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Creams and solutions of Massage

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  • Physiorelax Forte 75ml + 75ml Duplo savings
    Delivery in 24 hours
    Physiorelax Forte 75ml + 75ml Duplo savings

    Two real containers of Physiorelax forte 75 ml. Discount savings format, Total amount 150ml. Used as a massage cream for care.

    15,95 € -31.3448% 10,95 €
  • Balsamo Tiger Red Balsamo Tiger Red
    Balsamo Tiger Red

    Balsamo of Red tiger, a natural Product with natural extracts to massage, rub and make massages for treatments on the skin.

    10,99 € -27.6432% 7,95 €
  • Fisioven Gel 100 ml
    Delivery in 24 hours
    Fisioven Gel 100 ml

    Fisioven gel 100 ml is a cosmetic product which is organic made with the mixture of extracts of lyophilized utility of Horse Chestnut and butcher's broom extracts hidroalcohólicos of red vines and Centella.

    15,20 € -20% 12,16 €
  • Balsamo White Tiger Balsamo White Tiger
    Balsamo White Tiger

    BAlsamo White Tiger, from the medicine ancient China, with high power coolant thanks to its composition of extracts of medicinal plants help in the processes of rub massages, or muscle aches.

    10,99 € -27.6432% 7,95 €
  • Kernnabis Cbd 100 ml
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    Kernnabis Cbd 100 ml

    Cream with natural effect. Includes cannabidio as the main ingredients. Generates No psychoactive effect. Contains other natural extracts of plants. It is safe to use. Does not generate tolerance.

    13,00 € -26.9346% 9,50 €
  • Venox Cream Roll On 60ml
    Delivery in 24 hours
    Venox Cream Roll On 60ml

    It comes in roll-on presentation. It's an aloe vera gel. Contains olive oil. Contains Gotu kola. Contains cranberry. Contains horse chestnut.

    9,95 € -30.197% 6,95 €
  • Finisher Condrostop 100 ml
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    Finisher Condrostop 100 ml

    Finisher Condrostop 100 ml

    14,95 € -29.7472% 10,50 €
  • Physiorelax Polar 250ml
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    Physiorelax Polar 250ml

    Family pack 250ml. Prepared for massage with cold effect. Used by specialists for cold effect sports massage. immediate cold supply of guarantee.

    25,95 € -19.2867% 20,95 €
  • Elancyl Energizing Exfoliating Gel 150ml
    Delivery in 24 hours
    Elancyl Energizing Exfoliating Gel 150ml

    Take care of the skin. Provides tonicity. Smooth the skin. Anti-cellulite effect. Excellent scrub. It eradicates dead cells.

    16,18 € -20% 12,94 €
  • Physiorelax Forte 75 ml
    Physiorelax Forte 75 ml

    Physiorelax Forte 75 ml is a cream free from parabens and no paraffins, which thanks to its full range of natural extracts, it is essential to prevent contractures of the joints, and improvement of punches and be able to improve process painful.

    8,95 € -33.5135% 5,95 €
  • Maboflex Physio Cream 250ml Size Savings Maboflex Physio Cream 250ml Size Savings
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    Maboflex Physio Cream 250ml Size Savings

    Cream of massage. Includes calendula. Anti-inflammatory. Remove the bruises. Enhances the soft tissues. Treatment of lumbar pain.

    14,95 € -13.7217% 12,90 €
  • Oseogen Balsamic Ointment 75ml Travel Format
    Delivery in 24 hours
    Oseogen Balsamic Ointment 75ml Travel Format

    Made from plants. Decreases inflammation. Reduces muscle and joint discomfort. 75ml travel presentation. Topical formula. Reduces fatigue pains.

    9,00 € -11.67% 7,95 €
  • Control Gel Massage Exotic Escape 200 ml
    Control Gel Massage Lubricant Exotic Escape 200 ml

    Massage Gel and use in intimate areas. Promotes sensuality and stimulation. Can be used with condoms. There is No risk if there is oral contact. Is easily removed with water. Presentation of 200 ml. Aroma of tropical fruit.

    9,99 € -20.46% 7,95 €
  • Physiorelax Ultra Heat 250ml
    Delivery in 24 hours
    Physiorelax Ultra Heat 250ml

    Family format 250ml. Massage cream to prepare protect and recover muscle and ligament. Apply with circular massages to increase its effect. Highly effective sports massage for its great contribution of heat. Highly sold specialists

    25,95 € -19.2867% 20,95 €
  • Maboflex Physio Spray 125ml
    Delivery in 24 hours
    Maboflex Physio Spray 125ml

    Apply directly to the skin. Massage for 2 to 5 seconds in circular motions. Relieves pain teachers in a very simple way. 100% natural and in a spray format is very easy to apply. It is a product with cold effect with natural plant extracts.

