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Creams With Urea

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    Ureadin Lotion 10 750ml + 750ml Duplo Promotion

    It is a formula designed for very dry and rough. This product provides intense hydration. This lotion relieves the itching sensation by dryness. This lotion provides us with a durable feel of relief and smoothness. It's a formula that contains urea. This lotion comes in a Duplex (2 units × 750 ml)

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The Creams with Urea they have been made from a crystalline and colorless chemical compound known as urea, since this nutrient is found naturally in the body is absorbed in a more effective way.

Urea generates a moisturizing effect because it has a superior ability to capture moisture when mixed with water, so when applied to the skin it enters the stratum corneum to increase water absorption.

Resulting in an improvement in the balance of hydration and generates an increase in the strengthening of the protective barrier of the skin, managing to reduce skin problems such as atopic dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis and cracked heels.

What are the properties of Urea Creams?

Creams made from urea provide many beneficial properties when used in cosmetic products for skin care, such as its moisturizing and exfoliating action.

One of the main properties originated by urea is the reduction and prevention of water loss through the skin, resulting in the conservation of a more effective hydration.

Its results reach the deepest layers of the skin and not only the epidermis, so it generates an improvement in the prevention of natural flaking of the skin, originating an effective exfoliating action on it.

The contribution of urea favors the conservation of superior hydration in the skin, causing an increase in its quality and improving its appearance, as a result of the improvement in the barrier function of the skin.

How do Urea Creams work?

These creams have a formulation that allows its nutrients to enter the deeper layers of the skin, causing an improvement in the generation of collagen and elastin favoring levels of flexibility.

The urea used in these creams is synthetic, so it has improved functions in laboratories so it can be used as a treatment for very dry skin or even with hyperkeratosis.

This nutrient can be obtained without extracting it from any animal origin, using other inorganic chemical components that also provide a lot of moisturizing and exfoliating properties.

With its use it favors the treatment of some skin diseases such as dermatitis, psoriasis and eczema, its results will depend on its concentration of urea, since for medical uses it is usually between 20% and 40% of concentration.

Why use Urea Moisturizers?

The Moisturizers with Urea they penetrate effectively into the epidermis and dermis, creating a deeper and more effective hydration, managing to protect the largest organ of the body that is the skin.

With its frequent use, optimal care is generated against the deterioration caused by sun exposure, while providing a moisturizing effect that generates an increase in the hydration of very dry or flaky skin.

Its results increase as a result of its moisturizing and exfoliating properties, providing more intense hydration preventing dehydration and dryness, restoring very dull skin.

Its exfoliating effect causes a peeling effect that causes an improvement in the cell renewal of the skin, managing to reduce hyperkeratosis, decreasing the appearance of calluses or calluses, while treating psoriasis, eczema or dermatitis.

In which regions of the body can I use Creams with Urea?

The area to apply will depend on the formula with which each cream has, there are Cream with Urea for Feet hands, elbows and knees, which are the areas where the skin is naturally driest.

Although, there are products that can be applied throughout the body, including the face. Being recommended before acquiring this type of creams that carefully check the packaging and the recommendations they provide.

There are numerous presentations that include other components that generate an improvement in the appearance and health of the skin, such as vitamin C and vitamin E that generate an increase in the vitality of the skin.

Providing as a result an increase in its effectiveness and if used in the company of a sunscreen will provide superior skin care.

So it can be used anywhere on the body since urea has a superior ability to absorb and retain moisture.

What benefits do Urea Foot Creams generate?

The Foot Creams with Urea they are made to generate a more intense moisturizing effect and usually include urea in various concentrations, causing an improvement in the deep hydration of the skin.

There are several formulas that favor the treatment of some pathologies in the feet, such as cracked heels or diabetic foot, since its urea content prevents the hydration level from being lost.

The skin of the feet is usually very dry, so the contribution of urea favors the prevention of natural peeling of the skin, causing excellent benefits in the treatment of areas of skin that is thickened, such as the calluses of the feet.

What to consider before buying Moisturizers with Urea?

The Moisturizers with Urea they are increasingly popular as they have a diversity of formulations, but there are some features that should be taken into account before making your purchase:

  • Urea level: if it has a high content of urea it will generate better results, so if you have hypersensitivity to this component you should use a product with a low level of this nutrient.

  • Composition: Creams with Urea they also often include other active ingredients that increase their benefits, such as essential oils, color and fragrance, while also having vitamins and natural products that favor the skin.

  • Packaging: this not only attracts the customer, but serves to inform about the formula, the way of use and possible contraindications.

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