baby

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  • Ladival Children Protective Lip Factor 15 Strawberry
    Ladival Children 15 Lip Balm Strawberry

    Ladival Children Protective Lip Factor 15 Strawberry ideal for sun and cold with a factor suitable for all seasons of the year, it is hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested, it is resistant to water, obviously it's not for eating.

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  • Mitosyl balsamo First teeth 25 ml Mitosyl balsamo First teeth 25 ml
    Mitosyl balsamo First teeth 25 ml

    Mitosyl Balsamo First Teeth is a gel gingival to apply on the baby's gums to soothe, refresh and protect. It is composed of lacto serum, a principle of natural origin, which gives the product properties, protective and soothing. It is very easy to apply. There are only applied 4 to 6 times a day, preferably after meals and before bedtime for the baby.

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  • Letibalm Pediatrico Nose Lips
    Letibalm Pediatrico Nose Lips 10 ml

    Letibalm PediAtrico Balsamo repairer nose and lips repairs the nose and area perioral of children by preventing the pain from a cold or excessive dryness, to prevent the blow, helps prevent rashes lip.

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  • Chicco Dentifrico Strawberry 12 months Chicco Dentifrico Strawberry 12 months
    Chicco Pasta Cream Dentifrico Strawberry + 12m 50 ml

    Chicco dentifrico babies +12 months Indicated for the smaller from the first appearance of baby teeth. Without fluoride. It is essential for the formation of the teeth, particularly the enamel, but do not recommend the use of pastes

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  • Chicco Brush Teeth Chicco Brush Teeth
    Product available with different options
    Chicco Brush Teeth 6-36m

    Chicco toothbrush, the first for the baby, since the 6 months are ideal to learn how to use the brush and start in the dental hygiene daily. Available in 3 colors, blue - pink and Green

    3,39 €
  • Isdin Baby Naturals Gel First Teeth 30ml Isdin Baby Naturals Gel First Teeth 30ml
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    Isdin Baby Naturals Gel First Teeth 30ml

    Gel texture. Cares for and protects the gums. It can be used when there are the first teeth. High content of natural ingredients. Long-lasting results. Suitable from 0 months. Presentation of 30ml.

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  • Letibalm Perioral 30ml
    Out of stock
    Letibalm Perioral 30ml

    Letibalm Perioral is a cream to use in the area close to the mouth and avoid the irritation produced by the drool and constant humidity. The redness and burning sensation along with the cold causes redness and discomfort on the baby, especially in times of teething, colds, or even with the regurjitación of the baby. At a great price you can buy at the...

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  • Chicco Toothbrush Training
    Out of stock
    Chicco Toothbrush Training

    Chicco toothbrush training baby, it is ideal from 4 months to start to play with in the mouth, contains a cap to prevent harm in the mouth when you use it. Made of rubber, easy to chew for the baby.

    5,95 € -33.7398% 3,94 €
  • Chicco Brush Teeth 3-6 Pink
    Out of stock
    Chicco Brush Teeth 3-6 Pink

    Chicco Brush Teeth 3-6 Pink a toothbrush designed for children aged 3 to 6 years, this thought to the care of their teeth from 3 years up to 6 with a protective hood with design of bunnies and a suction cup that allows you to stay stuck in all the time to any surface in a simple way. Makes it easier for your child to enjoy daily brushing.

    4,95 € -29.3399% 3,50 €
  • Chicco Brush Teeth 3-6 Blue
    Out of stock
    Chicco Brush Teeth 3-6 Blue

    Chicco Brush Teeth 3-6 Blue brush the thought of the stage 2 of the babies and children when with more than 3 years now, they have almost all the teeth and begins the education of the daily cleaning of teeth as well as habituation to wash daily up to 3 times after each meal. A perfect combination thanks to an ergonomic handle and a cap super practical as...

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  • Vitis Baby Brush Gel Balsamo 30 ml Thimble Doll Pack Vitis Baby Brush Gel Balsamo 30 ml Thimble Doll Pack
    Out of stock
    Vitis Baby Brush Gel Balsamo 30 ml Thimble Doll Pack

    Vitis Baby Brush Gel Balm 30 ml Thimble Doll Pack a pack from newborn to take care of the baby's mouth. With a thimble pilot is a perfect complement to the pain of gums outgoing. With a doll dudu this pack is a must have for your baby from newborn. Balm of gums of 30 ml or more thimble applicator with ridges to massage the sensitive area more dudu baby.

    15,00 € -23.3871% 11,50 €

Many babies and children boys have the skin of the cheeks, lips and the area perioral so delicate that they usually show dryness, redness, cracking, and other discomfort in these areas. That is why so many brands such as Mustela, for example, have moisturizing and restorative roll-on to apply in these specific areas. That is also the Letibalm PediAtrico Balsamo repairer nose and lips, Nutraisdin Repairer Perioral 15 ml, or Letibalm Perioral cream, to name three products specialize in the repair of the skin in these areas so delicate.

In addition, there are sunscreens for babies made especially for not irritate the fragile skin of the face of the smaller ones, regardless of parabens, alcohol and allergens. In the case of sunscreens Ladival, with its cocoa lip shield strawberry flavor.

Wide range and variety in the care of the baby's mouth and child

For the care of teeth and gums, the main thing is that awkward stage in which they start to do the first teeth and the small are irritable and uncomfortable at all times. That's why Farmaciamarket proposes the use of products such as Mitosyl Balsamo First Teeth or Nutraisdin First Teeth, to apply on the gums to adormilarlas and pacify them. When small they have already served their year of age, is the time to make them accustomed to the brushing of the teeth. Then is when products like Chicco dentifrico babies +12 months are shown with their pleasant aroma to make it easier for the kids begin to acquire good morals in regard to your dental hygiene.

Some useful tips from Farmaciamarket

Our mouth is full of microorganisms, and since it appears the first milk tooth, it will appear tartar to attack him. That's why, from the first moment they begin to appear the first little teeth in the gums of the baby, acostúmbrale to clean them, at first with a gause.

When children are able to brush your teeth alone, being able to hold the brush of teeth,

  • Let select the children's toothbrush that you like the most. They are small (designed on the dimensions of your mouth), end rounded bristles short and soft and cartoons.
  • Show him that you must move the toothbrush in your mouth and on the teeth (without tightening too much) from left to right, up and down.
  • Acostúmbralo brush with you, or with your brother (if you have), then accompanied you will learn faster, by imitation.
  • Put yourselves together, looking in the mirror and seeing how I cepilláis. Remember that you must cepillaros at least five minutes.
  • It is most effective if at the end I enjuagáis the mouth with mouthwash.
  • Let the celebrations spotless that has been left to the teeth always that finished cleaning the teeth.
  • During the first few months not let him alone, even if she is with her brother, learning to brush teeth, therefore it is normal that damage the gums, or may end up bleeding by improper handling of the brush.
  • If you still have not learned to spit it out, it is best to brush with water only, and of course, the mouthwash or naming it, because we run the risk of being swallowed.
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