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  • Damira Natur 2 800 g
    Damira Natur 2 800 g

    Damira Natur 2 800 g is a milk laboratories lactalis that strengthens the immune system of the baby and increases their well-being and relaxation with a formula enhanced from 6 months to take care of your baby easily and at the best price of purchase, recommended by specialists.Enriched with vitamins and minerals. WITHOUT palm oil

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  • Damira Multigrain 600g Damira Multigrain 600g
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    Damira Multigrain 600g

    Damira Multigrain 600g

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  • Damira Multigrain FOS 600g Damira Multigrain FOS 600g
    Damira Multigrain FOS 600g

    Damira Multigrain FOS 600g formulated without milk proteins, lactose-free, egg-free and soy-free for babies starting at six months, with great flavor, and adequate nutritional value, they do not need to add sugar.

    8,95 € -33.0168% 5,99 €
  • Damira Multigrain Biscuit 600g Damira Multigrain Biscuit 600g
    Damira Multigrain Biscuit 600g

    Damira Multigrain Biscuit 600g are the first cereals made without milk proteins, lactose-free, egg-free and soy-free valid from six months of life indicated for cases in which it is required to remove the protein of cow's milk.

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  • Damira Ar 800g Damira Ar 800g
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    Damira Ar 800g

    It is a product anti-regurgitation.Ideal for children from birth up to 6 months.Avoid vomiting in children.Reduces digestive disorders.Improvement in neurological development.Strengthens the immune system.

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  • Damira Digest 800 g
    Damira Digest 800 g

    Damira Digest 800 g The formula anticolico and antiestreñimiento for your baby from the very first day of life, make more pleasant the life of the baby, avoiding the formation of cramps and gas, and encouraging their deposition, complete the diet of your child with a milk most complete on the market. It is a milk formula adapted to the needs of the baby...

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  • Damira Multigrain Fiber 600g Damira Multigrain Fiber 600g
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    Damira Multigrain Fiber 600g

    Damira Multigrain Fiber 600g

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  • Damira Natur 1 800 g
    Damira Natur 1 800 g

    Milk For infants from 1 day of life. Formula from birth until They indicate change pediatrician. Substitute for breast milk or added to by if you don't have enough. Without palm Oil. Remember, it is always best breast milk formulas artificial.

    19,95 €
  • Damira Natur 3 800 g
    Damira Natur 3 800 g

    Damira Natur 3 800 g is a milk of growth that can be used from 12 months. The Milk more complete with a new formulation. Prior step to conventional milk. It is a Milk powder, Lactalis laboratories as 3 step by artificial feeding after Natur 2 or Natur 1 and can be used in mixed feeding.

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  • Damira My First Biscuits 150 g
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    Damira My First Biscuits 150 g

    Damira My First Biscuits 150 g made without milk are perfect as a first shape to chew. Contains 6 pouches of 4 biscuits from 8 months of life complete the feeding of the baby.

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  • Damira Multigrain gluten-free 600g
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    Damira Multigrain gluten-free 600g

    Damira Multigrain gluten-free 600g grain hydrolyzed enzymatically to facilitate the digestion of the baby, allergen-free* (*free of milk proteins, lactose-free, egg-free, soy-free, gluten-free)

    8,95 € -27.3631% 6,50 €
  • Damira Multigrain With Honey 600 g Damira Multigrain With Honey 600 g
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    Damira Multigrain With Honey 600 g

    Damira Multigrain With Honey 600 g is the first slurry is formulated for babies with problems of lactose intolerance as it contains no proteins of milk, or eggs, or soy, or lactose.

    8,95 € -27.3631% 6,50 €
  • Damira Multigrain Gluten-free FOS 600g Damira Multigrain Gluten-free FOS 600g
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    Damira Multigrain Gluten-free FOS 600g

    Damira Multigrain Gluten-free FOS 600g is the first porridge for baby without gluten or egg or lactose, or milk proteins nor soy to incorporate into the diet of your baby with problems of lactose intolerance.

    8,95 € -27.3631% 6,50 €

Think of Damira is to think of quality as that since 1983, this brand ensures and controls the entire manufacturing process of its products, through the selection of raw materials of the highest quality, the follow-up to the production and verification of the final result.

Damira: specialists in allergy

Over the years, Damira has developed a wide range of formulas hydrolyzed and insurmountable cereal without allergens, to supplement the nutrition of the child and provide peace of mind to their parents.

All products manufactured by Damira are subjected to a wide range of controls for industrial level and at the level of quality, for each of the batches produced by the brand to ensure the best and most innovative market benefits. These controls are important to ensure, and to ensure that there is not the slightest chance of cross-contamination, in order to meet the requirements of infants with allergy problems.

Milk Damira

Damira 2000 does not contain lactose, it is a formula of low-allergen indicated for the nutritional treatment of food intolerances or states that cause malabsorption. Damira Pro 1, Damira Pro 2 and Damira Pro 3 are recommended for infants with allergies to the protein in cow's milk and conditions of malnutrition, as they have different nutrients like iron and calcium for each of the stages of the child. Damira Atopy, for its part, is indicated for the dietary treatment of the manifestations of the skin because of the rejection of proteins, vaccines, among others. Damira Elemental is special for children with gastrointestinal disorders and can be administered from the first day of birth, up to 10 years of age, according to the daily amount that is taken for consumption. Finally, Damira Hydrolyzed Rice is ideal for your little ones that require you to submit to a diet of plant origin.

Porridge Damira

Damira gluten-free Cereals and Damira 8 Cereals are porridge made with the best cereals but is prepared especially for babies who exclusively recommendation pediatric, should eliminate from their diets, the protein of cow's milk, lactose, egg, and soy. They are practical presentation and very easy and quick prep. There are alternatives to different tastes with different flavors that include, for example honey or Maria's cookies, so that the palate of the small be pleased and happy, to the time that it receives the complete nutrition that is required during each of its stages to grow healthy and strong.