    10,95 € -31.4886% 7,50 €
  • Maboflex Physio Cream 75ml
    Delivery in 24 hours
    Maboflex Physio Cream 75ml

    Cream for muscle massage. Includes high concentration of active components of plants. contains collagen peptides. Prepares the muscle and ligaments to the realization of daily exercise. Prevents the natural way the muscle and joint pain. Presentation of 75ml.

    7,00 € -29.3014% 4,95 €
  • Control Gel Massage Mediterranean Sea 200 ml
    Control Gel Massage Lubricant Mediterranean Sea 200 ml

    Gel massage 2-in-1. Developed with an aqueous base. Provides an extra of sensuality and stimulation. Compatible with latex condoms. Does not generate problems if there is oral contact. It is not oily, it does not cause stains and can be removed with water. Presentation of 200 ml.

    9,99 € -20.46% 7,95 €
  • Physiorelax Forte Ultra Heat 75 ml
    Physiorelax Forte Ultra Heat 75 ml

    Physiorelax Forte Ultra Heat 75 ml one more step in the improvement thanks to susu's natural oils, and thanks to a composition leader of the market with the best reviews from users. provides warmth in a natural way thanks to the camphor which includes its formula.

    15,95 € -40.4401% 9,50 €
  • Physiorelax Polar 75 ml
    Physiorelax Polar 75 ml

    Physiorelax Polar 75 ml cold effect natural guaranteed thanks to its composition with natural arnica, calendula are essential for recovery of sensations, muscle bad or recovery injury, or shock. get ready for the races or marathons at the best price online.

    15,95 € -36.0395% 10,20 €
  • Ureadin Ultra 30 Exfoliating Cream 100 ml
    Ureadin Ultra 30 Exfoliating Cream 100 ml

    Ureadin Ultra 30 Exfoliating Cream 100 ml Cream of urea at 30%. Recovers softness and flexibility of the skin thanks to the moisturizing power and queratorreguladora of the urea and the emollient properties of an excipient in cream. Formula tested under dermatological control.

    18,00 € -22.4928% 13,95 €
  • Physiorelax Forte 250 ml
    Physiorelax Forte Plus 250 ml

    Physiorelax Forte 250 ml with natural properties thanks to a composition leader with calendula is ideal for toning muscles and possible improvements joint pain of any kind. At a great price supply in the non-pharmaceutical chemist's and pharmacy. Buy your physiorelax size large and received in 24 hours. made in Spain.

    17,94 € -12.205% 15,75 €
  • AlpenKrauter Emulsion Balsam of the Alps 200ml
    Delivery in 24 hours
    AlpenKrauter Emulsion Balsam of the Alps 200ml

    * Rosemary: for pain, inflammation, arthritis and osteoarthritis.* Eucalyptus: balsamic, expectorant and antiseptic.* Mentha Arvensis Herb Oil: plant with more than 100 medicinal components

    12,00 € -17.115% 9,95 €
  • Kyrocream 60 ml
    Out of stock
    Kyrocream 60 ml

    Kyrocream 60 ml cream with a base of medicinal plants for sports massage and alleviate aches and pains, is the natural complement perfect for improving small ailments.

    8,95 € -22.4324% 6,95 €
  • Thermacare Neck 6 Patches
    Out of stock
    Thermacare Neck 6 Patches

    Thermacare Neck 6 Patches for the pain, neck, shoulder, wrist is a natural solution for the treatment of occasional pain or chronic. ensures 8 hours of intense heat plus 8 of the residual heat.

    11,70 €
  • Thermacare Adaptable 3 Patches
    Out of stock
    Thermacare Adaptable 3 Patches

    Thermacare Adaptable 3 Patches a patch adapts to the movements of your body, therapeutic heat that penetrates into the depth for a long-lasting pain relief, effective against pain and causes muscle relaxation.

    7,60 €
  • Bonflex Pro Massage Cream 250 ml
    Out of stock
    Bonflex Pro Massage Cream 250 ml

    Bonflex Pro Massage Cream 250 ml is a cream to sports massage, with natural ingredients and effective help to be able to have better feelings to rest the body. Suitable for professionals and individuals to be able to use in a professional massage, therapeutic, preventive, physiological, sports, or relaxation. You will feel a sense of relief and comfort...

    20,00 € -7.5015% 18,50 €
  • BonFlex Gel 100 ml
    Out of stock
    BonFlex Gel 100 ml

    BonFlex Gel 100 ml is a gel that provides heat for the physical needs of your body, recover injuries effectively and also provides heat to prevent future injuries or tears. Find all the range bonflex and combinalo with tablets or powder to ensure your complete recovery. At a price of offer you will find the best offer online bonflex gel retriever.

