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Custard Bimanan

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The Custard bimanan have been developed with the aim of collaborating in the decrease of weight in a simple way, including in the daily diet of a food that includes delicious flavors and lots of nutrients.

The use Bimanan custard at the time to replace a meal, it generates a reduction of weight of a easy, fast and without being in the necessity of renouncing the great taste of the sweet.

These delicious puddings are designed to be used in weight loss thanks to the fact that they provide very few calories, while covering complete the nutritional needs of each meal.

Benefits of Bimanan custard

The Custard Bimanan have been developed following the european standard, and Spanish to low-calorie diets, since the products made by the brand Bimanan are produced under the highest quality standards.

These puddings are made with innovative processes, as well as excellent formulas, textures, and flavors, as a consequence helps not step down from a super sweet flavor while bringing out the diet raised.

Bimanan Custard can be included when you perform a varied and balanced diet, managing to include the consumption of sweet flavors, thanks to a food with high nutritional content and low caloric intake.

Can be used as a substitute for a meal because it provides a large quantity of proteins, which are responsible for the preservation of muscle mass achieving that generate greater feeling of satiety.

The Custard Bimanan have been designed to generate the best quality-price ratio possible, for this reason its custard bimanan price is a great benefit as it can be very accessible at the time of a dietary regimen.

Custard Bimanan Opinion

People who have eaten this food they have expressed their Custard Bimanan Opinion expressing that they appreciate that their formulation is reduced-calorie and provides a large amount of fibers of natural origin, which results in great benefits.

Another Custard Bimanan Opinion very common is that help is the ideal way to generate weight loss in a simple way, without having to go hungry or being involved in problems of constipation.

The Custard Bimanan Opinion is also based on the large amount of vitamins and minerals that are found in the formula, helping in a special way to achieve a correct feeding and nutrition while improving the figure.

In the same way it has come to the conclusion that these puddings are an excellent custard bimanan price , generating as a consequence that can be acquired easily, although it is recommended to perform any offer bimanan custard.

Diet Custard Bimanan

The Bimanan Custard have been developed with the purpose of generating the removal of weight in a simple and delicious, while combined with the intake of vegetables, fruits and low-fat dairy products.

The daily consumption of this surrogate helps the food to be ingested at the time of a dietary regimen more enjoyable and less boring, to the time that it results in an extra dose of protein.

The intake of Bimanan Custard attached to the consumption of vegetables prevents that brings the action to bounce that tends to occur in other diets, the method of consumption of these custards is based on 7 days.

The first three days will start the diet, to be naming these as intensive days in which the caloric intake will be restricted to an amount of 900 Kcal / day, mixing their consumption of vegetables and low-fat dairy.

The days consequential damages are called progressive, which should be reached only 1200 Kcal a day, these days should be planned to coincide with the weekend, because that is the phase stabilizer.

For these days it is recommended that you replace two meals per day with a custard Bimanan each.

If you want to keep the current weight you must perform the replacement of one of the main meals for the sour cream that pleases you, among the flavors that can be found are: vanilla, lemon, and our delicious cream of yogurt with cereals.

Indications of the Custard bimanan

The custard Bimanan are made with the purpose of generating a delicious food that you intake fewer calories and with the equivalence nutrition of a complete meal.

For this reason, it indicates that it is used to replace a lunch or dinner through with the contents of the custard, which includes an approximate 207 Kcal.; although this diet should not exceed a period of more than three weeks without the supervision of a specialist.

It is important to note that the consumption of custard Bimanan is not suitable for people with celiac disease or lactose intolerant, because this product contains in its formula milk proteins and soy proteins.

It can be consumed at any meal, the most recommended for replacement are lunch and dinner.

It is important to mention that people with kidney failure should consult their physician before starting the diet with this type of food.

Mode of use of the Bimanan custard

The envelopes of custard Bimanan prepare a simple way to just add them in a container then shake it up following the recommendations listed below:

  • You should add the contents of the envelope in a container containing an amount of 200 ml to 250 ml of water.
  • You must stir vigorously with a fork or with a glass stirrer for about 20 seconds continuous up to achieve complete dissolution.
  • If you prefer you can eat warm, placing it in the microwave for a period of one minute.
  • Then let it rest for a minute to consume it completely.

It is important to mention that the envelopes are dissolved in a very fast way and then you can eat either warm or cool depending on the taste of the consumer.

These custards are completely simple to prepare for reason by which removes the least possible time, thus achieving the enjoyment of its taste in any place with very little effort.