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People with sensitive skin often have several problems. They must first find a product that really does not cause havoc on your skin, and after that to be able to find a product that in addition to not react badly to the contact of the skin, solve aesthetic problems. Many times these two demands are not met, at least not at the same time.

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That is why in this article we want to talk to you promptly of the mark I and how it's going to solve these two problems in it. Throughout the article you will know the origin of this brand, what are their products the most sought after, and where to get them, as well as some recommendations for use.

What is I?

I stated is a brand that develops its products under rigorous supervision dermatology. The brand was born in Switzerland in the year 1978 and is one of the brands that were developed for the first time to cosmetic products specifically for people with skin that is sensitive to very sensitive. Currently, this brand has a very good reputation and its products are distributed in more than 50 countries of the world.

This brand knows how difficult it is for people with sensitive skin to find products that do not react badly with your skin and which are also effective in the routine of daily cleaning of the face and the neck, which is why they based their products on solving these problems. I has products for the care of the skin of the body in general. Available from moisturizers, deodorants, to face masks scrubs.

What products does I?

Among the main products that offers Stated are from serums, moisturizers and exfoliating scrubs for sensitive skins. But the products that are consumed are the following:

  • Serum Night Repair Essential: use a serúm in the cleaning routine is very important, as that will allow, among other things, that the moisturizer that you use complies with their properties more effectively, as it will penetrate more deeply. The serums are usually used after 40 years of age, however, lately we've noticed that by the feature that they have the serums do the moisturizer to penetrate better, the serums can then serve even before that age. In the case of the serum and night Declare to fulfil this function, and furthermore, it is a formula that is high tolerance. This product belongs to the line Age Control of Declare. It contains among the ingredients, the rice extract, which activates the function of certain proteins essential. It also has an amazing texture, and has a level of absorption is highly effective.

  • Cream moisturizer Skin Mediaton Stress Balance: Use a moisturizer in the daily routine of facial care is essential. It is important to give a respite to our face after all the day was dealing with the pollutants of the outside as we are smog, air-conditioned environments, and many times, temperature changes, sudden, we generated dryness and scaling of the face, and more on the faces sensitive. This moisturizer Declare part of their line Stress Balance and promises to improve a 70% sensitivity of the skin with your continued use of at least 28 days. With continued use over time of this cream, you can see more luminosity, hydration and elasticity.

  • I Soft Cleansing Cleansing Powder: this product is to Declare it is a cleaning powder for the face-sensitive. With this format in dust, this brand is revolutionizing the way we usually clean our face. This product has very good reviews by people with sensitive skins.

I have many more products with formula specialty, however those defined above are the most sought after and the most purchased.

Products for men and women

To accommodate the two genres, the products Stated they fulfil their function. Although it may seem that the care of the skin, especially the face, can be things of women, every day more and more men are added to perform a daily routine of skin care. I stated is one of the brands dermocosmetic that wants to encourage this fact. It offers various products for the enjoy of the men also.

Currently products for men that have this brand are products such as colognes, moisturizers, and deodorants. These products also have a high tolerance, since there are men who may also have sensitive skin.

Recommendations on the products I

Some of the general recommendations to take into account with the use of any product I have Stated,are the following:

  • Although we know that these products are developed under the supervision of a dermatologist is not other that if you have very sensitive skin, consult your dermatologist before you start using the products I Stated. The safest thing is to have your approval as these products are widely recommended by these professionals.

  • On the other hand these products are also considered to be hypoallergenic, but if you read the ingredients of a product that there is one to which you are allergic, we recommend you not to use it.

  • If when you're using a product of I told you notice any adverse reaction, you should completely stopping the use of this product.

  • To store any product of this brand, do it in a dry place, free from moisture and free from the direct influence of the solar rays, as these conditions may compromise the properties of any of these product.

  • It is recommended that if any injury to the skin, do not use any of these products.

Where do I buy the products I Stated?

Although this brand is from Switzerland, currently have distributed their products to more than 50 countries, including Spain. So in any pharmacy of step can find the products to Declare. However, we strongly recommend that for the greater community to look for the products of Declare in your online pharmacy you trust, as you'll be able to read with comfort the ingredients and, in general terms the characteristics of such products.

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