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Curaprox is a Swiss brand since 1972 has been developing and refining products in regards to the oral health in general. What identifies this brand and what makes the difference from other brands is that Curaprox cares and is dedicated to matching with their products oral health in the long term.

Many times we think our oral health as something more to take care of and we forget that if we do not take care of the way due to our teeth and our mouths, in general, can trigger major problems that it can even affect other parts of the body and other organs. This is the discourse that developed this brand.

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That is why Curaprox is dedicated to thoroughly so until obsessed, the development and improvement of its products for oral hygiene. Its products ranging from toothbrushes specialized and manuals, dental floss, interdental brushes and different toothpastes.

In Curaprox you will find a special product for your requirement individual when it comes to the good hygiene of your mouth. Whether you have a specific problem or need any treatment of ortodóncia as the presence of braquets or some similar device.

Also, this brand has products for the little ones of the house. What you are looking for this brand is to make oral hygiene fun and easy, so that we invest time in this activity-

Products offered by Curaprox

Among the products it offers Curaprox are specialized in dental hygiene and in general can be classified into three major groups as the following:

  • Toothbrushes with multiple filaments: The toothbrush from Curaprox for children as well as adults are characterized by many more strands of which would have a toothbrush conventional, that is why we are different from other brands. Depending on your sensitivity to oral, as well as also if you have an account with any orthodontic treatment, Curaprox has a toothbrush made specifically for your mouth and your teeth. Among those that find the toothbrushes CS for dentures normal, CS Ortho and Surgical designed for people comvalecientes of any surgery dental.

  • Interdental brushes: with this type of brush are, as their name indicates, for the areas between teeth that are not usually reached with a toothbrush. This area is very important higienizarla to avoid some type of dental disease, that is why there are this type of brush that you can find as CS Prime. Have bristles ultrafine with umbrella effect, with patented wire-surgical, high durability and system adaptability for the handles of the brushes Curaprox.

  • Toothpastes: Curaprox has a toothpaste for all kinds of sensitivities in the area oral for each person, and also to carry out its premise of generating fun in the activity of the brushing. That's why Curaprox account with the line BE YOU that has a variety of flavors and colors, where you can choose the one that best suits you. In addition, you have at your disposal whitening toothpaste of Curaprox BLACK IS WHITE.

Unique technology and cutting-edge

In regards to the products Curaprox, each with a unique technology that is going to ensure that in addition to the hygiene to be effective, this activity is easy and fun to make.

A toothbrush from Curaprox all out with a number of filaments on top of the other brushes on the market, making their brushes are more dense and also more gentle so cleaning is less invasive and more effective than with the toothbrushes traditional.

In addition to the handles of the brushes Curaprox have an octagonal shape, which allows us to adopt a position in our hand that generates the angle for brushing a perfect and effective, without the need to apply a lot of pressure and this way without wanting to generate lesions that can result in more serious problems.

On the other hand in regards to the technology of its toothpastes, Curaprox account in your version of Black is White with the content of a formula made of oxidized Coal, which ensures the whitening of the teeth and is delicate to the contact with the tooth enamel.

Advantages of the use of the products Curaprox

  • Curaprox has an angle for a good brushing to make the most of the developed technology in their products, especially in their toothbrushes.

  • The first thing you have to do is to know when we need to change toothbrush, as it is very difficult to know when to do it depending on the state of our toothbrush. On the official website of the brand you will be able to know when and for which brush to change us.

  • This brand account with toothbrushes fun and effective for the smallest of the house. Curaprox is aware that for children the activity of brushing is considered to be an activity is tedious, that is why we develop toothbrushes for children that promote this activity in young children.

  • Brushes Curaprox feature handles octagonal, which guarantees the comfort when brushing, you will also learn to adopt the right angle to ensure a clean, more effective and non-invasive.

  • In the use of all their products, this brand guarantees the fun and practicality as they have designed their colors with natural colors and fun that promote the activity of the brushed for a unique and personalized.

  • Curaprox account with a specific product, above all in the case of their toothbrushes, for each case. Whether you are in a stage of post-op of any intervention oral, or have the presence of any orthodontic treatment.

  • This brand has reliability and support, especially because it has more than thirty years developing the technology to all of its products to ensure that your oral hygiene is effective and will prevent any type of complication.

  • With their brushes with multi-filament prevents the appearance of dental plaque.