    15,00 € -20.3226% 11,95 €
  • Plantapol Myrtirutin Tired Legs Gel 150 ml
    Out of stock
    Plantapol Myrtirutin Tired Legs Gel 150 ml

    Plantapol Myrtirutin Tired Legs Gel 150 ml a natural complex with ginkgo biloba, bilberry, cypress and hammamelis, is an add-on is easy to apply and perfect for daily use. you can combine with the blisters beverage of myrtirutin that will make the two a perfect combination. Pushing in a refrigerator or cool place brings more freshness in your application.

    12,99 € -20% 10,39 €

Cream Massage sueleser used for the application of different techniques of massage, with the purpose of be used as a lubricant on the skin of the person for that favors the movement of the hands of the masseur.

In the market there is a large amount of products that meet and promote the realization of the different types of massage, which vary depending on the type, the results that you want to achieve and tastes of the professional.

The creams are made with a consistency higher than that of the oils, with the goal that they can be absorbed easily by the skin, becoming the optimal supplement to the massage professional or amateur.

There are creams that generate an anti-inflammatory effect, which provide cold or heat, among others; while there are those which provide a strong moisturizing effect thanks to its content of nutrients that work together with the conservation of a skin more healthy.

Between this type of cream, there are those that are made to be used in anti-cellulite treatments and circulatory conditions that favor the appearance of the skin.

What are the benefits of using Creams to Massage?

The use of creams, massage provides a large amount of benefits, the main one is that this type of cream penetrates with greater ease in the skin leading to an improvement in hydration and natural softness. Among other benefits include:

  • There are people who feel that after the completion of a Massage Cream , it generates an improvement in the appearance rejuvenated your skin.
  • Some usually include vitamins, and other ingredients that deliver big benefits, like vitamin D, aloe vera, shea butter, vitamin E and keratin.
  • With its use, it provides the moisture lost from the skin, at the same time that you can treat conditions of the skin and repair the skin damaged.
  • Not requiring your application as often as the oil, generating a savings of time and money.
  • Do not generate patches on skin, or on clothing.
  • Some provide a sensation of cold or heat on the skin.
  • The nutrients can reach the deep tissues and can be used for the realization of massage high friction.
  • Cause it to slip through.
  • They are easy to clean after the completion of the massage and to provide a higher stability during each treatment.

How to choose the cream massage is appropriate?

To choose from, a simple cream for massage it is recommended to initially take into account its texture, as it is of great importance to provide a great fluidity over the entire skin surface.

A thick cream is considered as the best option for the realization of Massage Cream that has a duration of more than forty-five minutes, but it is uncomfortable when you do a shorter session as they may not spread well.

It is important to check about the property of penetration of each formula, so that if his ability to get deep into the different layers of the skin is higher the better the results that arise after each massage session.

It is important to know that there is a fairly wide range of Creams, Massage, because there are different components and temperatures, so you need to try to know what is the best adapts to every need.

The choice of a cream that is optimal for the realization of a massage can not be left to improvisation, so that the professionalism of the therapist is essential and it is recommended to seek advice well before you choose one or another type of cream and to be clear about the goals they want to achieve.

There is a whole series of techniques for the realization of massage and each one needs the use of their own specific product in relation to the results that we want to obtain, as, for example:

Relaxing Massage

If you are having a relaxing massage cream should be used to penetrate quite easily on the skin, because when its compounds are getting its effect of heat and the movements of the massage generate better results.

Causing the muscles to relax with easily, as well as the joints to generate an improvement in the circulation of energy and blood flow of the body.

Sensual Massage

For the realization of this type of massage is recommended a product that provides a fluent superior, to the time that it is important for the aroma and its specificity, since, if the odor is a little penetrating, it can lead to a decrease in the stimulation of the senses.

But, on the contrary, if the cream has a scent very intense you can penetrate throughout the space, blocking the stimulation of the rest of the senses, so your selection will change in function of the expected results.

How to use the Cream, Massage Physiotherapy?

The Cream Massage Physiotherapy are usually designed with the use of natural plants as a result of the benefits generated as a result of their qualities, anti-inflammatory and analgesic for muscle tissues and joints.

The acquisition of the Cream, Massage Physiotherapy has become a trend in recent years, as the amount of muscle injuries is growing, especially in people who do not have experience and begin to perform intense exercise without an increase charges.

There are a lot of creams to physiotherapy that provide multiple benefits, including:

  • Avoid effectively the onset of muscle and joint problems.
  • Decrease the risk of injury, but keep in mind that the injury may be cause by many factors and can still be generated.
  • Decreases and comes to the appearance of hematomas and contusions.
  • Causes an improvement in the blood circulation.
  • Promotes the state of the skin as a result of the contribution of components of fire hydrants that increase the elasticity and improve the health of the muscles.
  • Generates an increase of the flexibility of muscles and ligaments.
  • It favors the recovery of the muscles after the completion of exercise.

 You will be able to find it here, always at the best price promotion cheap. Buy it now.

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