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De Memory

Mademoiselle it is a brand with a large number of food supplements, which are formulated to generate an improvement in cognitive function and intellectual performance with the contribution of selected nutrients.

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  • DeMemory Studio 60 capsules DeMemory Studio 60 capsules
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    Memory Studio 60 capsules

    Memory Studio 60 capsules, capsules royal jelly, phosphate, phosphatidylcholine taurine and vitamins, help to improve the performance of intellectual and improve the retention capacity in periods of studies

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  • Memory Studio 20 blisters
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    Memory Studio 20 blisters

    Memory Studio 20 blisters, the perfect complement to stadiums deficiency in epochs of study or needs energeticas extra.

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  • Memory Senior 30 Capsules
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    Memory Senior 30 Capsules

    Memory Senior 30 Capsules contributes to proper functioning of the brain and improve mental performance, thanks to DHA or phosphatidylcholine or fofatidilserina enriched with vitamin B5 and zinc. Just 1 capsule a day to notice results. With dha from fish oil.

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  • Memory 30 Capsules
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    Memory 30 Capsules

    Memory 30 Capsules a formula designed to feed the needs with phosphorus, phosphatidyl choline,taurine, vitamins and minerals for the maintenance and improvement of the brain's capacity. With vitamin B5 help to improve intellectual performance. With a dose of 2 capsules a day ensures you complete a diet rich for the development of memory and knowledge.

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Each of its compositions has been made from phosphatidylcholine, phosphatidylserine, taurine, vitamin A, E, C, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B8, B9, B12, calcium, phosphorus, zinc and manganese to effectively care for brain health.

In the same way, there are products made specifically to meet certain requirements that have a specific formula that contains the aforementioned ingredients with a selection of components that provide superior care.

Its catalog contains products specially developed for children and older adults, which have assets that favor the functioning of the brain, cognitive function and optimal intellectual performance.

What are Memory products for?

The Memory Pills they have been formulated by the Pharma Otc laboratory in order to provide the body with nutrients that generate an improvement in normal cognitive function and good intellectual functioning.

At the same time, its assets have been selected in order to increase attention, concentration, perception, knowledge, orientation, memory, among others, which are cognitive functions that are used every day.

Stimulation of these functions slows the onset of aging symptoms.

What are the main components of Memory products?

Each of its products has an optimal composition that improves brain functions, among the main ingredients are:

  • Phosphorus: it causes an improvement in the proper functioning of neurons and cells, while collaborating with the conservation of the proper functioning of the brain, being recommended daily intake.

  • Phosphatidylcholine: It is a nutrient of great importance to improve brain function, since it generates an improvement in intellectual skills, in brain health and improves concentration.

  • Phosphatidylserine: optimal levels of this nutrient must be preserved in order to preserve and improve memory, concentration, among others, since it intervenes in the process of creation of acetylcholine that is important for memory.

  • Taurine: it is an amino acid that favors neuronal function, since the order of cells in the brain is defied and replace those that are dying by new ones.

  • Vitamins: those of the vitamin B group improve mental abilities. Vitamins A, C, and E collaborate with brain functions by acting as antioxidants and decreasing free radicals that impair brain activity.

What are the presentations of Memory products?

This prestigious brand has a product aimed at those people who require an increase in their concentration and intellectual productivity, so it has been made from specially selected nutrients.

In order to make its intake easier and to adapt to the different tastes of consumers, these supplements have been made in two different formats, such as drinkable ampoules and capsules.

It is recommended that if you prefer the ampoules should be ingested one ampoule a day, in company with breakfast. But, if you choose the capsules, you will take two capsules a day at breakfast.

These food supplements have been formulated in order to generate an improvement in memory and concentration, resulting in the contribution of optimal performance, without having to ingest other products.

With their usual intake an increase in concentration levels is generated so it is considered that each of these products has an optimal Memory Price.

What are the Benefits of ingesting Memory Studio?

The Memory Studio is a supplement specifically formulated with the purpose of improving memory, effectively collaborating with those who are making mental efforts as students and opponents.

Originating an improvement in all those daily processes that generate mental wear for a long time, so it provides nutrients that improve the functioning of the nervous system on days with a greater amount of work.

With its intake a strengthening in mental activity is generated and the normal functioning of the brain is favored, since it has vitamins of group B, vitamins C and minerals that the brain requires to repair itself effectively.

In addition, it includes in its composition taurine, royal jelly among other active components, resulting in a product that is not a nootropic, but has a superior effectiveness.

According to the various Memory Reviews it has been concluded that to provide better results should be ingested one pill in the morning and another in the afternoon, resulting in the effects are preserved throughout the day.

What are Memory Senior Pills?

The Memory Pads Senior have been formulated with the purpose of generating an improvement in daily activity, increasing concentration and favoring the realization of physical or intellectual efforts that need the use of memory.

Its formulation allows to preserve the capacities that are diminishing with the passage of the years, originating an improvement in its functions and preventing the symptoms of cerebral aging that is appearing after the 35 years.

Its contribution of nutrients contributes to the conservation of memory, learning and verbal fluency, so its intake by older people is recommended as it provides an effective dose of DHA, vitamin B5 and Zinc.

DHA is a fatty acid that is included in the Omega-3 family and collaborates with the development and functioning of the brain, as well as the retina of humans and the vitamin B complex provides an improvement in memory.

What are the Opinions that have generated Memory Pills?

After its use, large amounts of Memory Reviews since each of its presentations have a more complete formulation thanks to its content of B vitamins and phosphorus.

With its intake it generates an improvement in intellectual performance and the ability to concentrate, being able to be ingested in periods of exams, stress or excessive work, managing to improve memory and increase learning.

You can find it here always at the best price of cheap promotion. Buy now.

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